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 May 6, 2009  xx

Dear Republican Friends,

I am running for re-election as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, and I want to ask for your support and vote at the State Convention on Saturday, May 16, 2009.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party for the past two years.

When I ran for Chairman in 2007, I pledged to “energize, mobilize and motivate the grassroots to support the Georgia Republican Party efforts and to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the State Party organization.” We did exactly that. Georgia shined as a bright spot for the Nation and stayed RED.  In a difficult national climate we delivered 15 electoral votes to John McCain, kept our majorities in the State House and Senate, defended our U.S. Congressmen, and won an open Public Service Commission seat. We accomplished this together.

In 2010 we must continue the momentum from our successes in 2008. We must:

  • Have a strategic plan in place from the County chairs to the U.S. Senate that ensures the same level of collaboration that we saw during the runoff

  • Set up Strategic Field Operations that will include victory staff and structured statewide grassroots organization

  • Execute an extensive Early and Absentee Voting Plan

  • Aggressively target and recruit potential Republican voters

  • Utilize new media and other technological avenues through an overhaul of the website and IT system

  • Continue successful Election Day Operations to ensure fraud-free elections.

  • Continue providing support for our candidates across the state

With your support, we solidified and bolstered our majorities in 2008.  Together in 2010 we will lead the charge, and I believe that I am the best person to lead us to victory.

Thank you for your friendship and support. I ask for your vote on Saturday, May 16, 2009. Sue’s Still the One!




Please visit my website at


- Sue's Political Resume -

Sue giving her shoes
for the cause!

Sue driving Johnny in the Cobb
County 2004 4th of July Parade.

Sue with Edward in 1992.

Sue at age 28.



Political Leadership
• Georgia Republican Party - Chairman, 2007 - 2009
Georgia Republican Party - First Vice Chairman, 2005-2007
Georgia 6th Congressional District - Chairman, 2001-2005
Cobb County Republican Women's Club - President in 2000
Georgia Republican Party State Convention Director: 2003, 2004, 2005
Georgia Republican National Convention Coordinator: 2004

Awards and Recognitions

Georgia General Assembly
Senate Resolution 1181 recognizing Sue Everhart for compelling and uncommon political and community activism: 2004 View Resolution

Georgia Republican Party
Pioneer Award for Long and Continuous Service to the Party: 2005
AA Richardson Volunteer of the Year Award: 2000

Cobb County Republican Party
Honored with the naming of the “Sue Everhart, Volunteer of the Year” Award: 2004
Connie Black Award for Dedicated Service to the Party: 2004

Cobb County Republican Women’s Club
Honored with the naming of the “Sue Everhart, New Member of the Year” Award: 2000
Woman of the Year Award: 1997, 2000
Mary Aven Award for best Exemplifying Republican Philosophy: 1997, 1999

Georgia Christian Coalition
Volunteer of the Year Award: 2006

Cobb County YWCA
Woman of Achievement: 2004

National Republican Congressional Committee
National Leadership Award: 2004

Political Highlights

Republican National Convention Delegate: 2000, 2004
Featured on CNN Primetime: Chosen as the 2000 Republican National Convention Delegate that Most Represents a True Grassroots Volunteer in America
National Prayer Breakfast: Congressional Guest, 2000
Established first Young Republican’s Group at Walton High School in Cobb County: 1986

Community Service

Member John Knox Presbyterian Church
Cobb County Convention & Visitors Bureau Board: 2004 to present
Cobb County Symphony Board: 2004 to present
Cobb County Arts Board: Chairman: 2005-2006; Board Member, 2006 to present
Cobb County Board of Elections: Chairman, 2003-2006
Swordsman’s Ball Committee for Cancer Research: 1998 to present
Membership in the Society of Excalibur for Volunteer Service: 1999 to present
PTA Board: 1987-2000
East Marietta Newcomers Club – President, 1980
Homeowners Association – President, 1974-1975


First Georgia Bank: Vice President, Corporate Lending: 1971 – 1981
Manager of the Year, Sandy Springs Branch: 1975, 1976
Who’s Who in the Banking Industry: 1975


• Son - Edward, 24
• Widow of Guy O. Everhart, MD since 1992


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Sue's News Page!

