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-- Handel Concedes and Nathan Deal Wins Republican Runoff - August 11, 2010  --

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From Bob Mayzes

I know both Nathan Deal and Karen Handel.  In the many years that I have known Nathan, there has never been any hint of any issue with ethics.  He has always been honorable and respectful of the dignity of his office in every situation that I have observed or had knowledge.  In this primary runoff election, Karen Handel is perpetuating and exploiting a false charge generated by the Democrats. 

Because Nathan Deal is the Georgia Republican most capable of defeating Roy Barnes, the Democrat controlled ethics committee of the U.S. House of Representatives took up an ethic charge related to Nathanís business in Georgia.  For those of you not in politics, ethics charges require little or no proof to be made against a politician.  Typically, they are raised during the political season so that the candidateís opposition can reference it against them in the campaign.  In the charge against Nathan, the Democrats in Congress allowed the charge to fester rather than investigate and act on it promptly.  They knew the charge was not legit so the goal was not to make a finding, but to delay and allow it to hang around for Roy Barnes to use against Nathan in the General Election.

Like with any lie, the best cure is the light of truth.  Please take the time to read the detailed explanation of the situation click here  Nathan Deal is an honorable man.  He deserves the truth, you deserve the truth, please take the time to read the link and forward to others.

Bob Mayzes

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September 14, 2010

Hello Women For Deal,
We have just come off of two exciting weekends with the Deal campaign as Women For Deal getting out the vote for Deal on November 2nd.  The parades for both weekends have gone well and we are continuing to receive lots of support for Nathan Deal as our next governor.  The DeKalb county book festival was a success and served as a reminder that we can get votes from every part of our state, if only we try.  The East Cobber Festival was productive, the people that we met were very receptive and excited to work toward helping make Nathan Deal our next governor.  Both weekends were good for the Deal campaign.  We gave out lots of bumper stickers and yard signs and received tons of verbal support and encouragement for our candidate, Nathan Deal.  Now, we are getting ready for this weekend.  Please mark your calendar for the event set forth below and listed in the subject of this email.  Please wear your Women For Deal pink t-shirts or other Deal gear (remember that you may order a t-shirt via our website: if you don't have one already. I will have Women For Deal lapel stickers if you don't have any Deal gear to wear.  Feel free to bring the family and/or friends.
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 18, at the GA GOP Kickoff Rally in Duluth at Wild Bill's!  As always, call me if you have any questions or suggestions (678) 923-6939.  If you know of anyone who is a part of Women For Deal and she doesn't have email or doesn't check it often, please call her to tell her about this event or send me an email and I'll call her.  
Thanks for all that you are doing to elect our next governor, Nathan Deal. 
Best, Tonya

Click on envelope to e-mail Tonya 
Law Offices of Tonya C. Boga - 770.908.7373 (Telephone) 770.496.4388 (Facsimile)

    • Becky Smith
      ‎@ Dee--- while most educators believe that "all students can learn," there are certainly some students who chose NOT to learn. I agree that there are SOME ineffective teachers, and thanks to furloughs, those teachers are generally the first ones to find themselves acquiring a pink slip. However, teaching is much like the horse-to-water story. We can lead the students along and show them, tell them, work with them, and give them the information in a variety of formats, but ultimately it is up to the students to absorb the info and put some effort into the learning process. And the learning process revolves around a three-legged table-- parents being the third leg. Parents must be as active in the educational process as teachers--- giving guidance at home to keep students focused on the ultimate target. You state that there are "ineffective teachers." The same can be said of some parents. Having personally conferenced with parents over the years who, after being told of discipline problems with their child, respond with "yeah, I know. I can't do anything with them at home either." So what are teachers expected to do with them in the classroom to get students focused on their learning and allowing other students to learn too when the parents cannot control them at home? Learning is not a one-way street. It takes a village to raise a child.

From Sadie Fields

Dear Friends,

I had the pleasure of introducing Congressman Nathan Deal at the Cobb GOP Breakfast this morning - Saturday, August 7, 2010.

