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Mar. 1, 2013

▪ Dr. Benjamin Carson: White House Told Me Not to Offend President

    Video of the Day - Fox News, March 1, 2013

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Feb. 28, 2013

White House Tells Bob Woodward: 'You Will Regret Doing This' -

Read article below
by Debra Heine  -

In response to White House to Woodward: You'll 'Regret' Challenging Us:

Here's the interview Bob Woodward gave to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, earlier today. He said "a very senior person" at the White House had warned him that he would "regret doing this" regarding his reporting on Obama's handling of the sequester.

This is absolutely stunning: “It makes me very uncomfortable for the White House to be telling reporters, you are going to ‘regret’ doing something that you believe in,” he added. “It’s Mickey Mouse.”

 He noted that he hoped that this was a strategy or tactic being used by one of the president's aides, but not originating from Obama himself.

Goal posts moved, threat or not (Update — Lanny Davis discloses threats
   against him)

Posted by William A. Jacobson  - See more at:

White House Tells Bob Woodward: 'You Will Regret Doing This' - Video

- See more at:

Practical information. . .

The Five Easiest Ways to Get Your Identity
by Andrew Tarantola





Feb. 26, 2013

Benghazi: Obama Admin Gunrunning To Jihadists
   By Tim Brown – Freedom Outpost

Many have put forward the theory that the Benghazi attacks were nothing more than an international Fast and Furious Operation and that it went South. We have been among them.

Many people have wondered why American forces were being sent to the border of Turkey. It seems quite interesting since during the questioning of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the issue of Turkey and gun running came up.

The interaction between Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Clinton went like this (pick up at the 2:19 mark):

Click here to read more and view video.

<< Click on thumbnail to enlarge and read "The Battling Boys of Benghazi"

Feb. 25, 2013

Click on video at left to relax and enjoy the music
and lyrics.


▪ Georgia House passes historic ethics bill
AJC - Feb. 24, 2013  By Aaron Gould Sheinin

The Georgia House of Representatives on Monday passed historic legislation that would bar lobbyist gifts to individual lawmakers and enact new rules on lobbyist registration. The bill, House Bill 142, passed overwhelmingly, 164-4, and now goes to the Senate.

The bill would still allow lobbyists to pick up the tab for dinners or gifts for entire committees, caucuses or other recognized groups and includes exemptions for lobbyist-funded travel, minus airfare.  Read more

A bill aimed at limiting lobbyists’ influence over Georgia lawmakers passed the state House Monday. The measure is a lobbyist gift ban, but ethics reformers say it has too many loopholes, and would force activists to register as lobbyists.

Limbaugh: Supreme irony for Obamas at Oscars
   'If you want to look for a conspiracy in any of this, you focus on that'

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says there was supreme irony and a possible “conspiracy” in having first lady Michelle Obama present the award for best picture Sunday night at the 85th annual Academy Awards.“There was some real irony last night that zipped by and blew by a lot of people,” Limbaugh noted, saying it was the first time in a decade he had watched the entire broadcast from start to finish. “The best picture award last night went to a movie named ‘Argo,’ which was about what? The rescue of embassy personnel under attack in Iran. The wife of the commander in chief who failed to rescue four Americans at an embassy/consulate in Benghazi presented it, and talked about how important it was, and how necessary it is and how great it was and all that.

“This administration FAILED in rescuing Americans under attack, and the wife of the president who failed presented the Oscar to the movie who won the best picture award about a successful rescue of embassy personnel from Iran in 1979, thereby maybe claiming credit.”  Read more

Feb. 24, 2013
The Oscars 2013 by famous cartoonists  - click here to view more


by Rick McKee
View more cartoons

  ▪ Oscar Winners 2013: The Full Nominee List   ▪ 2013 Awards Season Cheat Sheet
And the Winners are. . .
The Best Picture is Argo!
Daniel Day-Lewis, Best Leading Actor for Lincoln

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Leading Actress for Silver Linings Playbook
Anne Hathaway Best Supporting Actress - Les Misérables
Christoph Waltz  Best Supporting Actor - Django Unchained

View many more catagories



February 2013

DeKalb County School Board Debacle

"Congratulations to Governor Deal for standing strong on this and doing the right thing!."
-- Bettye Chambers -- former HS teacher in DeKalb until I finally took early retirement and got the heck out of that hideous system.