Sue Everhart

Candidate for Re-election
GA GOP Chairman

Individual Supporters
sending e-mails in the last week

  MANY Republican women and men
  Jumped on board Sue's re-election
  campaign early by purchasing the
  above shirt.

Sue -- On the Road Across Georgia!
If you have photos of Sue attending any functions in your area, please e-mail photos to be included on this page.

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  Individual Supporters who have sent e-mails in the last week. . .

    Sue at . . .

GFRW meeting April 25, 2009  Atlanta Republican Jewish Community Group   GA GOP Christmas Party   Sarah Palin Event  2008 National Convention  Women for McCain Town Hall Meeting 
  GGRW Salute to Republican Women  Salute to Joan Zellner   Gilmer County GOP Madison, Augusta,
    District Chairs
State GOP Convention 08  Dawson GOP  GFRW 25th Biennial Convention 
  GGRW Christmas Meeting   Resolution of Support from 11th District  Resolution of Support from the
   12th District 
Comments from John Oxendine    North Fulton RW Luncheon  Resolution - entire District
   Chair Caucus
    9th District Picnic in Jasper  Rally for Chambliss in Ellijay   District Banquets in North
Sue elected at 2007 Convention 



Individual Supporters 2009


  Left: 14 year old Jonathan Krohn of Gwinnett County, Fox News, GOPAC, Human Events and Tea Party fame signs his book for attendees after his blockbuster presentation on Conservatism at North Gwinnett HS on May 12. He makes it very plain that he supports Sue Everhart - big time. Visit Jonathan's website

On May 16th, Georgia Republicans will be gathering in Savannah to elect our State Party’s leadership for the 2010 election cycle.  It is my sincere belief that Chairman Sue Everhart is the right person to lead the Party to victory in 2010.  Under Sue’s leadership, Georgia Republicans were winners in 2008 and held a valuable U.S. Senate seat in a tough runoff. 
Click here to read entire endorsement. 

Bob Mayzes, GA GOP


While the rest of the country is fading to purple, Sue has worked tirelessly to build Georgia to a deeper red state.  Her fundraising ability and grassroots knowledge has been essential in the hard-fought campaigns of this year. These past two years, Sue has become a proven leader here in the State of Georgia.  With 2010 right around the corner, we need her skills again to make sure that free enterprise and liberty prevail.  That's why I am once again endorsing Sue for State Party Chairman.
Suzi Voyles
2nd Vice President 
Georgia Federation of Republican Women

John Oxendine: Sue's Still the One!

John is proud to have been the first candidate for Governor to support the re-election of Sue Everhart as our state chairman. As early as the GOP National Convention in Minnesota, John made public his support for Sue. The Georgia Republican Party needs Sue's leadership now more than ever.  If you support the grassroots, then you support Sue Everhart.

You have my full support, again.
Cameron Fash, Chairman
    Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs

Please add me to the list of supporters!
    Bertha Craig-Allen
    Secretary Gwinnett GOP

    Lilburn, GA

DCRWC Supports Sue!
   Douglas County RWC
   Maureen Miller, President

   You have my vote. GA. stayed Republican in the last bloodbath election with your leadership.

   Pam Hill
I hope you will join me and many other Georgia Republicans as we vote to reelect Sue Everhart as GA GOP Chairman at the State Convention on May 16, 2009 in Savannah. Please read her letter of May 6, 2009 AND FORWARD THIS TO YOUR REPUBLICAN E-MAIL LIST.
Bettye Chambers
9th District Communication Director/Webmaster
GGRW Corresponding Secretary/Webmaster
NFRW Board of Directors

     Left: Sue on the Floor or the Republican
     National Convention in NYC in 2004
      -- Photo by Bettye Chambers

You have my full support and endorsement for your 
reelection as Chair. I look forward to working with you
to advance our party.

