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January 31, 2011

Greatest News of the Day! January 31, 2011




Federal Judge in Florida Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

Georgia officials praise judge's ruling on health care law, say fight is not over  A federal judge sides with Georgia and 25 other states suing to block law

McCollum: High Court Will Strike Down Obamacare
Left: U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in Florida ruled President Obama’s health care law unconstitutional Monday.


View Following Release At 

Sent to us by GA National Committeewoman Linda Herren


WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus issued the following statement regarding today’s ruling by a federal judge against the constitutionality
of Obamacare:

“Today’s ruling against the constitutionality of President Obama’s job-destroying health care law is a major victory for the American people and job-creators all across the country. Not only is this legislation a stunning assault on individual liberty and a major obstacle to economic growth, it fails to live up to the two central promises made by the President and Congressional Democrats during the health care debate – raising the cost of health care and forcing scores of Americans off their current insurance plans, including millions of seniors.

“I am proud that my home state of Wisconsin has joined 25 other states in this nationwide effort to roll back President Obama’s unprecedented government intrusion into our lives, our businesses, and our doctors’ offices. The new Republican House majority has already fulfilled its promise to the American people and voted to repeal this unaffordable, unconstitutional legislation and it is time for the Senate to follow suit. Senate Democrats cannot continue to defend the indefensible and keep a law on the books that is not only opposed by the American people but also raises clear constitutional concerns.”


GA GOP Chairman News

What is the true purpose of  the new convention website by Tricia Pridemore,
candidate for GA GOP Chairman
Is it appropriate to use the URL It leads readers to think it is part of the official website -- which it is NOT. Interested Republicans can easily go to the GA GOP website to find out everything they need to know about the convention process.  How to become a delegate material on this site below is just copied from the GA GOP site and the Secretary of State site.  Candidates need a campaign website, but this one is not needed. It just repeats directions given in many other official places.


The "sign up to become a delegate" option on this site is VERY misleading and a childish means to grab names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

FREE Hotel and Transportation Info ?? This sounds like an attempt to influence convention voters.  Please see note at bottom of that web page in tiny print. 

"We value your privacy. Your information will be used ONLY to provide information regarding the Georgia Republican Convention. This service is provided free of charge courtesy of Pridemore for Chairman."

Never have we known of ANYTHING like this happening in a race for a GA GOP Chair or any other office in the GA GOP. This is the type of games that the Democrats promote. Is there no limit to what this group will do to get this woman elected?  She does not appear to have ever served in an ELECTED Republican position since she was in college.  Now she wants to start at the top office? This is all very STRANGE.  Everyone I know is asking WHY did Governor Deal become so involved in this campaign?  In the Georgia Republican Party it is not customary for the Governor to select the GOP Chairman. Governor Perdue did not.

The first public announcement of this appears to be on the Peach Pundit on December 3, 2010.  That is the date that I received a mass e-mail from Cheryl Prater, who I understand worked as a full time social media director for Nathan Deal. She suggested in her e-mail that we go to the Peach Pundit, read all about this wonderful news and post some positive comments about Mrs. Pridemore. Since I only casually met Mrs. Pridemore for the first time last summer during the campaign, there was nothing that I could say about her at that time.  I, too, was a member of the Deal Team and worked many hours to help him get elected since I sincerely felt at that time that he was the best qualified to serve as Governor of Georgia.

Read one person's comments on the AJC blog concerning

The site is very misleading and it would look like the official site. It is a data mining site to collect email addresses of people interested in attending. They used a url similar to the one the GA GOP uses. They did that for a reason. . . .

The GA GOP sends out hotel information in delegate packages. In fact, all of the information offered by MS. Pridemore is sent out by the GA GOP in delegate package.
Read more comments on AJC blog

Segment  on this topic from Political Insider by Jim Galloway of the AJC-
January 31, 2011

The first kerfuffle of the race for chairmanship of the state Republican party comes in the form of a language test. Take the phrase, “Free Hotel and Transportation Information.” This is buried down in the article about the Savannah Harbor Read more in AJC [- Galloway's Political Insider about the Savannah Dredging

Bettye Chambers, Buford, GA
Former officer in the Hall GOP, former officer in the 9th District Republican Party, Officer in the Greater Gwinnett Republican Women, GA GOP State Committee, Member of Board of Directors of the National Federation of Republican Women

Seeking the truth in all things  political -- which is not easy.

