15 ways Football is better than Politics

Football 5


Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? 
A lot of time is spent discussing politics, but one of the few things that draws people away from talking politics is, talking FOOTBALL! Here’s our list of reasons why playing on the gridiron is easily better than playing on Capitol Hill…

  1. In the NFL, great work-outs pay off. In politics, pay-offs work out greatI n the NFL, criminals serve time. In politics, criminals serve as the Attorney General.
  2. People can’t wait for Football season to begin. Everyone prays campaign season never starts.
  3. The NFL has beautiful and excited cheerleaders. Politics has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi
  4. The NFL players are tested for performance enhancing drugs. Political players aren’t tested for anything, including any sign of intelligent life
  5. Race is not a factor in the NFL – only wins and losses. Politics divides us by race and everyone loses.
  6. In the NFL, referees blow their whistles when the play has ended. In the Clinton White House the interns blow and the play begins
  7. Personal fouls in the NFL result in 15-yard penalties. In the game of politics, it’s just the players
    that are foul.
  8. Beer is best served cold in the NFL. In politics the only thing served cold is Revenge.
  9. NFL has politically incorrect mascots like the “Redskins,” who the fans love! Politics has the “Orangeskins,” that no one can stand
  10. Sexual harassment is discouraged in the NFL. In Politics, “harass” is two words.
  11. In the NFL, players hit the field on live TV for everyone to see their performance. In politics, they
    hide in smoke filled rooms play the game, then appear on TV to convince you what a great job
    they are doing
  12. Injuries In the NFL they take every precaution to make sure players don’t get hurt. In politics,
    hurting the other players in encouraged.
  13. Everyone waits in great anticipation for the new Super Bowl commercials. In the game of politics they look for the mute button
  14.  Football is easier to explain to your kids. Politics is difficult to explain to anyone
  15. So let the games begin. Good luck to you and your favorite team…

      Above text from Joe the Plumber website:

Perfect College football day in our house on September 7, 2013
UGA Wins (kids went there)! -- Auburn Wins! (Grandson goes there)!  -- Worst football enemy loses to Miami  


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