   Josh Turner
   White County Republican Party Chairman
Please see attached resolution commending Sue Everhart for her work as chairman of the GAGOP.  This resolution was passed by delegates at the 12th district convention on April 18, 2009.  Click here to read.
Dennis Coxwell
Chairman, 12th District GA GOP
Dear Sue
This is the resolution I authored and we passed at the 11th District and was passed unanimously
   John Delves - 11th District

Emma Hinesley
     Past President, GFRW
     Former Secretary, Georgia GOP
      Sue's The One Again!
Debbie McCord, Evans GA (Columbia County)
"Sue - thank you for EVERYTHING that you do for the GAGOP.  You have been the most accessible chair that I have ever worked with.  During my tenure as a county chair, I appreciated your support, advice, and outreach to our grassroots.  Thank you for returning the GAGOP to it's roots.  You can count on my unswerving support at the GAGOP convention this Saturday and during your next term as Chair!" 

Cindy Johnson, Sandy Springs.
Sue has worked tirelessly for all Republican candidates.  She has helped all Republican clubs and County Chairman.  I urge all to support Sue in her re-election.
I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Sue Everhart as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  Sue has been an asset to our party in so many ways, but I will expound on my own experiences.  In the last election I worked with a congressional candidate in Georgia's 12th district.  She was willing to work around her own personal schedule to attend an event for our campaign.  Additionally, Sue has attended more events statewide than any other Chairman that I have knowledge of.  Her presence all around the state, from North Georgia to Augusta to Savannah and all the events in between have made 'The Party' much more accessible.   Sue has the ability to work well with candidates, elected officials, and also is able to connect with individual voters in a way that is enviable.  I urge you to vote for Sue Everhart for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. 
Sarah Harper Scott
Columbia County Young Republicans, Event Chair
Former Campaign Coordinator, John Stone for Congress

I, Clydeen Tomanio of Catoosa County would like to personally endorse Sue Everhart for our State Party Chairman again. She is a woman, who always asks the right questions, knows how to implement ideas, comfortable about finding someone who has the answers if see does not have them and is fair. Sue has worked hard to establish a strong grassroots network with conservative values to all across Georgia. Sue has done an outstanding job as state chair so we must do all we can to support her for another term as our State Chairman. Please join me to wish Sue Good Luck! 


Sue has my absolute full support
    Gary Black
     Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture

You know I support Sue.  I am running for re-election and have added an endorsement on my push cards which I will be handing out in Savannah.  I have enjoyed working for Sue the last two years and hope you will vote for me to serve with her another two years.  Sue has worked tirelessly for this Party not only as Chairman but as a volunteer for years.  She has a plan and she needs workers out in the counties and districts to help when she calls on them.  I am proud to support Sue and hope all the delegates and alternates will attend the convention and vote for Us on the 16th.

Gloria Alday
Houston County
Kathleen, Ga.


Sue has done a great job as Chairman of the GA Republican Party.  Two More Years!!!
   Debby Dickinson
   Fayette County
We need Sue in this difficult time for our Party.  Her hard work and ability to connect with people is one of the greatest assets we have in the Georgia Republican Party.  Go Sue!
Joan Zellner, Gwinnett County


  I am for Sue.

 Senator Jeff Mullis, District 53
 Chickamauga, GA

Christine Napier
Griffin, GA 30224-8104
I wholeheartedly support Sue for reelection as she understands what is facing Georgia in the next election.
Sue is a very energetic worker to keep Republicans informed plus she has done a great job in raising money for the party which we will need desperately in 2010.

I will of course be supporting Sue.

Ginger Collins

Of course, we hear Rumors that someone will be nominated from the floor to oppose Sue for State Chairman . But, I don't know of anyone with a more impressive Record, or as hard working as Sue.
   Aaron Hufstetler, Chairman
  Houston County Republicans

Sue's Still The One which I support
Betty Taylor
Past President of Griffn-Spalding County Women


Our Sweet Sue has done so much for the grass roots of Georgia.  She tirelessly travels the state with words of encouragement and updates from party headquarters.  She keeps us informed, calls us to action and displays great leadership in all she does.  Sue’s just what we need now for the future of the GAGOP.  Sue’s still the one!

Judi Quigley, Gwinnett County\

I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Sue. She has done a truly great job leading our Party for the last two years!

Valerie Betz
Past President of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women - Past Fifth District Chairman


My husband and I will both support Sue for chairman.  Daphne & Kenneth Pierce

Please take the time to read the following letter sent in support of Sue Everhart, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Sue has been an outstanding Chairman and we as the grassroots deserve to keep someone as chairman who actually takes our phone calls, visits our districts, knows how to raise money and be fair to all candidates. Sue is STILL the One!!

