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 Vote - Right - Georgia 2012
 Conservative News of the Day -- October 2012

More on the Presidential Debate --  October 3, 2012

Presidential polls: Romney crushed Obama in debate, CNN report Republican Mitt Romney won Wednesday’s first presidential debate with President Barack Obama, according to a CNN/ ORC International poll of registered voters who watched the  nationally televised event.Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed said Romney fared better, compared with 25 percent for Obama, according to results aired on CNN after the match ended.

Bam! Slam! Pow! Crash! BOOM! From Red State

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Sometimes a cartoon is worth a thousand words. . .




Obamacare Summed up in one Sentence by  Dr. Barbara Bellar

It's by Dr. Barbara Bellar, a motor-scooter-riding animal lover, Army veteran and Republican attorney who's taking on a massive challenge of the Chicago political machine for a state Senate seat to combat the fiscal insanity in Barack Obama's adopted home state, which isn't an easy job, as you might imagine, so she made this hilarious homemade video that captures the colossal stupidity of ObamaCare in one (very long) sentence, like this one.

Dr. Bellar says she could use some help from people who agree with her and support the idea of political diversity in a place that doesn't have much but gave us President Obama anyway. Here's Dr. Bellar's website.

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