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Archive News of the Day: September 2010
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Republican Governor's Race to Victory in November

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Recent News: Republican Race to Victory on November 2

September 30, 2010

RNC threatens Roy Barnes over use of elephant logo, and the letters
‘G,’ ‘O,’ and ‘P’
12:10 pm September 30, 2010, by Jim Galloway

The Republican National Committee has threatened to take Democratic nominee Roy Barnes to court over the use of its elephant logo on his “Republicans for Roy” web site, as well as the letters G-O-P.

September 29, 2010

8/15/01 -- Barnes as Governor 1998 - 2002

Please retweet, put on Facebook, email, whatever. This is a scathing review of Barnes as Governor and has the potential of greatly influencing the election in Nathan’s favor.

Thanks , Gary Holt

TheScottPapers    MUST READ - Shipp: Gov. Roy Barnes is making reforms and enemies 08/15/01: #gagov #gapolitics #gagop half a minute ago via Tweet Button

September 28, 2010

Nathan Deal "Prosperity" - new ad goes on air

Rush Limbaugh has good things to say about Nathan Deal in his interview with Greta Van Susteren
". . .You know, Nathan Deal in Georgia has a debt problem.  It's not hurting his campaign.  He can relate to the people in this country who make it work. . . .  Read more of today's transcript

September 28, 2010,
Chris Seward

An InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV poll conducted in the race to be Georgia’s next governor showed Republican Nathan Deal has regained a substantial lead over Democrat Roy Barnes.The poll shows Deal leading by eight points just ten days after a poll showed Deal and Barnes deadlocked. Voters were asked if the election to determine the governor of Georgia were held today, which candidate would they vote for?

Isakson Leads Senate Race:  A second poll by InsiderAdvantage found Johnny Isakson growing his lead in the United States Senate race over Michael Thurmond.Isakson, a first-term senator, polled at 61 percent while Thurmond, who is Georgia’s labor commissioner, dropped to 29 percent.
Read more

Barnes maintains ties to Bishop Eddie Long
The pastor remains on Barnes’ campaign finance committee and Roy considers himself a friend of the pastor who is faced with four much publicized lawsuits. The Bishop has a Barnes sign in the front yard of his spacious mansion in Lithonia.  Long was to co-host another fundraiser for Barnes this month. Barnes canceled the event after two young men filed lawsuits against Long this month. Read more

Barnes' legal record scrutinized in governor race
Read article in AJ C

 Reverse Roy: ‘Civil’ campaigning

On Aug. 11, the day Nathan Deal became the nominee, Roy Barnes vowed he’d show his differences with his opponent in a “civil,” “polite,” “respectful” and “not personal” way:

"I think that you can show differences without being mean," Barnes said. "You know, it’s a Southern tradition to be civil and polite. There are differences, but they’re honorable people. And so just because we have differences doesn’t mean that we have to call each other names. But we do have a responsibility to show the differences, and I think they do, too. As long as it’s done in a respectful way and one that’s not personal, I think that we can do that."

Despite his pledge to remain “civil and polite,” Roy Barnes has continued a relentless negative campaign against Nathan Deal. Tomorrow will mark seven weeks of totally negative advertising from Barnes’ campaign. Read more. . .


September 27, 2010

Pollster Scott Rasmussen: |
Ga. Governor's Race
on Fox Five News
Updated: Monday, 27 Sep 2010, 7:57 AM
Published : Monday, 27 Sep 2010, 7:57

The Georgia governor's race and the Tea Party took center stage in the latest polls conducted by Scott Rasmussen.
View Video

►  Deal’s finances won’t knock him from race 
Reports of Nathan Deal's financial troubles caused worried rumblings from some Republicans around the state, but Deal's support in his home town appears to remain strong. ...
Read More


September 25, 2010

Nathan Deal's steady career
leads to GOP bid


Associated Press 09/25/10 7:30 PM EDT

ATLANTA  — Nathan Deal has been building the resume to run for governor his whole life.
Top grades. Student body president. Debate champion. Law school. Military record. A nearly three-decade-long career in the state Legislature and Congress.

"We all figured in, oh, the 5th or 6th grade that Nathan was going to be governor," said his childhood friend Tommy Walker, of Sandersville. "He was just that way, the class leader with the good grades. It's like it was in his DNA."  Read entire article in the Examiner
Link to the tweet:

Read more about Deal's real story on

College students organize gubernatorial debate - October 3, 2010
Student leaders from several Georgia colleges organized a gubernatorial debate to be held Oct. 3 at Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta. Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal and Libertarian John Monds are confirmed to attend, student organizers said

September 25, 2010

Access North GA Survey Information

Question: Tom Perdue, who ran Sen. Saxby Chambliss' 2008 re-election campaign, said Nathan Deal should step down as the republican nominee for governor.
Do you agree with him?