Toria Morgan, Cobb County

Bettye, I cannot get connected from the road. Please add my name to her list. I endorsed her this morning in my tweet.
Eric Johnson, Candidate for Governor

I had the pleasure of serving as the Decatur County GOP Chairman during Sue's current term.  I was pleasantly surprised to have her visit our area down here in the Southwest corner of the state.  Sue was extremely likeable, approachable, and has proven to be extremely effective as State Chairman.  She has a no-nonsense attitude toward things.  That's what impresses me the most.  I hate processes that bog down and never do what they were intended to do.  Apparently, so does Sue, because she has consistently been able to produce results that matter in a timely manner.  Sue Everhart has my overwhelming endorsement!
    Keith D Sellars

She's got my vote!!! 

Rosalyn Gilreath
Griffin, GA
Joe & Sarah Looper, Atlanta

Sue reallly is THE ONE! She has stayed in touch with the grass roots and has given 24/7 to the Republican Party for two years. She deserves to be reelected for another 2 year term.


I've known Sue for a few years now.  I first met her when I was Secretary for the Houston County GOP.  I've always supported Sue.  I came into the Cobb Republican Party under another "chairman".  I had never heard from him or about him. I got a Christmas Card from him with a picture of his family and had no idea who they were!!  That never happens with Sue.  No one wants to go back to the "good old boy" system, least of all me.  I want to know who makes the decisions for the Georgia GOP and that he/she has the grassroots effort first and foremost.  Georgia cannot afford another puppet chairman!  Sue has brought us into the light and Georgia GOP is respected throughout the country because of her hard work.  Let everyone in Georgia know that "SUE IS THE ONE....STILL!"
Peggy Henderson
Cobb County Republican Secretary

Karen Handel, Candidate for Governor
from her most recent e-mail

. . . Let me also send my best wishes to all those running for party offices – especially my good friend Sue Everhart. She is doing a great job as our Chairman, and has my support.

See you Friday!





We are in full support of the re-election of Sue Everhart for our State Republican Party Chairman. Sue has been a tireless worker for our party maintaining our red state status.  We look forward to two more years of excellent leadership under her guidance.

 Aymar Manning and Representative Judy Manning


We salute our State Chairman, Sue Everhart, for her persistent dedication to promoting and protecting the conservative ideas and principles that were the key to success in 2008. Her efforts and work ethic were instrumental in mobilizing the heart of the Georgia Republican Party, the grassroots, at a critical time in our state's history.
As our party moves forward, we must make every effort to ensure that our party continues to focus on the grassroots level and the platform that make our party the majority party in Georgia

Kerry Cook
Past Chairman of the Hall County Republican Party
Cobb County Republican Party

At our 2009 county convention, the Cobb County Republican Party unanimously endorsed the re-election of Chairman Sue Everhart. If you are a State Delegate or Alternate, please be sure to register and join us in Savannah to support our own grassroots leader, Sue Everhart.

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Sue speaks at the GFRW Spring Board meeting at Lanier Islands
April 25, 2009
click on thumbnail photos to enlarge






1. Above: Sue Everhart, Chairman of the GA GOP speaks to the GFRW Spring Board of Directors Meeting at Lanier Islands on April 25, 2009.  She thanks the women for their many expressions of condolences sent to her on the recent loss of her mother.  2. Donna Rowe, Chairman of the GFRW Awards Committee, presents Sue with a resolution commending her for many years of Republican work.  3. Sue speaks at the head table where the GFRW Executive Committee is seated.  4. Tonya Boga, President of the Cobb County RW, also commends Sue on her performance as GA GOP Chairman.

Click here to read the GFRW Resolution honoring Sue Everhart.

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Sue Speaks at the Atlanta Republican Jewish Community Group

click on photo to enlarge

left to right:

Scott Arogetti--former White House
    Liason to the Jewish Community
Chuck Berk--- Co-Chair Atlanta RJC
Sue Everhart-----GA State Republican
    Party Chairman
Joe Wilkinson----GA State Rep.
Mike Jacobs---GA State Rep.



