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Hall County Republican Party Convention:

 New Officers and Delegates to 2013 District and
State Conventions are elected

All across Georgia on Saturday, March 9, 2013, Republican County Conventions convened.

Hall County was no exception. They are happy to report that 65 voting delegates were in attendance at the beautiful Elks Lodge in Gainesville.  This energized group elected delegates to the 9th Congressional District Convention in Dawsonville on April 20. Delegates were also elected for the State Convention on May 17 - 18 in Athens.
New party officers who will serve for two years were also elected.

Read more about the Georgia Republican Party convention process.

New Hall Republican Officers 2013 - 2014

Left to right:  Cynthia Scott, Vice Chairman Membership -- Bill Hathcock, Vice Chairman Fundraising --
Kris Yardley, Chairman -- Theresa Webb, Secretary -- Ken Cochran, 1st Vice Chairman -- Josh Morris, Vice Chairman Communications -- Michael Nosach, Vice Chairman Operations --
Stacy Hall Vice Chair-Events --Charles Lewis, Assistant Treasurer -- Tressa Rawlinson, Assistant Secretary. Not pictured is Michael Hill, Treasurer
Four important resolutions were also passed by the convention:
1. Resolution Reaffirming Conservative Principles
2. Resolution declaring the  Sovereignty of the State of Georgia
3. Resolution opposing the Common Core Curriculum
4. Resolution encouraging only Partisan Elections

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1. Rep. Paul Broun speaks prior to the convention and asks the audience to support his run for the U.S. Senate to replace retiring Saxby Chambliss  2. Hall GOP Chairman Kris Yardley brings the convention to order.  3. Rep. Carl Rogers speaks to the audience about progress in the GA House followed by (4) Rep. Lee Hawkins. Rep. Emory Dunahoo was also present and spoke (no photo available). Many thanks to all of these representatives for their strong conservative voices in the GA House.





5. Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch gave an update from that office.  6. Parliamentarian Paul Stanley addresses the delegates with rules and procedures for the convention  7. Ashley Bell is elected Convention Chairman as Hall Chairman Kris Yardley steps aside.  8.  Parliamentarian Paul Stanley reads the Resolutions presented by that committee as Ashley Bell looks on.




9 - 11: Scenes around the room



Hall GOP Secretary Theresa Webb, who was elected Convention Secretary, and Hall GOP Chairman
 Kris Yardley at work during convention process.

▪ Special announcement:

Hall GOP will sponsor a debate with the candidates for the GA GOP Chairman who will be elected at the State Convention May 17 - 18 in Athens.  This will take place at the Hall County Civic Center in Gainesville on May 2, 2013.
Announced candidates for GA GOP Chairman:
     B.J. Van Gundy
     ▪ Seth Harp
     ▪ Alex Johnson
     ▪ John Padgett



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