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Jan. 28, 2012: GREAT Rally with standing room only at Gainesville Civic Center!
Herman Cain endorses Martha for Congress at the Saturday Rally.

E-news Feb. 1, 2012

GA Election Dates 2012

Factbox: Key dates in 2012 presidential race
WASHINGTON (Reuters -Feb. 1, 2012 - Republican presidential hopefuls face off in Nevada on Saturday, the next nominating contest in the race to challenge President Barack Obama in November. Take a look at key dates in the race. Some are subject to change.

Florida primary might not be a done deal
   by Carl Cameron | February 01, 2012 - Fox News

TAMPA, Fla. -- Florida's primary might not be over just yet. The Newt Gingrich campaign is gearing up to challenge the results of the Florida Republican presidential primary based on the Republican National Committee's own rules which state that no contest can be winner-take-all prior to April 1, 2012. (See RNC memo.)

It was assumed that Mitt Romney, who won Tuesday's contest, would gain all 50 of the state's delegates. But the Gingrich campaign plans to challenge Florida's allocation and demand the delegates be divvied up proportionally. (See Gingrich memo.) - Read entire article

 Jan. 31, 2012 

Romney wins big in Florida GOP primary!

Florida Primary 2012 Results: What Romney's Win Means - January 31, 2012
International Business Times

With 96 percent of precincts reporting as of 10 p.m. EST, Romney had 46.4 percent of the vote, followed by Gingrich with 31.9 percent.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul trailed badly, with 13.4 percent and 7 percent, respectively. Now, with Florida's 50 delegates under his belt and a friendly calendar ahead -- Nevada, Colorado and Minnesota will all hold caucuses in the coming week, and polls show all three states leaning in his direction -- Romney is firmly back in the front-runner's seat.

It takes 1,144 delegates to win the Republican nomination, and only a small fraction of that total has been awarded so far. In that sense, there is plenty of time for one of Romney's opponents to upset him. But in practice, Romney has several advantages that will be very difficult for anyone else to overcome: an "electable" image, strong organization and almost limitless money. Read more

President - GOP Primary  in Florida
February 01, 2012 - 12:29AM ET
Florida - 6796 of 6796 Precincts Reporting - 100%
  Name Votes Vote %
Romney , Mitt 771,842 46%
  Gingrich , Newt 531,294 32%

Newt Gingrich’s Nevada campaign appears in disarray
   Washington Post / Amy Gardner - Feb. 1, 2012

RENO, Nev. — Things haven't gotten much better for Newt Gingrich since he alighted here early Wednesday from a stinging defeat in Florida's primary. The former House speaker abruptly canceled a meeting with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval afte . . .
Link To The Full Story:

Dick Morris: How Mitt Romney suckered Gingrich in Florida
   By Dick Morris - 01/31/12 06:32 PM  - The Hill

After endorsing Gingrich, Cain says Romney OK, too
   The Associated Press  - AJC - Jan. 31. 2012

WASHINGTON — Fresh off campaigning for Newt Gingrich in Florida, former candidate Herman Cain says he also would be comfortable supporting Mitt Romney if he's the one who wins the Republican presidential nomination. 

Cain told NBC's "Today" show that he endorsed Gingrich and campaigned with him Monday because he found Gingrich's tax plan similar to his own proposal, dubbed his "9-9-9" plan. Cain said he would be "very comfortable" with Romney, too, but that both candidates carry negatives that would be attacked by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

ACTION ALERT -- GA Mass Transit/Transportation Tax Update from Atlanta Tea Party Patriots - Jan. 31, 2012

"When People fear their government, there is tyranny. When government fears their people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson

ACTION ITEMS:  Call key elected officers and ask them to honor their pledge to oppose any and all tax increases and join us in working to defeat the Mass Transit/Transportation Tax. (For more information, see "INFORMATION" below)

Click here to read much more and get contact information

Martha Zoller for Congress Website
 GA Election Dates 2012

 ▪ Citizens United Victory Fund endorses Martha Zoller for Congress - Jan. 30, 2012

David Bossie, President of Citizens United, with Martha Zoller


Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorses Martha Zoller for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF), the affiliated PAC of Citizens United, issued the following statement endorsing Martha Zoller for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District. CUPVF has also contributed $5,000 for Zoller’s primary election.

“I have known Martha Zoller for nearly ten years and she has been a shining example for the conservative movement,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Congress needs more people like Martha Zoller who have rock solid conservative credentials. Martha will bring a fresh perspective to Congress because she is not a career politician, and will help lead the fight to end Obamacare.”

Voices unite as Cain backs Zoller

Former GOP presidential candidate joins rally for fellow radio host, House candidate

Martha Zoller, conservative radio host and candidate for Georgia's new 9th U.S. House District seat, became the first in the race to pull out the star power Saturday when she appeared with former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain at the Gainesville Civic Center.

With qualifying for the new congressional seat in Georgia several months away, Cain endorsed Zoller, a friend in radio, because the two "align exactly in terms of our beliefs," he said.

"I hate that Martha's going to go off the radio, but I'm loving the fact that she's going to run for Congress, so we will have a voice in Washington who gets it," Cain said.

Zoller, too, said she supports Cain's "9-9-9" plan for tax reform, because she said it was a path to a plan known as the FairTax, which she supports. Read more


Herman Cain stumps for 9th District candidate, Martha Zoller, in Gainesville
  at a standing room only crowd at the Civic Center  
Jan. 28, 2012
By Katie Highsmith Staff
GAINESVILLE - Former Republican Presidential candidate and Atlanta businessman Herman Cain was in Gainesville Saturday, where he headlined a rally for 9th District Congressional candidate Martha Zoller.