Results:  Yes, he should step down 36%  -  No, he should not step down  60% - Undecided  55%

September 24, 2010   

Nathan Deal Finance Update:
AJC -  Deal discloses more finances; says he's not insolvent
AJC:  More ethics woes for Ga. Rep. Sanford Bishop (Democrat from Albany - District 2).  Republican Mike Keown is running against the long time Democrat incumbent, Sanford Bishop

September 23, 2010

Great News of the Day. . .

Rasmussen Poll shows Nathan Deal out in front with 45% over Barnes 39%.  Read more on Rasmussen Reports.


Please take a look at
At, you'll find an honest, detailed list of the policy areas in which the candidates disagree.

September 22 2010

More about Nathan Deal
From The Honorable Tommie Williams,
President Pro Tempore, Georgia Senate District 19

You say that Nathan Deal has a lot of baggage attached, but I want to tell you some of the real baggage that he carries: 
Click here to read more from a life long friend of Nathan Deal.

  . . .  One may say that I am blinded by being so close to him.  I say, on the  contrary, I am grateful that the State of Georgia is being offered one  of the best and most experienced of her citizens for its highest elected  office.  I know of no one, either personally or by reputation, who is  better qualified and trustworthy and can serve this State with more  devotion, care, and carefulness than Nathan Deal. 

September 23, 2010

 Dale Peterson takes aim at King Roy - click below to listen

Thanks to Cheryl Prater for sending this one.

September 22, 2010
It's too late now, he has to stay in 73
Yes, he should step away 184
No, he's still the best nominee 312
Total Votes:  569

Read more:
It's too late now, he has to stay in 73
Yes, he should step away 184
No, he's still the best nominee 312
Total Votes:  569

Read more:
It's too late now, he has to stay in 73
Yes, he should step away 184
No, he's still the best nominee 312
Total Votes:  569

Read more:

Reversin’ Roy Runs from Record

He tries to Deny Pro-Illegal Immigration Positions

ATLANTA, GA – Roy Barnes’ oscillating opinions on laws regarding illegal immigrants ran into a problem yesterday: his record. Confronted with a 2001 article that documented his support of extending driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, Barnes’ staff denied the claims, even though the article contained quotes directly from – you guessed it – Roy Barnes. 
Read the rest of the story

"It's all-out war: we go to the mattresses."
-- Sonny Corleone

Posted by Tricia Pridemore on Facebook - September 22, 2010
After a week of personal attacks on Nathan Deal for giving his children money to start a business, the Democrats and biased Georgia media have left us with no choice. We know they fight dirty. We know they won't talk about issues and policies because their ideas are flatly rejected by Georgia voters. We know that newspapers who endorse a candidate so early in a general election cannot be trusted to report both sides of a story. We know that more twisted headlines and purposely shot mid-word photographs will be used to try to make our candidate look unattractive will be used in every newspaper and on every broadcast.  Read more

The Macon Telegraph ran a column on Sunday encouraging the Georgia Republican Party to take action to change the ballot in light of misleading information spread in the press. After agreeing to give the GAGOP space to refute their claims, the Telegraph rejected the response.

While it is the paper’s prerogative to refuse op-eds, the Georgia Republican Party believes the column printed by the Macon Telegraph was misleading and warrants response.
Click here to read the op-ed submitted by the GAGOP.

Nathan Deal for Governor. Who is he? Who is assassinating his character? – Atlanta Fayette County Elections 2010

Roy Barnes Busted for Ethics violations and Non-Disclosure

Blog by Gary Scott Holt

Former Governor Roy Barnes Loses Support Among Middle Income GA Voters  

September 22, 2010

A note from Nathan Deal’s daughter: ‘Now it’s personal’
September 22, 2010, by Jim Galloway
Yesterday I was attacked on YouTube. Today I read a blogger’s comment that “the whole Deal clan are a bunch of shysters and charlatans” and was labeled “Deal and his crooked family” by another blogger. Up until recently it was just p
olitics. Now it’s personal….
Read complete article

September 22, 2010
Barnes cancels fundraiser with his long time supporter Bishop Eddie Long   - The bishop is also a big supporter of President Obama--
Wonder why he canceled ;- )
September 19, 2010

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on this topic


Poll: State GOP could sweep to victory in November 
Aaron Gould Sheinin - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010

Poll -- VOTE NOW FOR DEAL! Question of the Day: 
Should Nathan Deal step down?