January 28, 2011






Remembering Challenger 7

25th Anniversary

Read Daryl Cagle's Web Log

click above to enlarge

GA Gold Dome News

On shorter legislative sessions, a new banking chair and refunding
train lobbyists

Kyle  Wingfield - AJC

Hall County joining sales tax program

State initiative aims to increase business compliance


January 27, 2011  -- E-News


GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart rolls out her new campaign website and Facebook page -
  -  Facebook Page

Sue invites all Georgia Republicans to read her bio, reasons for running, accomplishments/vision, news, and photo gallery. Sue also invites all Republicans to go to her Support 11 page to sign up as a supporter and leave a message.

View today's video of Martha Zoller's interview with
Sue Everhart.

Your morning jolt:

For the first time, Senate leaders explain the Casey Cagle coup

A national organization says Georgia has one of America’s

toughest ethics laws. - AJC

Joe Wilkinson on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 in a newspaper article
Ethics claim leaves out key detail.  Read AJC article.

The above was brought to our attention on January 27 with a response Letter to the Editor of the AJC from former Senator Dan Moody. Click here to read letter.


January 26, 2011

Public Broadcasting Atlanta Tackles Tough Issues of Child Sex Trafficking with “How To Stop the Candy Shop”

This information was requested by the office of Senator Unterman, regarding the PBA30 & WABE project "How To Stop The Candy Shop”. Senator Unterman sent this to us for distribution. Please forward to your e-mail list.

How To Stop The Candy Shop  is a one-hour TV special that is part of an organization-wide effort of Public Broadcasting Atlanta designed to increase public awareness of child sex trafficking in Atlanta.  

WABE News, PBA’s civic engagement website Public Square and PBA30 TV are joining forces to bring this issue and potential solutions into focus. 

On Sunday January 30th, at 8PM, Public Broadcasting Atlanta presents the world broadcast premiere of the short film The Candy Shop, followed by a PBA news special, How To Stop The Candy Shop.  An encore presentation will air at 10PM on the same evening.

Check out this trailer for the world broadcast premiere of “The Candy Shop” airing on PBA30 on January 30th at 8 & 10PM: 10PM: 

This compelling, tasteful, incredibly photographed film was shot in Atlanta. Following the film, WABE News (Denis O’Hayer and Rose Scott will air a TV News Special on PBA30 and a series of news reports on 90.1FM WABE regarding the issue of child sex trafficking in Atlanta. 

Read entire press release

Be sure to watch on January 30!

The Candy Shop  - Doug Jones -
photo features the main character of The Candy Shop film by Whitestone Pictures


WABE - News reporter Denis O’Hayer interviewing
Georgia House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge)

PBA30 - Rose Scott  - photo features WABE News
reporter interviewing a child sex trafficking victim in the PBA30 TV studios.



Under the Gold Dome: Day 5 - Jan. 26, 2011

Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session

by Carolyn Crist - Gainesville Time - read more


Georgia lawmaker files tough immigration law

The "Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011" was filed by Rep. Matt Ramsey, a Peachtree City Republican who co-chaired a legislative study commission on illegal immigration in the fall.  Read more at Macon.Com.

College Republicans to Host GAGOP Chair and 1st Vice-Chair Forum
Read more on GACR website - Monday, February 7


Ga. politicians not impressed with State of the Union address

Sen. Chambliss critical of how Obama wants to spend federal money

January 21, 2011      -- Randy Evans Column
Downsizing In Georgia - Supersized

J. Randolph Evans - Column No. 1052 (1/21/11)

Governor Nathan Deal has started downsizing the size of government in Georgia, kicking off the process in his proposed state budget with the de-authorization of thousands of government jobs that are currently unfilled.  Next, Governor Deal plans a steady re-organization of state government with an eye toward eliminating redundancy, streamlining services, and applying technology to move Georgia into the 21st Century.  These are the necessary fundamentals for even bigger changes to come. - Read more

January 19, 2011

Contact: Sue Everhart


Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart Formally Announces Campaign for Re-Election

MARIETTA, January 19, 2011- Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue P. Everhart today formally announced that she will run for re-election as Party Chairman at the State Convention in Macon in May. 

“I wanted to reassure Republicans throughout the state that I will remain on the job until we take back the White House in 2012,” Everhart said.  “We swept the state this election cycle, but a well-funded Obama campaign and energized Democratic get-out-the-vote effort will mean that the State Party will need an experienced Chairman in place to keep the gains we made on November 2.  I am confident I am the best person to do that,” she added. 