Deal suspends six of nine DeKalb school board members - Feb. 25, 2013 - AJC
Judge to Ga. governor: Hold off on school board - Feb. 24, 2013
  by Associated Press --

State Board recommends suspension of 6 DeKalb school board members – Feb.  22, 2013

Ga. BOE recommends Gov. Deal suspend 6 board members
   11 Alive News – Feb. 22, 2013


  DeKalb County School Board Members - photo below

  1. Dr. Eugene P. "Gene" Walker  Chair (District 9)

  2. Mr. James L. "Jim" McMahan , Vice Chair (District 4)

  3. Ms. Sarah Copelin-Wood  (District 3)

  4. Mr. Jesse "Jay" Cunningham, Jr. (District 5)

  5. Ms. Donna G. Edler (District 7)

  6. Ms. Nancy T. Jester (District 1)

  7. Dr. Melvin Johnson (District 6)

  8. Mr. Marshall D. Orson  (District 2)

  9. Dr. Pamela A. Speaks (District 8)




▪ Catastrophe when America's twin gave up guns
Tragic tale of frontier nation's abandonment of firearms, freedom

SYDNEY, Australia – In the country that has some of the most restrictive firearms legislation in the world, law-abiding citizens must obtain police permission before purchasing a gun and subject themselves to public ridicule, surprise searches without warrants, arbitrary confiscation and burdensome government regulations.

It’s a fate that could befall America, some warn, if citizens willingly surrender their firearms – and with those guns, an entire nation’s hard-won freedom.

Australian Josh Coughran, who was forced to turn over his pistols and license when increased work commitments prevented him from completing burdensome gun-range attendance requirements, cautioned that gun “reform” is a slippery slope.

“It’s a viral epidemic that starts small and eventually envelops its host, often resulting in death,” he said. “The devil is in the details, and our story bears true to that old adage. What started as a small attack by a minority on semi-automatic rifles is now what it is today.”

His message to Americans?  “Do not surrender a single one of those rights that have been purchased at such great cost in blood,” he warned. “I still wonder how the country my forefathers fought and died to defend became the instrument which took away my rights.”  Read more

Feb. 22, 2013  --

Urgent News from Georgia Conservatives in Action

Let’s Keep Working to Return REAL Local Control to Georgia Public Schools!. Help End Georgia's Participation in Common Core.

Let our elected leaders know that we, the people of Georgia, will not surrender our constitutional authority over educational standards and curriculum to Washington, D.C. bureaucrats or to corporations masquerading as non-profits.

YOUR calls are needed Friday, Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday, and Thursday (Feb. 22-28) to ALL Senate Education Committee members in support of S.B. 167.

S.B. 167 will help end Georgia's participation in the Common Core. (The Common Core is the federal agenda to nationalize curriculum standards.) This legislation is assigned to the Senate Youth and Education Committee, and the committee members need to hear from you! The bill will be heard on Thursday, February 28 at 1:00 PM in room 307 CLOB. Chairman Lindsey Tippins decided to hear the bill in full committee! Action Item: Contact all the committee members listed here. Ask them to support Senate Bill 167. Click here to get contact info and background on the dangers of the Common Core movement.

Georgia Trend's Legislative Guide for 2013.

Click here


Smile Time --

 The Clock is Ticking and Time is Flying!

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Feb. 21, 2013  -- E-News
A not so bad Idea whose time has come
February 21, 2013, in Commentary, by Fred Thompson

Republicans on Capitol Hill are once again desperately trying to slow down the spending train in which we are all passengers, and which is racing toward the cliff. And once again President Obama is giving demagoguery a bad name as he tests the limits of the short sightedness and ignorance of the American people. Obama, as he stepped off the golf course, said that sequestration,  which was originally his idea, now will precipitate the destruction of the world as we know  it. Our leader believes that everyone from firemen to food inspectors will be decimated if the cuts go through, and, of course, Republicans will be at fault.

Even though Obama is eagerly rolling up his newspaper again, Republicans on the Hill are refusing to act like whipped puppies this time around. They are insisting that unless Obama comes up with substitute spending cuts, the sequester as previously agreed to by both parties and signed by the President will go through. Although still fearful of Obama’s skills at misleading the public, and unlike the Bush tax cut expiration fight, they don’t have to lift a finger in order to strike a blow for deficit reduction. The sequester is automatic. It has already passed.    
    Read more

▪ Gas Prices Going Sky High Again ! 

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Feb. 20, 2013

Newt Gingrich knocks Karl Rove’s new super PAC
By Seth McLaughlin -- The Washington Times

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that Karl Rove should not play the role of kingmaker in congressional races across the country. Mr. Gingrich said it would be “repugnant” for Mr. Rove to use his newest super PAC — Conservative Victory Project — to ward off candidates that he doesn’t deem fit for a general election race.