Please forward link to all Republicans, Tea Party people and conservatives on your list. Let's show Nathan Deal that he is, indeed, the best candidate for Governor and should NEVER step down.  Remember that Macon leans heavily Democrat, so we need to voice our opinion on this poll.
Thank you!
September 18, 2010

RNC Fire Pelosi Bus Tour comes to GA -
Day 4 Recap

Day 4 began with the Fire Pelosi Bus Tour heading south. Our first stop of the day took us to the Macon Victory Center in Georgia. On Saturday morning we spent time with Georgia National Committeewoman Linda Herren, Austin Scott, candidate for Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, Georgia State Representative Allen Peake (R-137), Georgia State Representative Tony Sellier (R-136), Bibb County Republican Party Chairman Sherrie Wallace, Butts County Republican Party Chairman Debbie Moon, and more than 100 energized and committed volunteers. The energy was high in Macon and the volunteers were excited to continue their hard work toward electing Republican candidates like Austin Scott this November.  Read more about the stop in Macon and Statesboro. Read more on Linda Herren's website. Then follow the bus across America at

September 18, 2010

Georgia Republican Party Rallies Behind Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal -- CBS
The Chairman Says They Do Not Regret Deal as Their Nominee.

Georgia's Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart joined other Republican leaders for a pre-election rally in Duluth on Saturday, September 18 at Wild Bill's. Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal took the stage. He said "It is truly one election that will shape the course
of our state for many years to come
Read more and view video

Poll shows Deal 4 points ahead of Barnes
Governor’s race remains tight; fight likely to get ugly  Gainesville Times
  - POSTED: September 18, 2010 1:00

Republican Nathan Deal is holding onto a slight lead in the gubernatorial race, according to a poll released today by the Georgia Newspaper Partnership. The poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, surveyed 625 Georgians likely to vote in November's gubernatorial election.  Read article

One-on-one with Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal Updated: Friday, 17 Sep 2010, 11:04 PM EDT
Watch Russ Spencer's full interview with Nathan Deal:


September 18, 2010

AVOC - Another Voice for Oconee County


September 18, 2010


Nathan Deal is best candidate for Governor; Barnes and the AJC notwithstanding


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc


I am one of many Georgians who cannot stand Roy Barnes.   He is a pompous windbag who cannot be elected unless he follows Democrat tactics of trying to destroy his opponent.   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has given much ‘aid and comfort’ to Barnes with its “exclusive reporting
It is a downright shame the AJC and other liberal leaning media do not devote some of their efforts to exposing Roy Barnes for his corruptness.   How many times did Roy appoint judges who donated to him?   How many trials has Barnes won before Judges he appointed?   Who are Barnes’ major clients?   What has been his annual income?   How did he amass Millions of Dollars in wealth since being defeated in 2002 ? Read entire article and be sure to read the Roy Barnes Record in Tifton Gazette.

September 17, 2010

Deal's Comments in Conference Call and in Newspaper
September 17, 2010

As a participant in the Deal Conference Call today, I am very proud that Nathan Deal is addressing his financial problems in a direct manner.  Many of us knew about the financial problems with his daughter and son-in-law's business quite some time ago, so this was nothing new. I commend Nathan and Sandra for helping out their child in a world where so many parents could care less. Their action is a testament to the character of two caring  Georgians who personify family values.  Many of us can relate to financial problems especially in the past few years. God bless them for standing strong and vowing to pay off their bills instead of declaring bankruptcy. Parts of Nathan Deal's message on the conference call were broadcast Friday afternoon on W-DUN radio. If you are so inclined, send us your comments on this topic to be posted here.
-- Bettye Chambers

The Deal Conference Call
September 17, 2010 12:16 pm
Buzz Brockway on the Peach Pundit

Whether by default or by design, the secret conference call I (as an incoming State Rep.) was invited to participate in was not much of a secret. Jim Galloway listened in as did Martin Matheny, the former mouthpiece for the Ga. Democrats (and they we’re worried about me leaking stuff!). That the contents of Deal’s call is out there is actually a good thing and once again I’ll urge elected officials to be as transparent as possible with their interactions with the public and supporters. If the information is going to get out anyway so why not just be open and transparent?
Read more. . .