When Chairman Everhart first took office in 2007, one of her main goals was to build on the Republican majority through sophisticated and extensive training and to strengthen grassroots networks.  Her personal experience in grassroots politics coupled with her vision for its development in Georgia led to a focused volunteer effort that resulted in landmark wins for Republicans. 

Under the leadership of Chairman Sue Everhart, the Georgia Republican Party has grown its majority to an unprecedented level.   In 2008, Georgia went against the national tide by delivering for John McCain and re-elected U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.  In 2010, Republicans swept every constitutional office, re-elected U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, and added to the majorities of the U.S. House and Georgia General Assembly. 

Sue is a proven leader, determined grassroots advocate and a seasoned fundraiser.   With critical events such as redistricting and a presidential election on the horizon, Georgia Republicans need experience at the helm of the GAGOP.  Proven leadership will make the difference in 2012.

In seeking her final term, Sue’s primary focus is to move forward with the accomplishments of the Party under her chairmanship and to build a complete and lasting majority in our state.  Her plan, including a continued focus on expanding the reach and capabilities of the GAGOP’s social media and IT structure as well as efforts to switch local elected officials to the Republican Party, is a stepping stone to create an enduring era of Republican leadership in Georgia.

Sue Everhart, a former banker, is a long-time Republican activist who served as Chairman of the Sixth District Republican Party and First Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party before being elected as Georgia GOP Party Chairman in 2007.  In 2007 and 2010, she was selected as one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians.  In addition, Sue was chosen as one of 10 women in the United States to be honored as a “Woman of Achievement” by the RNC in 2009.  Currently, Chairman Everhart serves on both the RNC Rules and Ethics Committees as well as the Committee on Arrangements for the 2012 GOP National Convention.  In addition to her political involvement, Everhart is active in civic organizations in her community. 




Read list of top Republicans and Democrats

GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart leads the list.

About the author

Aaron Gould Sheinin has covered Southern politics for more than a decade, primarily in Georgia and South Carolina. He has been a politics and government reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution since 2007.

▪ Announced candidates for GA GOP 1st Vice Chairman

1. Doug Grammer of Walker County - 9th district - read more

2. Bert Guy of Camden County - District 1- web page

3. Justin Tomszak of Cobb County - website


Governor Nathan Deal Swearing In Melvin Everson as Director of  Georgia Work Ready

The coming fight for chairmanship of the state GOP
January 19, 2011, by jgalloway

The New Reagan Revolution
How Ronald Reagan’s Principles Can Restore America’s Greatness
By Michael Reagan with Jim Denney

Foreword by Newt Gingrich

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of one
of the most beloved President’s in our nation’s history, Ronald Reagan, on 2/6/11, his eldest son explains the principles his father espoused that can make America a true world leader again

Visit the Reagan Centennial website


January 15 - 16, 2011   
January 15, 2011: News from GOP Chairman Sue Everhart --
Congratulations to the New chairman of the RNC

ATLANTA—Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart congratulates Reince Priebus, who was elected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee today.

“It was my pleasure to support Reince in this election,” said Everhart. “I look forward to working with him to elect Republicans to the White House, Congress and countless other offices in 2012.”

Georgia National Committeeman Alec Poitevint seconded Priebus’ motion during the nomination process and served as part of his whip team.

Prior to his election, Priebus served as chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party. He also served as general counsel to the Republican National Committee.

Read more on Fox News : Reince Priebus Wins Race for RNC Chief After Steele Bows Out

The Challenges of GOP Control
J. Randolph Evans
Column No. 1051 (1/14/11)

Governing Georgia will be a lot tougher than it looks over the next couple of years.  Georgia Republicans will now have to deliver without excuses on some of the toughest problems in the history of the State.It is the price of success.  With complete control of every Constitutional office and both chambers in the Georgia General Assembly, Georgians have given Republicans all of the power to fix whatever is wrong.  The problem is that it is never that easy. - Read entire column

Gold Dome 2011: No vouchers, no money, less HOPE
12:41 pm January 16, 2011, by Maureen Downey - AJC
 ▪ House Of Representatives - ▪ GA State Senate

January 16: Gov. Deal gets blessing of church in Sunday service in Gainesville

Katie Deal sings “With a Servant’s Heart,” a song she wrote about her father Nathan
Deal during Sunday morning’s First Baptist Church prayer service. Aspects of Deal’s canceled Monday prayer service were incorporated into the s
ervice on Sun


PolitiFact -- Georgia cranks up the Deal-O-Meter - AJC
Willoughby Mariano
- January 16th, 2011

Royal Marshall, popular Boortz radio show producer dies
January 15, 2011 -  by Rhonda Cook - AJC

Raymond Royal Marshall was a producer for the Neal Boortz radio talk show, but he was as much a radio personality as Mr. Boortz himself.
Read more.