“I am unalterably opposed to a bunch of billionaires financing a boss to pick candidates in 50 states,” the Republican wrote in an op-ed that appeared in Human Events, a weekly conservative newspaper. “This is the opposite of the Republican tradition of freedom and grassroots small-town conservatism. No one person is smart enough nor do they have the moral right to buy nominations across the country.”
“While Rove would like to argue his ‘national nomination machine’ will protect Republicans from candidates like those who failed in Missouri and Indiana, that isn’t the bigger story,” Mr. Gingrich said. “Republicans lost winnable senate races in Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. So in seven of the nine losing races, the Rove model has no candidate-based explanation for failure. Our problems are deeper and more complex than candidates.

“Handing millions to Washington-based consultants to destroy the candidates they dislike and nominate the candidates they do like is an invitation to cronyism, favoritism and corruption,” he said.  Read more

Gingrich: "GOP not competitive at presidential level"
Gingrich: Rove’s Plans to Weed Out GOP Candidates ‘Repugnant

Feb. 20, 2013

Benghazi: White House Changes Story On Phone Calls Again
by Tim Brown – Freedom Outpost

Last Friday I wrote about how the White House had sent a letter to Congress that said that Barack Obama didn’t make one single phone call on the night of September 11, 2012 as the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi were taking place. Well just how the narrative on Benghazi has changed over and over with this administration, they have changed their story again. Now, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Obama Called then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at approximately 10pm EST on the night of the Benghazi attacks. Read more


New poll puts Gov. Nathan Deal’s job approval at 38 percent
Political Insider – AJC – Jim Galloway - Feb. 20, 2013

 Nathan Deal and his supporters are sure to dispute it, but a new automated poll by two Republican firms place the Georgia governor’s job approval rating at a shakey 38 percent, with 32 percent disapproving of his tenure in office.That’s the bad news.

The good news, according to the poll by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications, is that 63 percent of Republican voters give the governor good marks – as do 51 percent of white voters.But Deal tanks among Democrats (12 percent approve, 48 disapprove) and independents (29 percent approve, 48 disapprove).  Read more

Feb. 19, 2013 -

Regardless of party affiliation, no reasonable person can intelligently argue in favor of brainwashing school children with political propaganda.  View PDF file


   The Left-Wing Indoctrination of School Children Must be Stopped
  Prior to the 2008 election, a second grade teacher at Shallowford Falls Elementary School in Cobb 
  County, Georgia covered the door to her classroom with a life-sized poster of Barack Obama.

At Cobb County’s Dodgen Middle School, the teacher of an 8th grader gave him a grade of ‘incomplete’ on a civics report, telling him that "Fox News is not a credible source."

  In nearby Cherokee County, the 6-year old daughter of Republican parents said she wished she could
  vote for Obama because her teacher told her that Obama cares about all people, not just the rich.

If incidents like those above are occurring in conservative counties of a red state like Georgia,
it’s obvious that the same kind of things are occurring in public schools across America.
Click here to read much more and share with your friends.
This impressive report was assembled by John Eidson of Cobb County, GA

Dr. Thomas Sowell on Education

Well known educator and economist has written extensively on this topic.

He is a Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at
The Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305

One of his outstanding books: Inside American Education: The Decline, The Deception, The Dogmas (1993)

Dr. Sowell is my role model -- especially on this topic.
B. Chambers (retired teacher)  - VoteRightGA webmaster


Feb. 18, 2013

Obama's Governing Philosophy: Plausible Deniability
   by Rush Limbaugh

Despite the fact that people disagree with the direction of the country and the deficit, unemployment, gun control and all of that, Obama's still at 54% approval.  Up until last week, when I raised the curtain on this mystery, everybody asked, "How can this be?"  Here's how it can be: Over the weekend, the regime leaked their immigration plan to USA Today.  "White House Immigration Plan Offers Path to Residency."  It's in USA Today, and to the point of Obama taking no responsibility, look at how his immigration plan is released.  He didn't release it.  Obama didn't call a press conference with himself at the podium and make a big deal of announcing his immigration plan.  There's nothing tying him to this!  This was leaked (i.e., it's a "mistake").  Somebody said something they shouldn't.  This was leaked out. This was dribbled out to USA Today.  Read more

Feb. 17, 2013
Gun Control Words of Wisdom and Warning to Obama - click thumbnail graphics to enlarge

13 Rules

 If you have some really good ones to be added to this list, please e-mail. ASAP



The Evans Report
From the Atlanta Business Chronicle
PREMIUM CONTENT: Feb 15, 2013, 6:00am EST 

In his Second Inaugural Address, President Barack Obama said this:

"We, the people, still believe that our obligations as Americans are not just to ourselves, but to all posterity. We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. (Applause.) Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms."