September 16, 2010

Deal and Barnes tied - Insider Advantage Poll
Compiled from InsiderAdvantage and Southern Political Report staff

September 16, 2010 — Former governor and Democratic nominee Roy Barnes is now tied with former congressman and Republican nominee Nathan Deal in their race for governor, according to the latest InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV poll.
Deal (R) 42% 0 Barnes (D) 42% - Mondes (L) 5% - Undecided 11%

In the race for the US Senate incumbent Johnny Isakson is extending his large lead. The results:
Isakson (R) 52% - Thurmond (D) 34%  - Donovan (L) 5%

September 15, 2010


A message from
Nathan Deal

Information on his personal family debt as reported in the AJC today, September 15, 2010

Read message
September 15, 2010

AJC Political Insider - September 15, 2010

Seth Persily’s private war on Nathan Deal’s reputation

September 15, 2010,
by Jim Galloway of the AJC

Please take the time to read this one which is a REAL eye opener. Now I know why I received e-mails from anti-Deal people before the runoff telling me to "Google" Deal Ethics. Is there NOTHING that the Dems will not do in order to destroy a Republican candidate??

E-News - September 15, 2010

 September 14, 2010

Nathan Deal's first ad of the General Election

He WILL get it right the first time

Click on graphic to view video


September 13, 2010

  Poll: Deal holds double-digit lead

With less than 50 days to go before the election, a new poll released today shows Republican nominee Nathan Deal continuing to hold a commanding lead over Democrat Roy Barnes. The SurveyUSA numbers put Deal at 49 percent and Barnes at 38 percent - Read more

September 14, 2010

Real Women for Deal

Join Real Women for Deal. . .

You are needed to help insure the election of the only conservative candidate for Governor, Nathan Deal.  If you have not already done so, please join our Women for Deal Coalition. Tonya Boga of Cobb County is the Chairman of this group and will be glad to fill you in on how you can help, upcoming events, Real Women for Deal bumper stickers, etc. She will put your name on her e-mail list for updates.
September 14, 2010
► Update for Women for Deal from Tonya Boga
Join other women on September 18 at GA GOP Rally in Duluth.
read more

  Click on envelope to e-mail Tonya 
Law Offices of Tonya C. Boga - 770.908.7373 (Telephone) 770.496.4388 (Facsimile)

September 7, 2010

Deal announces "Real Results," a plan for education in Georgia from his website
Deal education plan offers students chance to ‘move up when ready, by Aaron Gould Sheinin - AJC

Deal releases education platform - of Gainesville Times
Plan puts emphasis on math, science, technology, fitness

September 7 - 9, 2010 - Blog
GA Nathan Deal and other topics   -  a series of posts.  
Read more on The Scott papers blog
by Gary Scott Holt : The Scott Papers, 'Beyond The Rhetoric'  Factual, Political Analysis from The State of Georgia

September 7, 2010

▪ Barnes and Deal Talk About Personal Finances. Watch video
Above: Tonya Boga gives out Real Women for Deal stickers as she walks with Nathan Deal at event in Cobb County.

Labor Day marks the traditional start of the fall political campaign season. Today, gubernatorial candidates Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal talked about personal finances and transparency. Doug Richards has the story.

September 4, 2010
Attorney: Grand jury not looking into Nathan Deal.
GOP governor candidate's lawyer apparently is in a position to know.
No federal grand jury is investigating former congressman Nathan Deal, the lawyer for the Republican governor candidate said Wednesday. On a Monday television news show, Randy Evans rebutted claims that there is such a probe and elaborated Wednesday in an interview.
Read article in Savannah newspaper:



September 1, 2010

Georgia Republican Party 2010 Kickoff to Republican Victory Rally 
Saturday, Sept.18, 2010

Wild Bill's
2075 Market Street
 Duluth, GA 30096
 Contact Information: 404-257-5559

SAVE THE DATE!  Sept. 18

Speakers: Chairman Sue Everhart, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, Nathan Deal, Dr. John Barge, Tim Echols, and many Republican elected officials and nominees are confirmed for this event, which will also feature the RNCs Fire Pelosi Tour and Michael Steele. 
Read More

September 2, 2010
Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal today released 30 years of personal income tax returns today.  Read more.
September 1, 2010
Deal waiting on teachers’ opinions
Gubernatorial candidate wants feedback before releasing educational platform
by Ashely Fielding - Gainesville Times
Your Views: Teachers’ group endorses Barnes without members’ input.
Letter to the Editor in the Gainesville Times by Becky Smith of Gainesville

August 30, 2010
Teachers, Nathan Deal Needs Your Input!  
click here to complete survey

f I am given an opportunity to be your next governor, I want to support your classroom efforts. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with me on the survey below. Thank you for serving our state's children." This request is on his Facebook page at


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