Herman Cain:

Blacks Finally Hearing Truth
on GOP

Herman Cain: Blacks Finally Hearing Truth on GOP



Visit Governor Deal's official website - view photo gallery

A new governor looks behind Georgia’s prison bars to save money  January 15, 2011, by jgalloway

January 14, 2011

GA Gold Dome Updates - 2011

House Of Representatives - ▪ GA State Senate

Powerful House committees get new leaders
By April Hunt - AJC  Read article

Three House committees that oversee bills proposed in the lower chamber
of the General Assembly will have new leaders this year. The biggest shake-ups in committee assignments are on the powerful Appropriations Committee and the Rules Committee, which determines what bills the full House will vote on.

Rep. Terry England, R-Auburn, will take over from Rep. Ben Harbin, R-Evans, for the Appropriations Committee.  --  A full list of committee assignments is available online at and below.


New RNC head Priebus
a driven,
lifelong Republican

GOP picks Reince Priebus of Wisconsin to head
national party, replacing Michael Steele
  AJC News
By LIZ SIDOTI - Associated Press
OXON HILL, Md. — The national Republican Party, coming off huge election victories but facing a $22 million debt and an internal war over identity, ousted chairman Michael Steele Friday and chose Wisconsin party chief Reince Priebus to lead in the run-up to the 2012 presidential race. Read more

New RNC head Priebus a driven, lifelong Republican

By TODD RICHMOND - Associated Press

January 13, 2011  - Snow Days

Tricia Pridemore announces —
and the Georgia fight for GOP chair is on 

read article in AJC --  January 13, 2011, by jgalloway

More banter on this topic on the
Peach Pundit

Sue Everhart, incumbent chairman, has already announced her plans to run for her final two-year term.

Thinking Right
Jim Wooten's recent article in the AJC regarding Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman 
-- Dec.16, 2010
Unlike Democrats, for whom governing has been an extension of the party, Georgia Republicans don’t have a history of governor-designated party heads. The rank-and-file do that. Gov.-elect Nathan Deal has a candidate, Tricia Pridemore of Cobb County, who co-chairs his inaugural. Sue Everhart, also of Cobb, the first woman elected to head the Georgia party, has no plans to roll over — nor should she. She’s served well, modernizing computer systems, adding security and equipment, building the e-mail list from 2,000 to 250,000, expanded fundraising and assisted every statewide candidate, including Deal. Everhart’s eligible at the May state convention for a third and final two-year term. She’s earned it. She should get it.
Read Wooten's complete article

▪  Educators, lawmakers do math on Deal plan -- Read article in AJC
By Nancy Badertscher and Aaron Gould Sheinin - AJC

School funding: Not as good as Deal says, but not as bad as it could be.

3:25 pm January 13, 2011, by Maureen Downey▪

▪  Deal: More money to education, but other cuts coming
Governor says he will end teacher furloughs

January 11, 2011 -- Speakers on for Let It Snow - click on player below to start music
Frank Sinatra - Christmas Songs ...

January 9 - 12 Snow Storms in Georgia and the South

click thumbnail photos to enlarge

For 135 years Georgia was a total Democrat state, and many Dems said that hell would freeze over before "their" state became Republican. After the huge R takeover in November and with this extreme cold, snow and ice now in Georgia perhaps hell has, indeed, frozen over. That sounds like a good scientific answer. 
Better than Global Warming   

GA GOP ends year with massive cash

By James Salzer - the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Year-end campaign filings show Republicans not only dominant at the ballot box, but in the bank. The
state Republican Party reported late last week that it ended the year with slightly less than $1.2 million
in the bank after having spent $7.7 million during the 2010 campaign cycle.

The Democratic Party reported $135,367 on hand and a debt of $57,000. The Democratic Party reported spending $7.8 million, but much of the party's money came from the national Democratic Governors Association. Read complete article.

Deal’s budget plan to highlight State of the State address on Wednesday   - Gainesville Times

Education, transportation and the tri-state water wars also priorities

January 10, 2011 - Speakers on for Georgia on My Mind  -  Snow_Jan.10_2011

Nathan Deal sworn in as Georgia
Governor in the House Chamber of
the Georgia Capitol

- Associated Press - Macon.Com

View Photos from Governor Deal's Inauguration

Read complete inaugural address




View Videos below from the Gainesville Times
Katie Deal sings 'Georgia on My Mind'    
Gary Black takes oath of offic
Cagle takes oath of office

AP Photo - Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, left is sworn in
by his son Hall County Superior Judge Jason Deal, as
the 82nd Governor in the House chamber, Monday,
Jan. 10, 2011 in Atlanta. Behind Governor Deal, from
left, is his wife Sandra Deal, Mary Emily O'Bradovich,
Carrie Deal Wilder and Katie Deal Wright.

Nathan Deal: Drug addiction ‘draining our treasury’
   January 10, 2011,
by jgalloway - AJC

Despite snow and ice, General
Assembly begins

All 145 elected leaders were in attendance during the opening day of the 2011 legislative session at the State Capitol Monday, Jan. 10, 2011


January 9, 2010

From the Deal Inaugural Committee:

"The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning and therefore all nonessential Inaugural activities have been canceled for Monday, January 10th. Neither the Prayer Breakfast at Mount Paran nor the Celebration at Philips Arena will be held.

The swearing-in ceremonies for all Georgia constitutional officers will still take place inside the state Capitol on the floor of the House of Representatives. Gov.-elect Deal encourages you to stay off the roads and watch the ceremony live on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 2:30 p.m."

For more information please visit the Nathan Deal Inaugural Website.

From Chairman Sue Everhart:

The Georgia Republican Party would like to extend sympathy to the family of Mr. Will Authur "Bill" Chappell, of Atlanta. Mr. Chapell passed away on January 6, 2011. The funeral arrangements are as follows:

Wednesday, January 12th @ 11:00 a.m.
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
230 Arnold Street
Hapeville, GA 30354-1530

Please keep Teresa and the Chappell family in your prayers.


Deals play host at the governor’s mansion on Sunday, January 91

Friends gather to support Nathan Deal before his first day as Georgia’s 82nd governor

A picture of ‘Plan B’ for Inauguration on January 10, 2011


Under the Georgia Gold Dome 2011

 Session begins January 10

▪ Issues to watch as lawmakers return to Atlanta
January 8, 2010

Northeast Georgia could get 6 inches of snow Sunday night - Winter storm watch issued; state DOT issues travel advisory


January 8 Update on Inaugural Events

Dear friends:

Georgians are bracing for a terrible winter storm predicted to begin Sunday night. I have stayed in constant contact with the National Weather Service, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia State Patrol to assure that our plans for Monday correspond with the needs and advice of weather and safety experts. As excited as we all for the festivities, public safety will remain my top priority.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., after I receive updated forecasts, I will hold a news conference at the Capitol to announce how we will move forward on Monday's schedule of events. At that time, we will relay this information to you through this email list, my Inaugural Facebook page and automated phone calls sent to everyone who RSVP'd for Monday night's ball. I want to use the most up-to-date weather information while also giving ticket-holders enough time to adjust their plans should that need arise.

The reports I am hearing greatly concern me. It appears that Sunday night's snow will be followed by a thick coating of ice. In that scenario, the Georgia State Patrol and GEMA would advise all Georgia motorists to make every effort to stay home until conditions improve.

We have a constitutional duty to perform the swearing-in ceremony and certify the transfer of power, and that will take place regardless of the weather conditions.


Nathan Deal


Read more from Inaugural website

DOT trucks are at the ready, waiting for snow and ice


Deal sets up payment plan for debt
By Alan Judd  of AJC

Restructuring relieves him of meeting Feb. 1 deadline. Read article



A Cabbage Patch governor and his first lady

January 7, 2011, by jgalloway

Click here to visit the 2011 Georgia Inaugural website



January 6, 2010

Purpose Behind Congressional Reading of Constitution Questioned After Amendments Are Omitted
Members of the House of Representatives kicked off the 112th Congress with a reading of the U.S. Constitution. This is a first in the history of this country.
- Fox News  Read article and view video.

▪ Gov. - Elect Moves into mansion

Deal celebrates first night in new home by writing speeches.

by Carolyn Crist - Gainesville Times
The Governor's Mansion was ready for the Deals to arrive thursday afternoon, with all the furniture in
place and everything squeaky clean.  the only things missing? The Deals' favorite recliners.
Read more.

Governor's Chef Readies for Deal Family
 Jeff Hullinger at 11
Click here to visit the 2011 Georgia Inaugural website
January 5, 2011  E-News

Rep. John Boehner sworn in as Speaker of the House

Republicans of the12th Congress take over and square off with President Obama on spending and heal care.  What is job #1 for Congress? 

Watch Video

Boehner elected speaker of the House; Pelosi's support divided
Incoming House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, receives the gavel from his predecessor, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, during the opening session of the 112th Congress on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) Washington Times - Read article
View photo gallery
▪ Boehner Elected House Speaker, Takes Gavel From Pelos -  Fox News Read article
 Published January 05, 2011 - Fox News
▪ Boehner: 'The People's Congress' - Fox News  View Video

The 112th Congress, by the numbers
:- NBC News
The new Congress, Republicans will hold a 242-193 advantage. In the Senate, Democrats will retain a 53-47 majority. (Two senators are independent but caucus with the Democrats). There are 96 new members of the House (87 Republicans, nine Democrats), and that’s the largest percentage of new members since ‘92. The House will include 43 Tea Party-backed members. The Senate will have five Tea Party-backed members. In total, in the Senate, there will be 16 new members (13 Republicans, three Democrats) -- the largest freshman class in that chamber since 1980.

*** “The people’s House”: In his speech today after receiving the gavel from outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Boehner will call the House the “people’s House,” per NBC’s Luke Russert. “The American people have humbled us. They have refreshed our memories as to just how temporary the privilege to serve is,” Boehner will say, according to advanced excerpts of his speech. “They have reminded us that everything here is on loan from them. That includes this gavel, which I accept cheerfully and gratefully, knowing I am but its caretaker. After all, this is the people’s House. This is their Congress. It’s about them, not us. What they want is a government that is honest, accountable and responsive to their needs. A government that respects individual liberty, honors our heritage, and bows before the public it serves.” On debt and spending, Boehner will say, per NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell: “No longer can we kick the can down the road. The people voted to end business as usual, and today we begin carrying out their instructions."

Visit the National Republican Congressional Committee Website and sign up!

Compromise in the White House - view more

click above to enlarge

Message from Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman

Today, Georgia’s Congressmen took their oaths of office at the United States Capitol. On Monday, Governor-elect Nathan Deal will take his oath of office as will the rest of our newly elected Constitutional officers, all of them Republicans. Deal becomes only our second Republican Governor since Reconstruction. In addition, we will observe the largest Republican majority in the Georgia General Assembly in the post-Reconstruction era.

Our elected officials will face many difficult choices over their terms, including finding a way to resurrect our economy. In Georgia, legislators are constitutionally required to balance our state’s budget, which will be no small task as our stimulus funds end.

Read More

GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart Named Among Georgia's Most Influential in Georgia Trend Magazine

Congratulations to Chairman Sue Everhart and all the Georgia Republicans named among the 100 Most Influential Georgians by Georgia Trend magazine. Thank you for your leadership and congratulations on your recognition.

Georgia Trend also recognized House Speaker David Ralston as Georgian of the Year. We congratulate him on this honor and thank him for his leadership.

Click here to see Georgia Trend's full list

Georgia Legislature set to target illegal immigration
by Jeremy Redmona - the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Click here to visit the 2011 Georgia Inaugural website

Governor Elect Deal Discusses Inaugural Financing

Gary Scott Holt | January 5, 2011 at 7:37 am |

WSB TV's, Lori Geary, questioned Governor Elect Nathan Deal yesterday on the cost of inauguration festivities during tough financial times. Shortly after Deal's election, prior to any release of inaugural plans
or information, Deal came under fire for speculatively spending taxpayer dollars for a grandiose celebration. 
Read more of this post


January 4, 2011  E-News

By Nick Schaper on January 4, 2011

Tomorrow House Republicans will live stream the opening session of the 112th Congress - including the swearing-in ceremony and remarks by Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-OH) - on the Pledge to America Facebook Page. The House will convene and the stream will go live at 12:00 p.m. ET.