"Washington D.C. has disconnected from what we stand for, and we have got to take it back from the outside, and sending people like Martha to Washington is one of the ways we do that," said Cain. Read more

Cain Bus
click to enlarge

Above left: Herman Cain Headlines Rally and endorses Martha for Congress
Right: Martha introduces her family

The Marco Rubio Speech on Immigration That Everyone’s Talking About - Jan. 27, 2012 - Yahoo News|
Read more



Florida GOP Primary:
Romney 44%, Gingrich 28%

Estimated Republican Delegate Scorecard  Click

   Next: Florida Primary, Jan. 31, 2012

  Polls show Florida rout. Can Newt Gingrich survive till

By Linda FeldmannStaff writer / January 30, 2012 - Christian Science Monitor

Even if he loses in Florida, Newt Gingrich might be able to remain a factor in the GOP presidential race until the national convention. But the Republican establishment would not be pleased.   


Newt Gingrich appears headed toward a big defeat in Tuesday’s GOP primary in Florida. Five polls out Monday show Mitt Romney ahead of him by at least 5 percentage points (Insider Advantage) and as much as 20 points (Suffolk University). In the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, Mr. Romney leads Mr. Gingrich by 12.5 points. Read more

Below: Cartoons from Florida - January 29, 2012


Newt Gingrich staring at Florida defeat in Republican nomination
  race despite endorsement by Herma
n Cain. - Jan. 29, 2012
Rasmussen Poll Jan 29: Romney 44%, Gingrich 28%

The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich appears to be heading for defeat in the Florida primary on Tuesday despite picking up the endorsement of former pizza mogul and Tea Party favorite Herman Cain.  Polls show Mitt Romney with a double-digit lead, though these were taken before Cain's surprise announcement of support for Gingrich on Saturday night. Pollsters predicted the intervention of Cain, who was the frontrunner in the race late last year until he was forced out by sexual harassment allegations, is unlikely to make much difference. (Wonder why Herman waited until today to do this???)

Huckabee to Gingrich: Don’t Use Me in Your Ad
Space travel, moon base emerge as wedge in Florida primary race
Fox News - January 28, 2012
As Mitt Romney tries to bring Newt Gingrich back to earth, the former House speaker is standing by his high-flying plans to ensure America is at the cutting edge of space exploration. The issue is likely more important in the Florida election than any other state
read more

Gingrich Under Fire From Conservative Media
   Associated Press  - On Line WSJ

Actor Jon Voight Endorses Romney, Says Newt Gingrich ‘Falls
JANUARY 28, 2012 -  ABC News -
   Jon Voight is one of the very few conservative Republican actors in Hollywood.

A Newt fan calls it quits

Video: Watch the full CNN Florida 
Republican debate

By Nate, on January 26th, 2012

Recap: CNN’s Republican Debate in
Jacksonville, Fla. - Jan. 26, 2012

   at University of North Florida
  Florida Primary - Tuesday, January  31, 2012

NEWT FACTS - The Real Truth About Newt Gingrich -

▪ Ronald Reagan Slammed Newt Gingrich - 
   Watch The Breaking New Video Now.


Newt’s Real Legacy
New York Times  By January 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich with, from left, his current wife #3, Callista; his second wife, Marianne; and his
daughters, Jackie Sue (front) and Kathy (left), and his first wife, Jackie.


Florida GOP Primary: Romney 39%, Gingrich 31%, Santorum 12%,
   Paul 9% 
 Jan. 26, 2012 
Mitt Romney has jumped back ahead in the fevered Florida Republican Primary race with
his support back to where it was before Newt Gingrich’s big win Saturday in South
Read more and view video
Gingrich and Reagan  -
   In the 1980s, the candidate repeatedly insulted the president.
   By Elliott Abrams  - National Review on Line

"Gingrich claims are misleading at best. As a new member of Congress in the Reagan years — and I was an assistant secretary of state — Mr. Gingrich voted with the president regularly, but equally often spewed insulting rhetoric at Reagan, his top aides, and his policies to defeat Communism. Gingrich was voluble and certain in predicting that Reagan’s policies would fail, and in all of this he was dead wrong. Read more

Obama-No-Show at Trial – Sworn testimony reveals fake Social Security number, other gaps 
Posted on by Conservative Byte

  Jan. 24, 2012    E-News

GAGOP Chairman Everhart Responds to Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address
- January 24, 2012
Read more

Had Enough of Obama's Big Government Rhetoric? Fight Back Tonight! 
by Martha Zoller, Candidate for Congress
from GA 9th CD

After listening to tonight's 'State of the Union' address, one thing is abundantly clear - President Obama is looking to grow government even more!

 Despite the failure of President Obama's massive experiment in massive government - Dodd-Frank, Stimulus and Bailouts, ObamaCare - the President is even more determined to grow the size, scope, and reach of the federal government in order to ensure that "everyone does their fair share and everybody plays by the same set of rules."  Read more

New Cartoons with Newt - a hefty figure with baggage that cartoonists love - click to enlarge

Diva: Newt Won't Attend Debates without Cheering Audiences
Townhall The Tipsheet by Kate Hicks

The Great Debater might be willing to self-deport from future rhetorical contests if the moderators silence the audiences, as Brian Williams did last night in Florida. On "Fox and Friends" this morning, the former speaker of the House threatened to boycott the debates if "the media" insists on "stifling free speech."His performance in last night's debate wasn't as sharp as in previous matchups, and even [Newt] Gingrich blames the lack of audience support. ... “We’re going to serve notice on future debates,” he told Fox. “We’re just not going to allow that to happen. That’s wrong. The media doesn’t control free speech. People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to.”
Read the original article at Townhall

NEWS FLASH: Newt is not the nominee
   By Armstrong Williams - 01/24/12 08:10 AM ET  - The Hill

