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GA Senator Renee Unterman 
 December 23, 2012

Sen. Unterman of Buford (Gwinnett County) Introduces Statewide Alzheimer’s and Dementia Task Force Plan -- Read more

▪ Sen. Unterman for Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee

Sen. Unterman  is mounting a state wide write in campaign for nomination as Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. 
Read more in the Gwinnett Daily Post.

 If you favor Sen. Unterman for this most important position, as we do, please contact the following:


Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle  at  Ben. - President Pro-Tem Elect of the Senate,  David Shafer at David.  or  404-656-0048 -  Majority Leader Elect of the Senate, Ronnie Chance at  or  404-651-7738

Sen. Unterman's many years of hard work, dedication and experience at the Gold Dome certainly qualifies her for this very important position.  It is time for qualified women to be placed in more leadership positions and not assigned primarily  to routine jobs like making phone calls and licking envelopes.  She will be glad to answer questions and is also open to suggestions  (404) 463-1368).  Phone calls are easier and they will record during the holidays.  We  know it is the busy Christmas holiday but the decision is pending.   

 --  Bettye Chambers, and  Webmaster

Diane Cox of the Valdosta Tea Party has this to say on this topic. . .
"The attitude of the current transportation committee chairmen in the legislature (Sen. Jeff Mullis) concerning the people’s overwhelming rejection of the terrible Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA) seems to be one of revenge, according to this news report. Such an attitude will not long be tolerated by voters.

It is rumored that Sen. Jeff Mullis is being considered for chairman of Rules Committee over Senator Unterman. We think this would be a big mistake. Right now, voters are getting pretty testy with elected leaders who disregard the consent of the governed. We recall how Sen. Mullis arrogantly rejected any criticism of the misguided TIA law, when its major flaws were presented to him by citizens. Now it appears, he is set to retain the punishing penalties written into the bad law. Such a jackboot attitude by a public servant is most reviled by voters. Rewarding Sen. Mullis with the powerful Rules Chairman title will reflect poorly on the Governor and Lt. Governor, and the Republican Party in general. Appointing Sen. Unterman, who is more in line with the wants of mainstream Georgians – NOT special interests – would be the best decision to make."
Diane Cox, for the Valdosta Tea Party group


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From Walter Jones, via Southern Political Report: