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     May 25, 2011 -- E-News  Click topics to advance:  Israeli Prime Minister   Sec. of State  GA Presidential campaigns:  Newt   Herman Speaker David Ralston  ▪ Manufacturing Summit  ▪ GA GOP Grassroots Report


The most important Presidential Election in the History of America - 2012!
The End may be near!

Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle


▪ Israeli Prime Minister Addresses Congress

Willing to give up land for peace -
Read article and view Video on C-Span

Senator Lieberman embraces Netanyahu
click photo to enlarge

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Capitol Hill today meeting with members of Congress and delivered an address to a Joint Meeting of Congress.

During his speech to Congress P.M. Netanyahu stated, "As President Obama said, borders will be different than 1967. Israel will not return to 'indefensible' borders."  He added "It's absolutely vital that a Palestinian state be demilitarized."
To members of AIPAC last night, Netanyahu said, "Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 line," which President Obama said is the foundation for negotiation.

Israeli Prime Minister Gets 29 Standing Ovations in Congress, Sends Message to White House* - May 24, 2011 12:59 PM - ABC News - the Note

Read complete speech on Facebook
Key Points From Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Address To The U.S. Congress

Read more:

Young Bibi and Barry

One Had a Misspent Youth.


 Middle East History for Dummies

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Knife in back

Peace in the East?


 A Palestinian, too!

Sam Olens asks state Supreme Court to rethink charter ruling - AJC 5/26/11

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▪ Secretary of State Kemp Launches Zero-Based Budgeting Websi

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp today launched a new website that allows Georgians to
view his agency’s Fiscal Year 2011 Amended Zero-Based Budget. The website will also feature monthly agency spending updates. To view the Secretary of State’s zero-based |budgeting website, please visit

Secretary Kemp stated, “When we draft and amend our annual spending blueprints, we utilize fiscally conservative business principles and continually seek ways to streamline our operations. Zero-based budgeting requires our division directors to justify each dollar and project they request in a bottom-up fashion, and these requests are thoroughly reviewed before receiving final approval.”

The Secretary of State’s zero-based budgeting website includes planned expenditures by category and line item within the agency’s Administration, Archives, Corporations, Elections, Professional Licensing Boards and Securities divisions.

“The Secretary of State’s Office is committed to transparent and accountable budgeting and spending. Zero-based budgeting ensures that our agency remains a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars and becomes more efficient in every agency division,” Kemp added.

Brian Kemp has been Secretary of State since January, 2010. Among the office’s wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with conducting efficient and secure elections, the registration of corporations, and the regulation of securities and professional license holders. The office also oversees the Georgia Archives and the Capitol Museum.


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May 22, 2011

 Presidential Campaign News and more

Gingrich admits error, apologizes  - AJC

Gingrich Struggles to Reset Medicare Discussion -
   Roll Call - May 22, 2011

Former Governor Perdue, Zell Miller and Deal to lead Gingrich run - AJC 5/24/11
Former Govs. Sonny Perdue and Zell Miller will serve as national co-chairmen of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich's run for the White House. Current Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will serve as the state chairman.
Zogby: Gingrich Falls to Near Zero in Latest Poll 5/24/11
Support for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has virtually evaporated, dropping to just 3 percent among likely Republican primary voters, a new IBOPE Zogby poll reveals. That’s down more than 50 percent from his last poll showing, in which Gingrich trailed most GOP candidates for the 2012 nomination. Pollster John Zogby says it would be nearly impossible for him to make a comeback.
Read the Full Story — Go Here Now

Rick McKee - Augusta Chronicle

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erman Cain announces bid for president in Atlanta - Fox News - May 21, 2011

Tea Party Favorite Herman Cain Joins 2012 GOP Race

View Video
Herman Cain Talks Presidential on Fox News Sunday - May 22, 2011
   with Chris Wallace  View complete Video


Click above video to view

Speaker of the GA House David Ralston named leader to watch by national publication

Governing magazine has named Georgia Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, one of its top GOP lawmakers to watch.

Those of us in the 9th District are not surprised to hear this news about our outstanding Speaker.


The day T. Boone Pickens met the Georgia tea party -

2011 Manufacturing Summit in Dalton, GA
3:00 pm May 21, 2011, by jgalloway
two forces eyed each other with some admiration. But don’t expect the relationship to flourish. They don’t agree on the basics. 

The occasion was the 2011 Manufacturing Summit in Dalton. For the better part of the day, Georgia’s political and economic center shifted from Atlanta to the mountains — a region that, despite hard times, still can claim more manufacturing jobs than any other area of the state.

In front of 900 or so job-hungry citizens, dozens of state officials, business executives and academics pondered an unemployment rate that remains only a whisper under 10 percent. The first prominent speaker was U.S. Rep. Tom Graves of Ranger. More than any other House Republican from Georgia, Graves has embraced the tenets of the tea party movement. He reflects his constituency.

But it was Pickens who drew the crowd. The legendary businessman has spent the past few years pushing Washington toward an energy policy, and he opened with a line familiar to anyone who has sat through any GOP breakfast in the past two years.

“We are dependent on oil from people that don’t like us,” Pickens said. He is a natural gas man and has pushed wind turbines as well. But Pickens says he isn’t picky.  Read more

▪ GA GOP E-Newsletter - the Grassroots Report - May 25, 2011
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May 19, 2011 - E-News

News from the GA GOP State convention in Macon

May 13 - 14, 2011 -- View Photo Web Page

Sue Everhart wins race for GA GOP Chairman and will serve one more two year term!

Letter from Sue. . . 

"Thank you for this incredible honor to continue serving as your Chairman" - Read letter from Sue

Congratulations to all GA GOP officers elected May 14, 2011 in Macon:
Chairman:  Sue Everhart - Cobb County
1st Vice Chairman:  Bert Guy - Camden County
2nd Vice Chairman: B.J. VanGundy - Gwinnett County
Asst. Secretary: Debbie McCord of Columbia County
Secretary: John Padgett - Clarke County
Treasurer: Bob Mayzes - Bartow County

Late May 14, 2011
Just home from the GA GOP convention.  In case you have not heard. . . 

Sue Everhart was re-elected chairman of the GA GOP for another two year term.  The Governor of GA was heavily booed when he spoke from the stage endorsing his friend and campaign volunteer, Tricia Pridemore of Cobb County. It was not a pretty sight, and the governor did not appear to make many friends from most delegates to the GA GOP Convention.  As the Face Book Group says, "The GA GOP belongs to the Grassroots."  It does not belong to the Governor or any elected official. 

Left: A secret ballot was used in the Chairman's race since some feared publicly voting against the Governor's wishes.

Be sure to read Jim Galloway's article in today's AJC on line:

After shower of boos, Nathan Deal loses fight to pick GOP chairman - AJC Jim Galloway

Left: click thumbnail photo to enlarge

Read more in the Macon Telegraph:

View photos from Convention in Macon Telegraph

Don McKee: Governor Deal needs educating on freedom of the press
May 16, 2011 12:00 AM | 

Read more:
The Marietta Daily Journal - Don McKee Governor Deal needs educating on freedom of the press
Around Town: State's Republicans offered a salute to Sue
by Otis Brumby, Bill Kinney, Joe KirbyM
Around Town Columnists
May 16, 2011 03:00 AM 

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Around Town State s Republicans offered a salute to Sue



Your morning jolt: A Friday night radio confrontation twixt a Nathan Deal spokesman and Dale Russell


More in the Beacon

Everhart Re-Elected For An Unprecedented Third Term As GA GOP Chair

Everhart defeats Pridemore 946 to 755 on the second ballot to win re-election as Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman. 

Ga. Gov. Deal signs $18.3B budget, vetoes 9 bills

- Associated Press - May 17, 2011

ATLANTA -- Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed an $18.3 billion budget that increases health insurance premiums for state employees, slashes funding for Georgia's college system and cobbles together money to go after tax cheats.

Deal signed the budget before departing Saturday on a trade mission to Europe. His office announced on Tuesday that the governor used his line item veto power to strike funding for 11 bond projects in the university system worth more than $40 million.

Read more:


Governor Nathan Deal at GAGOP Convention
May 14, 2011 12:21 pm - by Mike Hassinger

Read comments on Peach Pundit - After all, this is where he broke the news on December 3, 2010, that he was supporting his volunteer Tricia Pridemore for GA GOP Chairman.  On that day, Governor-elect Deal's social media director sent an e-mail to all of us on the Deal Team and asked us to go to the Peach Pundit and post favorable comments about TP.  MANY of us did not and turned our attention to helping get Sue Everhart re-elected since she is by far the best qualified for this position to lead us in 2011 and 2012.   This is not the Nathan Deal that we have known and supported for so many years.  Hopefully, he will see the light and work positively with the GA GOP for the next two years.
Bettye Chambers
Former Deal Team Member

View photos of GA GOP convention events on

Bettye Chambers
Delegate to the GA GOP State Convention from Hall County

Two Presidential Speakers at the GA GOP State Convention


Herman Cain speaks at GA GOP 2011 State convention in Macon 

Watch full video -- Fantastic!

Herman Cain’s reception in Macon at GOP convention
from J. Galloway of AJC
Herman received 10 standing ovations! Perhaps the largest applause came when he said he would support the Fair Tax.

Gingrich dismisses idea of No. 2 spot on ticket -- AJC - May 15, 2011
Breaking News from
Gingrich Backs Obamacare Mandate for Health Insurance
Former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told "Meet the Press" Sunday that he backs a requirement that every citizen purchase or acquire health insurance,
a key component of President Obama's health care law. Gingrich described his plan as a "variation" of Obama's individual mandate. Gingrich's position undermines the key legal challenge made by 26 states against Obamacare and his comments have drawn a sharp reaction from conservatives.
Read the Full Story

Governor Deal's Campaign Expenses

Laura Armstrong:
Southern Magnolia, Atlanta's Fox 5 news I-team and D.A. King: Oh my!

A series of events came together this week that make some pretty good fodder for political junkies and should be required in the course of study for public relations students at my alma mater, UGA's Henry Grady School of Journalism.
Thursday evening, Atlanta's Fox 5 News investigative journalist Dale Russell aired a report on Governor Nathan Deal's campaign expenses, tracking a total of $90,000 given to a somewhat mysterious company, Southern Magnolia Capital, which Russel ultimately discovered was linked to Deal's daughter-in-law, Denise Deal.
 Read more:
The Marietta Daily Journal - Laura Armstrong Southern Magnolia Atlanta s Fox 5 news I team and D A King Oh my

Rumors have it that more news is coming down the pike on this soon

May 12, 2011   E-News


Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman and Candidate for
Re-Election, publishes her long list of grassroots supporters.

Please visit this Support 2011 page and read MANY
interesting statements

If you support Sue Everhart for one more term as GA GOP Chairman, please send an e-mail with your name, county or town, positions held in the party (optional) and a brief message stating why you think Sue's the One for 2011. Elections for this position and all GA GOP officers will take place on Saturday, May 14. All candidates have stated that they desire a secret ballot.

Send to to appear on
Deadline for submission is midnight on Thursday, May 12, 2011

Article  just in. . .
Georgia GOP Chairperson Sue Everhart gains Tea Party support for re-election


On the Road to Macon and the GA GOP State Convention
 May 13 - 14, 2011

GAGOP Delegates and Alternates,
The Georgia Republican Party is pleased to announce, the new 2011
State Convention Mobile Website, is accessible on Blackberry, iPhone or Android smartphones as well as any conventional cell phones with Internet access. Standard messaging and data rates apply.

The Macon Centreplex
Coliseum and Convention Center

200 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217
Hotel Information

Presidential Campaigns in Georgia begin. . .

Gingrich makes bid for White House official.
Announcement made on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, May 11, 2011.
Gingrich will be the speaker at the GA GOP Convention banquet on Friday evening in Macon.

Herman Cain to Announce Decision on 2012 Presidential Run on May 21. Cain was the big winner of the SC recent debate.

Jim Geraghty is reporting that Herman Cain will announce on May 21 his decision on whether to run for President. The Campaign Spot has the news release from Cain.  Herman speak at the GA GOP Convention in Macon on Saturday, May 14, 2011. Should be a very interesting weekend in Macon!  Rumors are that CNN and Fox News will be present.