Newt 1968: Gingrich led protests against nude censorship -
(Reuters) Jan. 24, 2012
Rick Santorum, GOP presidential candidate: It’s not  my job
o correct woman who says Obama is a Muslim
NYDaily News, Jan. 24, 2012
Rick Santorum has a message for critics ripping him for not correcting a woman who called President Obama a Muslim: That's not my job.
Read more
Political Vine - Jan. 24, 2012
"Hi, my name is Newt & I am a pathological sociopath..."
Rumors have it that while Newt Gingrich bashes on Mitt Romney for Governor Romney's healthcare bill in 2006, Gingrich, through his organization called The Center for Health Transformation endorsed AND applauded AND supported Romney's plan. - Read more
Newt Gingrich: Liar, Liar. . .    Political Vine - Jan. 23, 2012
Rumors have it that while Newt Gingrich tried to mislead people in tonight's debate that he was a "Barry Goldwater Conservative", in actuality, he admitted on TAPE in 1988 that he was a Rockefeller Republican:   Read more 

Breaking News   Human Events
▪ Warren Buffett benefits from Obama's opposition
  to Keystone XL pipeline -
Read more
   by John Hayward - Human Events
Romney and Gingrich clash in Florida debate - January 23, 2012
  By STEVE PEOPLES, Associated Press
Republican presidential candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, stands next to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich before a Republican Presidential debate Monday Jan. 23, 2012, at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Mitt Romney has enhanced his image as a front-runner by staying above the fray during a run of Republican debates, but in Tampa he sharply abandons that approach to unleash a withering attack on Newt Gingrich.

<Click on video at left to view and listen as Romney queries Newt on his role in Freddie Mac. 
It's not often that Newt is at a loss for words, but one blow from Mitt Romney got his tongue at Monday's debate: What really went down when the former speaker was a consultant for Freddie Mac? We never thought we'd see the day.

The Truth-O-Meter Says: Pants on Fire!
Pants on Fire!
Newt Gingrich says electric co-ops and credit unions are "government-sponsored enterprises" like Freddie Mac.
Newt Gingrich on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 in a Republican presidential primary debate. Gingrich repeats claim that Freddie Mac, credit unions are ‘government-sponsored enterprises.’

Participating in January 23, 2012 debate: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul


Gingrich Used Payroll Tax Ploy Often Attacked By IRS
  Janet Novack, Forbes Staff - Jan. 22, 2012

. . .  It appears that he is not paying his fair share of Medicare tax,’’ Robert E. McKenzie, a partner in the Chicago law firm of Arnstein & Lehr LLP concluded, in an email to Forbes, after reviewing Gingrich’s 2010 tax return. McKenzie, a past chairman of the Employment Tax Committee of the American Bar Association Tax Section and a member of the IRS’ Advisory Council, added:  “There are a multitude of cases where the IRS has successfully challenged the improper tax strategy of this candidate and his accountants. Service businesses are only allowed to distribute a fair return on investment from an S corp. as profits exempt from Medicare taxes. The remainder of profits must be paid as salary subject to a 2.9% Medicare tax levy.”

▪ Occupy to turn violent, says George Soros
Billionaire George Soros is predicting protests by Occupy Wall Street will turn violent, while warning the U.S. financial system may collapse.
"At times like these, survival is the most important thing," Soros says.
Click here to read the full article.

Presidential Campaign moves on to Florida
 Primary Vote on January 31, 2012


NBC News/National Journal/Tampa Bay Times GOP Debate - January 23rd, 2012
Time : 9:00-11:00pm (ET)
Venue : Theater I, University of South Florida, in Tampa Bay, Florida

Participants (alphabetical order)
Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum
Brian Williams
Beth Reinhard, National Journal
Adam Smith, Tampa Bay Times
NBC News
National Journal
Tampa Bay Times
 Florida Council of 100
Live Stream,, and

Watch party
Debate Watch Party at the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza; 7:30 p.m., and open to the public.

Articles of interest pertaining to the presidential race
-- not everyone in states beyond SC are backing Speaker Gingrich


Chris Christie: Newt Gingrich an ‘embarrassment’ to Republican
   'He was run out of the speakership by his own party,' Christie said

Crony Capitalism vs. Free Market Capitalism and how is affects some candidates in our 2012 GOP Presidential campaign  - an extensive and informative article in the Political Vine by Bill Simon of Cobb County, GA - January 23, 2012
Triumph of a 'penitent' adulterer: Can anyone with a past as tawdry as Newt Gingrich seduce middle America? - By David Jones - Last updated on 23rd Jan. 2012

South Carolina
"First in the South"
Primary Day, January 21, 2012
and the winner is . . . ?

Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina. 
  What it means

  by Eric Erickson on Red State  - Jan. 21, 2012

Mitt and Newt will both have trouble beating Barack Obama. Mitt's trouble will come from Obama. Newt's trouble from himself. But right now, the base doesn't care. “The base is revolting because they swept the GOP back into relevance in Washington just under two years ago and they have been thanked with
ever since:"

an 21, 2012
(100% of precincts reporting
Newt Gingrich -  243,153  - 40.4%
Mitt Romney  -   167,279  - 27.8%
Rick Santorum - 102,055  - 17%
Ron Paul -           77,993  - 13%
Rick Perry -           2,494  -  0.4%
Other   -                 8,192 -  1.4%


< Click to enlarge

▪ Post on Red State Blog which hopefully all republicans will follow

I'm a Romney backer, but

SteveM (Diary) Saturday, January 21st at 8:19PM EST (link)
If it’s Newt, I max out in dollars to his campaign. This is no election to take our balls and sit at home if the outcome is something we don’t like. I said the same thing to Newt supporters the other day here and was branded a campaign operative for my trouble. Goes with the territory.

Same goes for you: If you truly love your country and don’t like the track that Obama has us all on, then for the love of God don’t sit at home come November


South Carolina makes mark on political landscape with critical primary
Washington Times - Associated Press - January 21, 2012

►► A 10 Minute Lesson on Government ◄◄

As we head into an important election year, an understanding of labels (definitions) is very important.  Please watch, listen and forward this video essay.