Georgia Republican Party 
 Annual Holiday Party

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Intercontinental Hotel
3315 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA

Sue serves as MC of this gala event

Chairman Sue Everhart, welcomes Lt. Jani McGee and Sgt. Clovis McDowell of the Georgia National Guard Foundation. They are accepting the many toys donated by the GA GOP and everyone attending the party.

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Sue on stage at the Sarah Palin event at Gwinnett Arena in Duluth

Sarah Palin Has Georgia on Her Mind - December 1, 2008



Left front row: Rep. Tom Price and Sue Everhart

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Sue Working at the 2008 National GOP Convention in Minneapolis - St. Paul





1. Sue welcomes the Georgia delegates, alternates and guests to the first morning breakfast and program prior to the convention session.  3. Sue and her staff working to get delegate packets to all members of the Georgia delegation.  4. Sue at the Oxendine Reception with Senator Isakson and Linda Herren, Georgia National Committeewoman.





5 and 6. Sue and Ben Fry check out the program for Monday morning and welcome the delegates and speakers to the breakfast meeting.  7. Happy Georgia delegates on floor of the convention. 8. One of several delightful receptions and buffets arranged by Chairman Sue Everhart





9. Sue and Bettye Chambers with Herman Cain at one of the afternoon receptions. 10. Sue introduces Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine at a reception. 11 - 12. Sue on the floor of the convention with the Georgia delegates.

Thanks to the hard work of Chairman Everhart and her staff, the Georgia delegates and guests were well fed, informed and entertained each day of the convention.
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Georgia Women for McCain Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta
July 24, 2008

GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart opens the Town Hall meeting. Sue is also Honorary Chairman for the Georgia Women for McCain 


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Sue on the Road Again!

Salute and Celebration for our
Republican Women Elected Officials

October 13, 2008
GJAC - Lawrenceville


Sue Everhart journeys to many Republican Women Clubs to show her support for these groups. On October 13, 2008, she joined ten other elected women who serve their country, state and Republican Party.  On this night she went to Greater Gwinnett Republican Women's Club in Lawrenceville where she spoke to the group and helped honor all of these women who serve at the county and state level of government.

Above left to right: Commissioner Elect Shirley Fanning-Lasseter - BOE Mary Kay Murphy,
     Louise Radloff,
Carol Boyce - Commissioner Lorraine Green - Solicitor General Rosanna
- Tax Commissioner Katherine Sherrington - Sen. Renee Unterman - GA GOP
     Chairman Sue Everhart - State School Superintendent Kathy Cox - Secretary of State
     Karen Handel

Greater Gwinnett Republican Women's Club honored all women serving in elected offices in Gwinnett County, Gwinnett women at the state capitol and statewide offices -- Secretary of State, State Superintendent of Schools and State GOP Chairman. Incidentally, all of these positions are filled by REPUBLICAN WOMEN!  See list above. Many thanks to all of these hard working women!

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Sue Travels to Gwinnett County on January 9, 2009, to help honor Joan Zellner of Greater Gwinnett Republican Women and the
Gwinnett GOP

"A Celebration of Lifelong Dedication to Conservative Principles"
A Surprise Party!

Friday, January 9, 2009, 7 o'clock  at the Collins Hill golf Club
Lawrenceville, GA

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Sue Visits Gilmer County GOP in 2008




Kevin Harris, Sue, and Gilmer Commissioner at Gilmer GOP meeting

Left photo 2: 
From L to R, Dr. Mary Jones, District officer and former past chair of Gilmer Republicans - Todd Gearhart, 1st Vice-Chair -  Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman -  Linda Whitaker-Wright, Gilmer GOP Chair -  Rita Odom, Treasurer

Sue at Madison County Forum

Sue at a Republican event in  Augusta with Carl Rove

 Sue on left with GA GOP
District Chairs

State GOP Convention in Columbus - May 16 - 17, 2008

  Sue presides at the State convention and
  introduces guest speaker, Michael Steele

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GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart visits and speaks at the Dawson GOP  

June 19, 2007

Pictured here with 9th District Chairman Kevin Harris, Dawson GOP Chairman Clint Smith and Sen. Chip Pearson

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Sue Attends the Georgia Federation of Republican Women's
25th Biennial Convention
50th Anniversary - October 2007
Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel at Perimeter - Atlanta


  Sue addresses the GFRW on Saturday.
  Many of her staunch supporters wave their
  "Sue's the One" signs

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Sue at the GGRW Christmas Dinner Meeting at Dominick's
on the Square in Lawrenceville
 December 10, 2007 -- 7 p.m.