In the days that followed, the Obama administration confirmed that climate change is "among his top priorities." In responding to the president's next hard push, politicians might be well-served to avoid
these four common mistakes.  Read complete article

Feb. 16, 2013

Obama: ‘The Problem Is I’m Not The Emperor Of The United States’

Posted on February 16, 2013 by Conservative Byte

President Obama took part Thursday in what the White House called a “Fireside Hangout — our 21st century take on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats.” During the event, which was broadcast on the White House’s official YouTube channel and Google+, the president was asked about the administration’s deportation of 1.5 million illegal immigrants.

When asked specifically what he would do to make sure more families weren’t deported, Mr. Obama responded: “This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency. The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.”

Read more:




  An Ex-Lawyer, an Illegal Alien, a Pathological Liar, a Muslim,
  a  Communist and a Black Guy walk into a BAR.

Bartender asks.... 

                             "What'll it be, Mr. President?"



Feb. 15, 2013

 Saving America: Dr. Benjamin Carson's fight for real change
    on Sean Hannity Show – Fox News – February 15, 2013

Click on photo above

No doubt most conservative people in this country saw Dr. Benjamin Carson on the Sean Hannity show Friday night on Fox News.  I can hardly wait to buy his book, America the Beautiful – Rediscovering What Made this Nation Great.

Don’t know about you, but I am more excited about the prospects of this man running for office than anyone I have seen in a long time.  The Wall Street Journal has already written an article about his running for President in 2016. We really need an intelligent and dedicated conservative like Dr. Carson to help lead this country back.


DVD: Gifted Hands

In case you missed it . . .   
Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

For quotes, information and pictures,  visit Dr. Ben Carson’s website at

Feb. 14, 2013

Click on graphic at left to view your valentine
message to all  Republican and Tea Party

            Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb. 12, 2013

Click on cartoon at left  
to view many more.
--and take your Advil.


Feb. 9, 2013
▪ RNC Comes to Atlanta to kick off Black History Month
Many thanks to Ashley Bell of Hall county for sending this.

click on thumbnail photos to enlarge

Fresh off a great RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte, NC, where Ashley Bell lead a panel discussion on lessons learned while he was serving as Special Advisor to Gov. Romney;  the former Hall County Commissioner was asked by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to lead a similar meeting in Atlanta with Black Conservatives to kick off Black History Month in the birth place of the civil rights movement. The group listened and discussed how the party can engage and recruit more black conservatives to the Republican Party.  The group included GOP Veterans Wallace Coopwood, Sam Gude, Bruce Levell, Teresa Chappell, Vivian Childs, Rufus Montgomery, Melvin Everson, Camilla Moore and several other grassroots and converted Republicans from across the state of Georgia. The group of 20 black conservatives along with RNC Committeeman Randy Evans and RNC Committeewoman Linda Herron
had a very frank and positive discussion with Chairman Preibus who vowed resources were on the way to "move the dial" in black voter participation with the Republican Party.

Below is a great article written by Andre Walker who was a participant in the meeting with links to the great news coverage from the program. 

Black Republicans to RNC Chairman: The Problem is not the Message, But Communication
by Andre Walker


We the People Stimulus Video

Click on video at left to view

Bob Basso as Thomas Paine

This man's video on YouTube became so popular that Obama called him personally about taking it down. Watch it now if you have not seen it previously.  This may be the best six minutes invested in your future.  You may have to turn your Sound Control up

Feb. 8, 2013

Dereliction of Duty: Obama Did Nothing to Save American Lives in Benghazi--and Lied About It  by Joel B. Pollak –

Nothing. That is what President Barack Obama did on the night of September 11, 2012, as terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and killed four Americans, among them Ambassador Christopher Stevens. President Obama’s inaction was revealed in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday by outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

Under direct questioning by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Panetta admitted that he had no communication with President Obama after their “pre-scheduled” meeting at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The attack on the consulate had already been under way for 90 minutes at that time. Neither the president nor anyone else from the White House called afterwards to check what was happening; the Commander-in-Chief had left it “up to us,” said Panetta..  Read more


Feb. 7, 2012

Dynamic Keynote Speech at 2013 National Prayer Breakfast

With a Stone-Faced President Obama Looking On, World-Renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson Rebukes Fiscal Irresponsibility, Political Correctness, Obamacare and Class Warfare Politics
Click on image ag left to read more.