What are we?  
"A republic, madam, if you can keep it!" 
- Benjamin Franklin

Click on videos and share with everyone, especially your children and grandchildren. This is one of the best explanations that I have seen. - the webmaster

 Monarchy - Oligarchy - Democracy - Republic - Anarchy - many thanks to Connie Propes for forwarding this

  Jan. 19-20, 2012

SC GOP Polling


South Carolina
"First in the South"
Primary Day, January 21, 2012

Jan. 20, 2012
▪ Rasmussen Poll: South Carolina: Gingrich 33%, Romney 31%, Paul 15%
▪ National GOP Poll: Romney 30%, Gingrich 27%  -
read more
Gingrich courts Republican voters despite past tension with party leaders
Santorum Says He's the Candidate Who Wins, Not Gingrich  20 Jan 2012
South Carolina primary: Most critical in 32 years  - by John Gizzi  01/20/2012
South Carolina Primary: Neck and Neck to the End - Video

Southern Republican/CNN Debate
Charleston, SC - January 19, 2012
-- and then there were four--

Fierce Debate Caps a Rollercoaster Day in GOP Race
LIVE: The Republican Presidential Debate in Charleston, S.C. - ABC News

Rick Perry Out of GOP Race
Mitt Romney currently leads President Barack Obama by competitive margins in five general election swing states, according to private polling conducted for the Idaho-based GOP firm GS Strategy Group and shared with POLITICO. The consulting firm -- headed by Republican strategist Greg Strimple -- tested Romney against Obama in six states: Florida, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin. Romney led in all but New Mexico, where the race was an exact tie.
(CNN) - Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio will throw his weight behind Mitt Romney Thursday, just two days ahead of the South Carolina primary."I had not planned on endorsing this early in the primary process," the first-term senator said in a statement. "However, I feel one candidate's policy positions, debate performances, and character make him the best candidate to take on President Obama."

Connect to


    Georgia News from the Gold Dome

Jan. 20, 2012
                2012 Legislative Update Week One

state representative Buzz brockway

Like State Rep. Buzz Brockway: Legislative Update Week Two on Facebook
If you know someone who you think might like to receive these emails forward them this link

The Legislature was in recess this week as the Appropriations Committee held hearings on the FY2012 supplemental budget and the FY2013 budget.  The various department heads testified before the committee describing their budget requests. Governor Deal's proposed budget can be found at this website.  Beginning next week the Appropriations Sub-Committees will meet to discuss the Governor's proposal.

This week I joined Senator Renee Unterman (R-Buford) and a coalition of law enforcement and industry representatives for a press conference on metal theft legislation.  I have been working with Rep. Jason Shaw (R-Lakeland) on a bill in the House. We hope to craft a solution that doesn’t create burdensome regulations but gives law enforcement the tools they need to fight these crimes.

Also this week I joined Senators Chip Rogers and Bill Cowsert and Representatives Andy Welch, Lynn Riley, and Sam Teasley at a press conference calling for a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment. Resolutions will be introduced in both the House and the Senate calling for a Constitutional Convention for the limited purpose of debating such an Amendment.
We'll be back in Session on Monday. Committee meetings for the three committees I sit on (Insurance, Governmental Affairs, and Children and Youth) will begin as Legislation has been assigned to those committees.

You can connect with me via Twitter and Facebook (personal or campaign page).  Also, you can watch each day's session live on the internet. 

My direct contact information is:


Capitol Office:
504-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Capitol Phone: 404-656-0188
Cell Phone: 678-895-9064 

District Mail:
Buzz For State House
PO Box 491355
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Please feel free to contact me anytime if I can be of assistance.  I'm honored to serve you at the Capitol and covet your prayers and support.
Buzz Brockway
Representative, Georgia State House District 101

News from the RNC Winter Board Meeting in New Orleans -
Jan. 2012
by Linda Herren, GA National Committeewoman to the RNC
▪ Resolutions passed at the 2012 RNC Winter Meeting in New Orleans - January.
1. Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda
Resolution in Support of Reforming Insider Trading
Resolution Supporting Taiwan
Resolution to commend Israel
Substitute Resolution Fast and Furious
Florida Bitner Resolution
Attending the RNC Winter Meeting from GA  were GA NCW Linda Herren and Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus RemarksExcerpts From
  2012 RNC Winter Meeting In New Orleans- Jan. 13, 2012

See by RNC

Herman Cain rejoins WSB Radio with daily commentaries

The Georgia Truth-O-Meter Says:

"When [Mitt Romney] was the governor of Massachusetts, he performed 100 — and I’m not sure this number is right, but my mind says it’s about 180 gay marriages." — Judy Manning
    Jan. 16 - 18,  2012



Do Not Forget the Congressional Races!


'Martha for Congress'
Grassroots Rally 

with Special Guest Herman Cain



I hope you will join Herman Cain and me on Saturday, January 28th at the Gainesville Civic Center (830 Greene St, Gainesville, GA) for the 'Martha for Congress' Grassroots Rally.


With Election Day around the corner, it's time to rally the troops and make sure that our conservative voice is heard in Washington!


The rally is free and open to the public.  Doors to the Chattahoochee Room open at 10:00am.  Reservations are not required but are certainly appreciated.  To RSVP via Facebook, click here


We are also hosting a VIP Reception with Herman Cain in Longstreet Room II before the rally kicks off. Tickets are $250.00 a person and include light breakfast and a photograph with Herman and me. To reserve your ticket to the VIP Reception, click here.


Finally, please invite your friends, family, and neighbors to this exciting rally!  Flyers for the rally and VIP reception are below.




For Freedom,




PS:  For more information on my campaign for Congress, visit,, or Twitter @Martha4Congress.

Newt Gingrich Exudes New Confidence as He Storms South Carolina

Gingrich Paid $60K in Speech Praising PE: Levy

Fox News Presidential Debate - January 16, 2012 in Myrtle
  Beach, SC

Gingrich on negative ads; Romney defends record
Presidential candidates spar over Bain Capital

click above graphic to view video of answers to one of the questions

▪ Rasmussen Polls: VIDEO: South Carolina Primary: Romney 28%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16%, Paul 16%  - view more

Martha for Congress Grassroots Rally

Gainesville Civic Center
830 Green Street, Gainesville, GA

Join Martha and Herman on January 28 at 10 a.m. Read more on Peach Pundit

For Immediate Release

January 16, 2012




(Gainesville, GA) - Former Republican Presidential candidate and businessman Herman Cain will headline a rally for Martha Zoller, a popular radio talk show host and leading conservative candidate for U. S. Congress. The rally will be held Saturday, January 28th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Gainesville Civic Center (830 Greene Street, Gainesville, GA).


"We are thrilled to have Herman Cain join us in Gainesville for this important and timely rally," said Martha Zoller, candidate for Congress in Georgia's 9th Congressional District.  "Like Herman, I believe that we need to completely transform the U.S. Tax Code, restore common sense and accountability in government, and end 'business as usual' in Washington.  It is an honor to have Herman support my campaign for Congress and I look forward to sharing the stage with such a remarkable leader again."


The 'Martha for Congress' Grassroots Rally is open to supporters and media.  To RSVP, visit or e-mail




For more information on the Martha Zoller Campaign,

visit ,, or Twitter @Martha4Congress.

    Jan. 15, 2012 -- E-News

Quote for today.

"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living." - - Anonymous


Congratulations to Kris Yardley who was elected Chairman of the Hall County Republican Party on Saturday, January 14.  He is replacing Charles Lewis who resigned in order to run for Tax Commissioner.

Steps to Serving in the GA GOP
Information guide to the process of becoming a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida - August 2012.
Check with your county chairmen for location of precinct, county and district conventions.
District Delegates to national will be elected at District Conventions and Delegates at Large will be elected at the State Convention in Columbus.  You must begin at the precinct/mass meeting level.   Click here to view and print out flyer.

Toons of the Times 2012 - Presidential Candidates
Cartoonists are having a field day!
click to enlarge


2012 Presidential Primary Schedule   2012 Primary Debate Schedule

Back on the Presidential Campaign Trail to
South Carolina and Florida

Just in -- Jon Huntsman to quit GOP Presidential Race! - Jan. 15, 2012 Fox News
BREAKING: SC TEA Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul    Huh?Huh?
January 15, 2012
S.C. Sen. Tom Davis – the leading fiscal conservative in South Carolina state government and one of the most coveted endorsements of the 2012 “First in the South” presidential primary – will announce his support for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul on Sunday. Davis will endorse Paul’s candidacy at a campaign event Sunday evening in Myrtle Beach, S.C. – confirming a report published earlier this week on Buzzfeed
Where's Newt? SC campaign stumbles plague Gingrich
   by JULIE PACE  - The Associated Press  - AJC
Religious Leaders Back Santorum Over Romney
Rick Santorum won the support of a group of U.S. family and religious leaders who called for social conservatives to coalesce behind one Republican presidential candidate as an alternative to Mitt Romney. The endorsement came on the eve of the final Sunday worship services before the Jan. 21 primary in South Carolina, where 60 percent of 2008 Republican primary voters said in exit polls that they consider themselves “born again” or evangelical Christians
Errors in film about Mitt Romney to be removed, says PAC supporting Newt ...
Detroit Free Press - Jan. 15, 2012
TRACY GLANTZ/McClatchy-Tribune SPARTANBURG, SC -- A group supporting Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says it will remove errors from a film it made about Mitt Romney's business experience -- if Romney helps them figure out what is

▪ Romney opens 21-point lead in South Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll - 
 Read more for Reuters  Jan.  14, 2011

▪ Rasmussen Polls:
  South Carolina: Romney 28%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16% Paul 16% -

  Florida GOP Primary: Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15%   
Rasmussen: 24% Will Rely on Internet for Most Political News in 2012
Most voters will continue to rely on either cable or traditional television news to stay up with politics this year, but the Internet will provide the election coverage for a quarter of the nation.

Is America ready for a Mormon President?
Jan. 14, 2011 COLUMBIA, S.C. - Mitt Romney faced down the question of whether America is ready for a Mormon President on Friday night in Hilton Head, South Carolina. During a town meeting, Betty Treen took the microphone to ask the former Massachusetts Governor point blank about his faith. Following is a quote from Mitt Romney:
"Our nation was founded on the principle in some respects, of religious tolerance and liberty in this land, and so we welcome people of other faiths, and I happen to believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and my Savior."  Read more

Left: Mitt Romney arrives for the Huckabee Forum 2, a televised event, in Charleston

Newt Gets Booed at Huckabee Forum for Criticizing Romney

  by Nick Kalman | January 14, 2012

The forum, hosted by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Fox News, barred the candidates from attacking or even mentioning each other.Newt Gingrich paid little attention to that rule. When asked to "defend the vilification of companies willing to put capital at risk in order to save failing companies," the former speaker zeroed in on Mitt Romney.

"Governor Romney ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector. ... I believe it's fair to ask that records be clear." The hit on Romney backfired. Before Huckabee could finish trying to stop him, the audience drowned out Gingrich with boos. The rest of the GOP field didn't mention their Republican rivals but were equally peppered with questions from the undecided voters Read more on

Read more from MSNBC

Video: Watch the entire Huckabee Presidential Forum 2 from South Carolina
By Nate, on January 15th, 2012

Watch short video of Crowd Booing Newt

Newt Gingrich's Kamikaze campaign

   by Peter Bella - Washington Times (a conservative newspaper)
   Peter Bella knows the same Speaker Gingrich which I have known and followed for many years. For the past two days, I have personally been informed by Republicans in Gainesville and Hall County that "our" county is supporting Newt."  In fact, at a Hall GOP meeting this morning, I was handed a "Newt" sticker by a member of the Executive Committee.  It is not surprising in Hall County and Gainesville that Republicans are backing Newt since Governor Deal is Newt's state Campaign Manager (or some such title) and this is Deal's permanent home. They seem to feel an obligation to support the Governor's choice in all things.  However, there are some of us who have the courage to support other candidates and vote our own convictions
. -- VRG Webmaster

Coalition of conservatives hold pow-wow on GOP presidential
  candidates, decide to back Santorum
 -  By Jonathan Lemire / NEW YORK DAILY 
   NEWS  - Saturday, January 14 2012, 3:05 PM -- Religious power brokers met in Texas, desperate to
   back anyone back Romney

Franklin Graham: Romney's Mormonism Doesn't Bother 
By Paul Stanley | Christian Post Reporter

Evangelical minster Franklin Graham said voters should look past a candidate’s personal religion when considering whom they should support for office. Graham offered his advice in a recent interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network when asked if Christians could vote for omeone who is a Mormon.
     “Yes, the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon doesn’t bother me at all,” Graham told CBN. Two candidates seeking the GOP nomination for president who are Mormons are Romney and Jon Huntsman. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Graham said voters should select a candidate who is most qualified, beyond anything else.
     “You can have the nicest guy and he can be a Christian and just wonderful but have absolutely no clue as to how to run a country, you don’t want that … Mitt Romney is a very capable fellow, I know him. I know Newt Gingrich, another capable person; Michele Bachmann, a very capable lady; Rick Santorum, I like a lot, very gifted guy, a very sharp person and so there are some good candidates out there.” Graham’s primary concern about the 2012 election is that he feels the country is heading in the wrong direction, saying the next election is “the most critical election of my lifetime.”
Voters Deliver Good News—and Better News—For GOP
Michael Medved in

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Remarks Excerpts From 2012 RNC
  Winter Meeting In New Orleans- January 13, 2012

   Posted by: Johanna Persing

  See by RNC


Photo at left: Winter Board meeting of the RNC in New Orleans. Click to enlarge.
Thanks to Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman, for sending this on Facebook.
JANUARY 09, 2012  -
RNC to consider additional sanctions against Florida delegation at
  meeting this week

Judge rejects GOP candidates’ request to be added to Virginia ballot - Jan. 13

Jan. 12, 2011
2012 Florida Republican Primary - Read more

       Florida GOP Primary: Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15%
Mitt Romney is now running away with the race in the latest Rasmussen Reports’ survey of the end-of-the-month Florida Republican Primary.

Coming off his decisive win in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary, Romney earns 41% support with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich a distant second at 19%. A new telephone survey of Likely Florida Republican Primary Voters finds former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum running third with 15% of the vote. Read more


John Bolton endorses Mitt Romney for president

By Stephanie Condon - Jan. 12, 2012 -

John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, endorsed Mitt Romney's bid to be the Republican nominee for president. "Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney possesses the strongest vision for America's leadership role in the world, and I am proud to endorse him," Bolton said. Read more
Romney pledges in Florida to stand by Israel
  By Jane Sutton - Reuters
  WEST PALM BEACH, Florida | Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:45pm EST
WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (Reuters) - Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney criticized President Barack Obama for his stance on Israel on Thursday, telling a Florida crowd that if elected he would "stand with our friends."

"This president has found it pretty sensible to be critical of our friends," Romney told a Palm Beach County crowd that included many Jewish voters.

Republican presidential race: Mitt Romney tells South Carolina voters he’s  
  pro-life’ candidate
- Jan. 12 - Salt Lake Tribune

InsiderAdvantage poll has Newt Gingrich within reach of Mitt Romney in South Carolina 
Please note:  Insider Advantage polls are run by Matt Towery, a long time friend of Newt, and his polls always lean in favor of Gingrich.  6:17 pm January 12, 2012, by jgalloway

Gingrich Reframes His Attacks on Romney Bain Background
   January 12, 2012, 6:28 PM EST - Business Week

Sean Foreman: Lessons from the 2012 Republican presidential
- Jan 12, 2012 - Sun Sentinel of Florida
The road to the White House is long. The path runs through Florida with the Republican primary on Jan. 31. Here are some concepts that have emerged from the campaign to date.

Every vote counts – Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum by eight votes in the Iowa caucus.  A few more handshakes, a few more phone calls and Santorum may have pulled off an improbable victory over the well-funded, well-known front runner. Read more

A major victory for religious freedom
The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously ruled in favor of a Christian school in Michigan that was sued for firing an employee who herself had threatened to sue over alleged discrimination. Simply put, the ruling strongly affirms the freedom of religious groups to choose their own ministers.

    Georgia News from the Gold Dome


GA Legislature 2012: A session primer
from the
AJC - Session

Monday January 9 was the first day of the Georgia Legislature’s new session. Here are some things to help guide you through the day-to-day actions of your lawmakers in the state House and Senate.

Use this page on the AJC to help guide you through the session.
     Contact Legislators - Tract Bills - Watch the Actions - Speak at Hearings -
     Where to Park - Follow the Money

Georgia Lobbyists spending by the numbers - Click on video below

Governor Deal's State of the State
Address - January 12, 2012

  <Click on graphic to view
Education and Jobs were two of the keywords in Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's State of the State Address tonight.

Deal announced a reduction to the revenue estimate on which the 2011 budget is based of $27.5 million but also proposed that 1% of the revenue shortfall reserve be appropriated for K-12 education. bothe the amended 2011 and the proposed 2012 budgets hold K-12 education as a top priority.  Read more

Read entire speech
Deal sets Georgia's 'course to prosperity' - Gainesville Times
Education and transportation are the main focus for 2012
   afielding@gainesvilletimes.  Jan. 11, 2012
Governor’s Ga. 400 plan sparks alarm - AJC Jan. 14, 2011
A new project, announced by Gov. Nathan Deal in his State of the State address this week, plans to convert the highway’s shoulder into a new travel lane between Holcomb Bridge Road and the North Springs MARTA station. The pilot project breaks a new path for easing congestion on Georgia’s highways. But it means the loss of a speedy bypass route for ambulances, police cars and firetrucks that drive on the wide right shoulder when the road is congested. Emergency services operators in the area expressed alarm.