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Resolution Commending and Endorsing Sue Everhart for GA GOP Chairman -- from the 11th District

Dear Sue

This is the resolution I authored and we passed at the 11th District and was passed unanimously

John Delves

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Resolution Commending Sue Everhart  from 12 Congressional District

Please see attached resolution commending Sue Everhart for her work as chairman of the GAGOP.  This resolution was passed by delegates at the 12th district convention on April 18, 2009.   Click here to read..
Dennis Coxwell
Chairman, 12th District GA GOP

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Comments About Sue Everhart by John Oxendine in his March 31, 2009 E-mail

. . ."
We must do all we can to support our outstanding State Chair Sue Everhart. Sue is leading by example. From Valdosta to Tallulah Falls, West Point to Sandersville, if the GOP is doing an event, you will see Sue leading the way. Sue has done an outstanding job as state chair and we owe her our deepest appreciation and our united and unanimous support for another term as our State Chairman.

Sue has worked to establish a strong grassroots network across Georgia to bring our conservative values to the people of Georgia. I am very proud to be associated with the Georgia Republican Party and look forward to being of service to contribute to our mission of strengthening Georgia families, protecting free enterprise, and preserving freedom.
" . . .

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North Fulton Republican Women Club Luncheon Photo

Sue Supporters at NFRWC February 2009 Luncheon present her with a shirt.

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Sue Everhart Presented a Resolution of Thanks by the District Chair Caucus at the December 2008 State Committee Meeting in Atlanta


The District Chair Caucus presented a resolution of thanks honoring the GA GOP Chairman, Sue Everhart. The motion for the resolution passed unanimously, and  Sue was given a standing ovation by the State Committee members. See Resolution below

(The resolution below was unanimously adopted by the State Committee on December 11, 2008)

As Chair, and on behalf of, the District Chair Caucus, I offer the following motion:


RESOLVED, that the State Committee of the Georgia Republican Party extend our grateful thanks to State Chair Sue Everhart for her outstanding leadership of the Party in the 2008 election cycle, including, but not limited to, her efforts in the recently concluded U.S. Senate runoff, in leading the GOP grassroots to an overwhelming victory.


Madam Chair, we  move the adoption of this motion by acclamation.

Mansell McCord
District Chair Caucus

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Sue at the 9th District  Republican Party Annual Picnic in Jasper
July 26, 2008
click on thumbnail photos to enlarge

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Sue Rallies for Chambliss at Poole Barbeque in East Ellijay on
November 15, 2008


Left: Col. Oscar Poole.  Right: Sue even has her
own sign on  famous "Pig Hill"

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Sue on the Road Across North Georgia!

Click on thumbnail
photos to enlarge



Above: Sue travels to the mountains of North Georgia to speak at the 9th District Convention Banquets in 2008 and 2009. She has made MANY trips to the ninth district and other districts to speak at district meetings, county GOP meetings and Republican Women meetings.  In fact, Sue has visited more counties (large and small - metro and rural) than any state chairman. She has traveled over 40,000 across the state in her own car visiting Republicans groups and events.

#1 Photo Above - 9th District Republican Party “2008 Road to Victory Banquet” April 18, 2008
Black Bear Dinner Theater   Sautee, GA
#2 Photo Above - 9th District Convention April 17, 2009
Friday evening, April 17, 2009 - Jasper, Georgia
Appalachian Technical Institute

Sue has traveled to many areas of the state during the past two years since she was been Chairman.
The above are just a few photos that we happened to have on hand or were sent to us.

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Sue elected GA GOP Chairman - May 19, 2007
                              It's Sue's Party

Marietta Daily Journal

Sunday, May 20, 2007 3:29 AM EDT
Click here to read article about Sue's Victory in the MDJ

From  AJC about convention and Sue's election;
"Also at the convention, Sue Everhart made history when
she was elected the first female chairman of the state Republican Party. The longtime Cobb County activist told reporters she plans to help unite Perdue, Richardson and Cagle so they can help get U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) re-elected in 2008."




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