To hear Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech before the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast click here to view on CSPAN video .

Rush Limbaugh talked about this extensively on his radio show Thursday, Feb. 7,. 2013.  (Dr. Carson is my choice for President 2016! - BC)

Many thanks to John Eidson of Cobb County for sending this.

Toons of the Day

Feb. 5, 2013

Bogus flyer becomes the last word in Cherokee race for House – District 21

By Jim Galloway – AJC

Click on thumbnail graphic at left to to read enlarged flyer:   

Cherokee County has become known as the land of sharp political tactics, and this special election for House District 21 is no different.

Tuesday’s vote to replace state Rep. Sean Jerguson, who gambled and lost on a state Senate contest, features Republicans Scot Turner (who took 46 percent of ballots cast last month) and Brian Laurens (30 percent).

As the weekend broke, Cherokee voters received a flyer carrying the name of Georgia Conservatives in Action, the group led by south Georgia GOP activists Kay Godwin and Pat Tippett.

Turner is characterized as coming up short. Laurens portrayed in stellar fashion.

 Except that Godwin and Tippett say it ain’t so. They say the flyer is bogus. And Turner points out that he has signed the pledge endorsed by GCIA promising to vote for a $100 cap on gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers.

 Godwin and Tippett want a retraction before Tuesday’s vote. But , gosh, who should issue one?

Read update on GA Pundit tonight:

 ▪ UPDATED: Is Brian Laurens Lying about an endorsement in House District 21?

 (just in from a reliable source. . .  Last Friday, Laurens admitted to one of the above ladies that he was the one who sent the above flyer.  YIPES! )

Read more on the Political Vine by Bill Simon

Voting Results - Feb. 5, 2013
State Representative, District 21 CONTEST DETAIL   
Vote type summary   1 of 1 Counties Reporting Percent Votes

BRIAN LAURENS (R)  39.88% 599
SCOT TURNER (R)  60.12% 903

Feb. 4, 2013

Amazing Truths ...

that are frightening

View web page  - speakers on for music

Feb. 2, 2013 

GOP Path Forward
by Randy Evans, GA National Committeeman to RNC

It was good to visit during the past few days in Charlotte at the RNC winter meeting.  My wife Linda and I enjoyed getting to know so many of our Committee.  Thank you also to many of you who have ask about the messaging coming from our meetings.

Unfortunately, this headline (and the article) is the messaging that I feared and raised with everyone prior to our Committee meetings and election.  Fortunately, as those of us who attended know, this messaging does not accurately capture the essence of our meetings or the new thrust of our efforts.  Instead, as opposed to staying the course of the 2012 elections, Chairman Reince Priebus laid out a new strategic direction for our Party.  Specifically, Chairman Priebus said this:

We must compete in every state and every region, building relationships with communities we haven’t before. At the RNC we are dropping ‘red’ and ‘blue’ analysis. We must be a party concerned about every American in every neighborhood. We must develop the best technology with the help of the best minds—and train activists, volunteers, and candidates with the modern tools of a modern party.

Rather than the targeted red-plus strategy of focusing on traditional Republican strongholds with limited targeting of a few additional battleground states, Chairman Priebus’ strategy focuses on a ‘full-court’ national strategy aimed at winning in every state among every constituency.  Make no mistake, this is a change – a real change for our Party from 2012.  Read the entire article

Cartoon of the Week - Hillary "What Difference Does it Make?"

click on thumbnail to enlarge


The Boy Scouts of America’s apparent decision to reverse a century-old policy to bar homosexuals from its ranks coincides with a sudden drop in major corporate funding that began last summer after a gay-rights blogger for the Huffington Post published a collaborative report that named the donors and chastised them for violating their own policy of not discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

At the same time, two prominent board members – including an adviser to the Obama White House – were carrying out a vow to change the policy from within. Read much more

▪ Should the Boy Scouts allow openly gay members? Click here to vote
▪ Take another poll on this at bottom of this article. Click

While this is definitely not a funny topic, there are some pretty good cartoons around . . .



Save these dates:
Georgia Republican Party
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Precinct Mass Meetings, County Conventions,
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January 1, 2011

GOP sweep named top Ga. story of 2010

Base bails on Democrats in droves
By Chris Joyner - AJC
Georgia Democrats enter the upcoming 2011 session of the General Assembly reeling from a series of defections and facing an uphill climb toward relevance. The once-dominant party holds 85 of 236 seats in the House and Senate, Democrats’ lowest ebb since Reconstruction. And the number has been slipping. Read entire article


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