“It’s the obvious,” said Sandy Springs Police Chief Terry Sult, talking about the ability to quickly respond to calls or safely patrolling Ga. 400. “Where do you stop a car if everybody’s using that lane?” Read more

Clint Smith to run for state House of Representatives District 9 seat
Former legislator served eight years in Georgia House.  This seat has been filled by
     Rep. Amos Amerson, who plans to retire.

    Jan. 5 - 6, 2012

 Jan. 6, 2011: Rasmussen National GOP Poll:
  Romney 29%, Santorum 21%, Gingrich 16%

    ▪ New Hampshire: Romney 42%, Paul 18%, Santorum 13%, Huntsman 12%
    ▪ South Carolina Primary: Romney 27%, Santorum 24%, Gingrich 18%

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney remains the most competitive Republican presidential contender as far as President Obama is concerned, with the two men running even again this week.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Obama and Romney each earning 42% of the vote.  Eight percent (8%) prefer some other candidate, and another eight percent (8%) are undecided.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)



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SO very glad to see there are members of the GA Legislature and at least two state wide officers with the guts to show their support for Romney and not be "influenced" by Governor Deal. 
View first ad: 
Believe in America

Presidential Election 2008:
Lost Because We Lost Young Voters Online

Human Events has launched Click to Victory 2012 — an urgent campaign to fund creation of a powerful new conservative website aimed directly at voters 18–34 — and to use email, video, cell phones, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to convince them to vote RIGHT in 2012.  Read more

Club for Growth's evaluations of where the remaining presidential candidates stand on economic freedom. The topics covered include:

   Taxes - Spending  - Free Trade  - Regulation  - Entitlement Reform  - School Choice  -Tort 
   Reform  - Political  - Free Speech  - Political Activity -  Endorsements

Below are links to the White Papers. Please feel free to give our staff at the Club a call if you have any questions!

Rick Santorum -
Mitt Romney -
Newt Gingrich -
Ron Paul -
Rick Perry -
Jon Huntsman -

Thanks to John Eidson of Cobb County for this one . . .

More about student attacks at GA Tech

The attacks shall continue until the students are armed - according to Neal Boortz

Back on the Campaign Trail to NH and SC. . .

5 Reasons Perry's Still Running
Only Gov. Rick Perry knows for sure what changed in the 12-hour period between his late-night decision to come back to Texas to reassess his presidential bid and his morningTweet that he was forging ahead to South Carolina.  Read his 5 reasons.

Huckabee: Santorum Could Go All The Way


Thursday, 05 Jan 2012 04:59 PM  By Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella

Will anti-fat bias affect the 2012 election?
Newt Gingrich’s girth surely could be a target in the race to be the Republican presidential nominee. Will it cost him? “Study after study after study shows the same thing. Weight bias is a highly prevalent form of discrimination, more common than other forms that have protection within our laws,” says Yale University’s Rebecca Puhl (Associated Press)

. . . The former House Speaker may have already reached the same conclusion on his own. While stumping at an Iowa ice cream shop last month, Mr. Gingrich reportedly eyed a root beer float and joked, “I have certain weaknesses, as you can tell. Food is No. 1, 2 and 3.” (Ed. comment:  The Speaker's weight problem is even more emphasized when he is next to his young tall skinny wife #3 (23 years younger than Newt) ALWAYS with him on TV and in event photos. The cartoonists are having a field day with Newt's weight.) 

Just a few of the zillion photos of Newt and Callista Gingrich - click to enlarge



  Above: Cartoonist having a field day with Newt's size

Citizen Cain to take '9-9-9' plan on nationwide bus tour
   Washington Times - Read more


▪ On Neal Boortz show, Jan. 4
   Guest: Herman Cain

Herman Cain was on the Boortz show Wednesday to help post-game the Iowa Caucuses and introduce his next steps... Listen




  Jan. 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus Results - January 4, 2012
What a long and exciting evening!

Click above graphic to view Iowa map and view videos from the evening event.

8 votes carry Romney to victory in January 3 Iowa Caucus
DES MOINES, IA- Mitt Romney eked out a minuscule 8-vote victory over Rick Santorum in Iowa's Republican presidential caucuses, the state party chairman said early Wednesday, ringing down the curtain on an improbable first act in the campaign to pick a challenger to President Barack Obama in the fall. Read more.

Mitt Romney accepts endorsement from Sen. John McCain, 2008 GOP presidential

- Rush Limbaugh


RUSH: Newt came out there and he's mad. Newt is ticked off.  He is livid over the negative ads that Romney ran. Well, Romney's PAC ran against him in Iowa.  And it's true, it's safe to say that Romney's ads took Newt out.  Newt was at the top of the heap going into Iowa.  Those ads worked.  They took the bottom right out. Newt's foundation just plummeted.  And Newt is angry about it, and it came across that he was angry.  And some people say that that's not good, and Snerdley said, "It's not, it's not good. You're supposed to be ebullient and optimistic and positive and so forth.  You're not supposed to get mad out there on the campaign trail. It shows intemperance, lack of judgment," so forth and so on.  Read more.


Texas governor Perry stays in presidential race

Gov. Bobby Jindal stands by Rick Perry for GOP
presidential nomination

Published: Wednesday, January 04, 2012, 8:00 PM - Associated Press

John DiStaso's Granite Status: Bachmann drops out; Ron Paul to return to NH on Friday

▪ Iowa shows GOP determined to beat Obama - Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
It's been a mixed week for Mitt Romney's campaign. On one hand, Romney won Iowa, but on the other, he was endorsed by John McCain.