Session’s over, but lobbying continues at the Capital


Deal appointees: Many neighbors, donors - AJC May 22, 2011


May 7,  2011   E-News

click on thumbnails
to enlarge


Article in Marietta Daily Journal  - May 7, 2011

Everhart seeks to remain GOP chair against Deal-backed Pridemore - read article


Read press release of May 6, 2011

  • Julianne Thompson, State Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots in Georgia, and Co-Organizer of the 
         Atlanta Tea Party
  • Debbie Dooley - Atlanta Tea Party Co-founder
  • Virginia Galloway - GOP activist and leader in the Republican Party.  She is one of the organizers 
         of the first Atlanta Tea Party
  • Catherine McDonald - Leader - Atlanta 912
  • Anthony Scott-Hobbs - Chairman, Tea Party Business Network - Cobb County
  • Steve Ramey - Chairman, Founding Fathers Tea Party in Gwinnett County.
  • Nighta Davis -  Founder, American Patriots Tea Party - Towns County

    LONG list of supporters will be released in a day or two.

    Just in . . .

    Yes, I support Sue Everhart for GA GOP Chairman.
    Darrell Galloway

    GAGOP 11th District Chairman


GA GOP State Convention - May 13 - 14, 2011

State GOP Convention - May 13 - 14, 2011 in Macon
 State officers to be elected by grassroots delegates to convention 
Read more on the GA GOP Website

The Macon Centreplex
Coliseum and Convention Center

200 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217
Hotel Informationt


▪ IMPORTANT: Convention Process Update for those new to State Conventions

Click here to read more and print out
  Steps to Serving in the GA GOP

In case you have not already signed on. . .

You are Invited to be a part of the Winning Team!

Sue's the One for 2011

Sue Everhart

Candidate for Re-election as GA GOP Chairman

If you support Sue Everhart for one more term as
 GA GOP Chairman, please go to her website and leave your name,
county or town, positions held in the party (optional) and a brief message
 (if you desire) stating why you think
Sue's the One for 2011.

or just sent an e-mail to with the above information

The list is growing rapidly every day and will be posted on Sue's website prior
 to the State Convention in Macon on May 13 - 14. 
Don't be left off the list.

Deadline for this list - Saturday, May 7, 2011

Please share this e-mail with all GA Republicans on your list.

Read more about Sue on Facebook by Toria Morgan

List  compiled by Friends of Sue


View many more cartoons on this topic at
View more  -- Osama in Hell

click on thumbnails
below to enlarge



Gone at Last!

May 1, 2011 Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan -- finally!

Congressman Graves’ Office Helping With

Disaster Relief in North Georgia

Peach Pundit - May 3, 2011

Visit Congressman Graves' website:
Disaster Relief Information for the Storms of April 27


Gasoline Dilemma in Georgia
click on thumbnails to enlarge


▪ Georgia Governor: No Plans to Waive Gas Tax Hike  

I believe that Governor Sonny Perdue waved it.

Gas prices up 9 cents, likely to keep rising

Georgia's adjusted gas tax took effect Sunday, a factor not included in AAA's figures. Before, drivers paid 10.1 cents of tax on every gallon. Now they'll pay 12.9 cents. The tax in Georgia is a flat 7.5 cents per gallon, plus an amount based on price.

Governor Deal's Inaugural Gala -- finally takes place on May 2 at Cobb Galleria

Left: Video from 11 Alive News Atlanta -
read article and view video.

The video on left highlights the Governor's gala and his candidate for GA GOP Chairman from Cobb County. This was an elegant party for both the Governor and his young lady candidate who has no Republican experience which would qualify her for this high office.  Some long time Republicans who are not supporting his candidate were not invited.  In fact, GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart says that she did not receive an invitation.  This is MOST unusual.    (click here if 11 has removed the article.)
   January 1, 2011

GOP sweep named top Ga. story of 2010

Base bails on Democrats in droves
By Chris Joyner - AJC
Georgia Democrats enter the upcoming 2011 session of the General Assembly reeling from a series of defections and facing an uphill climb toward relevance. The once-dominant party holds 85 of 236 seats in the House and Senate, Democrats’ lowest ebb since Reconstruction. And the number has been slipping. Read entire article

Mark you Calendar for Upcoming GA GOP Conventions in 2011

Current GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart has announced that she will be running at the State GOP Convention in May to serve the next two years which will be her final term of office. 
View some of Sue's many E-newsletters to GA Republicans. 



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