This is the first time an opening session of Congress has been broadcast live on Facebook where visitors can interact and discuss the event with others, and offer feedback directly to elected representatives.

The new Republican majority has pledged to change the way Congress works – to lead by listening to and reflecting the will of the American people. Together with new rules demanding new levels of online disclosure and transparency (including requirements that all bills online at least three days before a vote and committees broadcast their hearings online), this event is another example of the new majority’s commitment to making Congress more open and accountable, and to finding new ways to connect with citizens online and off.
Read more on Patriot Action Network.



Governor-elect Deal selects local attorney Deron Hicks as Georgia's new inspector general -
From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Warm Springs resident will investigate fraud and waste in state government. Read article

Click here to visit the 2011 Georgia Inaugural website
January 2, 2011

Look Back at Tea Party in 2010
How voter anger led to action in historic midterm election

Video by Mike Huckabee on Fox News


Reading of Constitution to Kick Off New Congress on January 6.
The goal, backers said, is to underscore the limited-government rules the Founders imposed on Congress - and to try to bring some of those principles back into everyday legislating. Read more:
Reading more on NewsMax

Gainesville, GA - a fresh wellspring of political influence

By Bill Torpy - the Atlanta Journal-constitution

For decades, Gainesville has been proud to call itself the Poultry Capital of the World, the birthplace of the modern chicken processing industry.  But, with the latest statewide election, the North Georgia city may have become known as an incubator of a different sort. Gov.-elect Nathan Deal built his political career here, as did Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the state’s second-in-command. It’s said to be the first time Georgia city has had such a one-two punch. Read article.

Gilmer Innaugural DayNews from the Ninth
Clarification - The 2011 Inaugural Day of Service

And, for those who may wish to participate without driving into the big City, a service is being held in Fannin County.

And, hopefully a prosperous, conservative new year to you all
George McClellan
Gilmer County GOP

The invitation to the FANNIN County Inauguration event is from Elaine and Jim Owen, who are graciously hosting the event. For more information, contact Elaine and Jim. Attendees are asked to bring a donation of non-perishable food items to support the local Food Bank.


January 10, 2011
The inauguration of all Republican
Constitutional officers  -- a first for Georgia

 View copy of Inaugural Invitation below

Read more on the Scott Papers
by Gary Holt


Left: Invitation to Gala Event on Monday Evening, January 10, 2011
Invitation Only

Click thumbnail images to enlarge


No charge for the Inauguration.  $50 charge for Inaugural Gala. Ticket requests may be made on line at until noon of Jan. 7, 2011. Mail requests before Dec. 31 to P.O. Box 420075, Atlanta, GA 30342.

▪ Plans announced for Inauguration and the Inaugural Gala
at Philips Arena in Atlanta

The inaugural committee of Governor-elect Nathan Deal has announced the schedule of events for the inaugural including a gala to be held on Jan. 10, 2011.
The gala will feature a number of musical performers
from Georgia as well as a nationally-known headliner. 
It will take place at Atlanta's Philips Arena beginning at
7:30 p.m.
"Georgia is home to some of the nation's best talent in government business and entertainment" said Jay
Morgan co-chair of the inaugural committee. "The Inaugural Gala will celebrate it all." The event honors the new governor and the constitutional officers who will also take office that day.
The gala is an invitation-only event and like all inaugural festivities will be funded by private contributions.
The schedule of inaugural weekend events:
 Saturday January 8
"With a Servant's Heart"  a day of service events for non-profit agencies throughout Georgia.  Times and locations vary.
Monday January 10
 9 a.m. Prayer Service-Mount Paran Church of God Atlanta.
 2 p.m. Inaugural Ceremony -Georgia State Capitol Washington Street front
7:30 p.m. Inaugural Gala Philips Arena Atlanta

1 Philips Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303  --  (404) 878-3000   |   Map

Contact Information
Harris Blackwood
Communications Director
Deal Inaugural Committee
(404) 589-4667 Office
(770) 539-1325 Cell

Click here to visit the 2011 Inaugural website

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Base bails on Democrats in droves
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▪ Mark you Calendar for Upcoming GA GOP Conventions in 2011

Current GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart has announced that she will be running at the State GOP Convention in May to serve the next two years which will be her final term of office. 
View some of Sue's many E-newsletters to GA Republicans. 



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