Until the first actual votes were cast Tuesday night, it appeared as if some elements of the Republican Party were becoming the mirror image of a liberal mob.
   Jan. 2, 2012

Iowa and USA Voters -- Cartoons
on the Eve of the Iowa Caucuses - January 3, 2012

On Eve of Iowa Caucuses, Super PACs Ready to Unleash

  Fox News - Jan. 2, 2012



Romney, Paul in Dead Heat in Des Moines Register Poll as
  Santorum Surges on eve of Iowa Caucus




 What Newt Gingrich’s three wives tell us about the president he’d be

Maybe Newt Gingrich’s marital history isn’t the leading predictor of his performance as president. But the way a man treats the women in his life does, as he himself has acknowledged, offer us a window into his character. His record as a husband does parallel a certain fickleness on policy. And the women he chose to marry do tell us something about his evolution as a person. Read more


   Dec. 31, 2011


2012 Contract
click here to view

Click on thumbnails to enlarge


Popular E-mail of the day by a
college student: 

To: American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists Obama supporters, et al: Click here to read great piece.


December 31, 2011
Elections 2012 - Iowa
Caucus on January 3, 2012

Perry's Dramatic Fade Shapes GOP Nomination Race
BOONE, Iowa -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry can still fill a room with his Texas swagger and frontier good looks. But Perry may have exerted his greatest influence on the 2012 GOP race through a vacuum he has created -- a dynamic that is powerfully shaping the Iowa caucuses now hurtling toward Tuesday’s vote. Read more in

Gingrich Kills Chapter on Climate Change in Upcoming
Ralf-Finn Hestoft -

GOP Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich holds a press conference Tuesday after speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Dubuque Country Club in Dubuque, Iowa.  He tells a concerned voter it's been dropped, but that's news to the author.

Four Republicans to Join Perry’s VA Challenge
The Year in Review: Romney ends 2011 where he began, atop
the leader board
in photo Christie, Ann Romney and Mitt Romney
   Governor Christie endorses Romney and joins him in Iowa

Bachmann calls 'Occupy' protesters 'Obama's advance team By NBC’s Jamie Novogrod -

URBANDALE, Iowa – During remarks to supporters inside her campaign headquarters Saturday, Michele Bachmann linked President Barack Obama to a large protest that had been unfolding outside the building only minutes before.

"You may have seen all over Des Moines the Barack Obama re-election advance team is already out there in the various parking lots of all of the campaigns," Bachmann told about 70 volunteers. "This tells you that he is nervous," she continued. 

Romney would veto immigration "dream" act - Reuters Dec. 31. 2011
By Jane Sutton

(Reuters) - Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney said on Saturday he would veto a proposal granting U.S. citizenship to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children, a pledge that won hearty applause from Iowa conservatives he hopes to win over.
Romney leads Paul in Iowa poll, Santorum surges
    Nov. 30, 2011 -- E-News       Nov. 8, 2011  - E-News
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   October 31, 2011    E-News 10/31/11
   September 30, 2011
This weekend, our longtime friend Martha Zoller officially kicked off her campaign for congress in her own hometown of Gainesville, GA. We welcome her decision to run for office, something people have been asking her to do for years and, because we know she supports the troops, we pledge our support to her candidacy.

Martha's kickoff  event was well attended by veterans, military families, tea partiers and radio listeners, as she is a household name in the community.

"Every morning for the past 15 years, folks have turned on their radio and heard Martha's conservative message. People already know what she stands for." said her campaign manager Ryan Mahoney at the rally in downtown Gainesville.

At MAF we look for candidates who support the troops, that's our most important issue, and we know that Martha is a huge supporter of our military and their missions to keep America safe and free.
She's so committed that she's traveled to Iraq TWICE to help the troops and Gold Star families that she cares for so much!

Read more about Martha at


Martha speaks to an energized audience on the square in Gainesville

Campaign Treasurer
speaks on Martha's behalf

Martha speaks
to the crowd and lays
our her plans

Women supporters
from Union County

 Chris Yardley of
Flowery Branch

Connie and
Bobby Banks
of Flowery Branch

Qiana Keith and
her children

 Crowd listens to
Martha's conservative message

Right: Debbie Dooley,
a Leader of Tea Party
Patriots of GA

Women of Union Co.
for Martha

Martha with Bettye
Chambers of Buford

Kellie Weeks of
Gainesville wears
her "Martha" sticker

Martha thanks everyone
for attending

► Martha Zoller campaign for Congress kicks-off  - read article
      By Marc Eggers Staff- Access North GA

Presidential Preference Primary for Georgia set for Tuesday,
March 6, 2012

ecretary of State Brian Kemp has announced that Georgia’s 2012 presidential preference primary will be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.  Secretary Kemp was given the authority to set the presidential primary date via a modification to Georgia’s statutory code during the 2011 legislative session. Substantial rules changes by the RNC leading up to the 2012 Republican National Convention resulted in states that are “winner-take-all” states like Georgia not having the ability to hold their primaries without losing ½ of their potential delegates if the primary was held before April 1, 2012.

Behind the scenes, much planning and labor was completed by the Georgia Republican Party to facilitate this decision. Secretary Kemp worked closely with party leaders prior to his formal announcement. The GAGOP Rules Committee and State Committee convened to approve a rule change that allowed the Secretary Kemp the flexibility necessary to ensure that Georgia voters would remain a strong voice in the 2012 primary process as we select our next President.

Prior to the rules change, Georgia was a winner-take-all system and would have lost ½ of its delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa if the primary was held before April 1, 2012. The proposed change to the GAGOP allows Georgia’s delegates to be allotted on a proportional basis if the Georgia primary was held before April 1, 2012.

The GAGOP commends Secretary of State Brian Kemp for his efforts and diligence in the selection of March 6, 2012 as the presidential preference primary date in Georgia.

Kevin J. Harris
Georgia Republican Party
Executive Director
404-257-5559 ext. 212 office
706-455-9200 cell
404-257-0779 fax


   January 1, 2011

GOP sweep named top Ga. story of 2010

Base bails on Democrats in droves
By Chris Joyner - AJC
Georgia Democrats enter the upcoming 2011 session of the General Assembly reeling from a series of defections and facing an uphill climb toward relevance. The once-dominant party holds 85 of 236 seats in the House and Senate, Democrats’ lowest ebb since Reconstruction. And the number has been slipping. Read entire article


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