My remarks were are follows:

I first met Nathan and Sandra when our two sons competed against each other in high school track.  They extended to my son many kindnesses for which I was grateful.  It was his first time away from home - and they welcomed him into their home like he was a member of the family.

Nathan is a man of character - integrity - and honor.  His service to our country in the military is to be applauded.  He served with distinction in the U. S. Congress - working hard to pass bills, reflecting our conservative values, oftentimes in a hostile climate.

He has the right kind of temperament to lead Georgia.  He will provide a strong, steady hand at the helm of what can be, at times, a rocky ship.  He knows how to bring people to the table, and how to work with those around him in positions of leadership with respect.  He is a man who will make Georgia proud.

Let me put it to you this way.  If I had to be in a foxhole and had to choose the type of man I would want to ďhave my back,Ē I would choose a man like Nathan.

And, I wear lipstick!

It is my great good pleasure to introduce my choice for the next Governor of Georgia - the Honorable Nathan Deal.

Sadie Fields
Christian Activist

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Endorsements from the Grassroots

From Bob Mayzes

I know both Nathan Deal and Karen Handel.  In the many years that I have known Nathan, there has never been any hint of any issue with ethics.  He has always been honorable and respectful of the dignity of his office in every situation that I have observed or had knowledge.  In this primary runoff election, Karen Handel is perpetuating and exploiting a false charge generated by the Democrats. 

Because Nathan Deal is the Georgia Republican most capable of defeating Roy Barnes, the Democrat controlled ethics committee of the U.S. House of Representatives took up an ethic charge related to Nathanís business in Georgia.  For those of you not in politics, ethics charges require little or no proof to be made against a politician.  Typically, they are raised during the political season so that the candidateís opposition can reference it against them in the campaign.  In the charge against Nathan, the Democrats in Congress allowed the charge to fester rather than investigate and act on it promptly.  They knew the charge was not legit so the goal was not to make a finding, but to delay and allow it to hang around for Roy Barnes to use against Nathan in the General Election.

Like with any lie, the best cure is the light of truth.  Please take the time to read the detailed explanation of the situation click here  Nathan Deal is an honorable man.  He deserves the truth, you deserve the truth, please take the time to read the link and forward to others.

Bob Mayzes

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From Linda Parker


It is after much prayer that I send this email out. I believe my track records speaks for itself when it comes to campaign integrity. I can't keep quiet any longer.
I have always said, as a former coach,  that each race is a competition and not a war!  In the world of team dynamics we always have, what I call "MONDAY MORNING".

Having coached a number of athletic teams, I always taught and emphasized the following:
#1. Work hard Monday through Thursday in preparation for the debate meet,  track meet, swim meet or ball game on Friday.
#2. On Friday, you remain focused on what you need to do and keep your eye on the finish line. Do NOT worry about your opponent - you run your race - keep you eye on the finish line!
#3. Win, lose or draw, be a gracious person - regardless of your placement.
#4. Remember, on Monday we will all be back at the same track, in the same pool, or on the same ball field AS A TEAM to once again, work hard, challenge each other to be their best and prepare for the next race.

Sounds reasonable. Right?  Would you not agree with me that TEAMWORK  and  INTEGRITY are crucial elements to A REAL WIN?
My heart aches for what is happening in the Republicans Governor's race.  I went to my mail box to find another piece of mail that discredited the character of a fellow Republican by another Republican.

Character assassination is unacceptable and certainly is NOT A QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP! Character assassination signals to me that an individual does not have enough confidence in their vision, so they must destroy the reputation of a good man so they can get elected. THIS IS BLATANTLY WRONG!
I call upon the leadership in the Republican Party to condemn these tactics - leadership from County to District to State levels.
If any candidate has to destroy  the reputation of their opponent to win an election, they are NOT worthy of any of our votes.
The numerous slandering statements regarding The Honorable Nathan Deal by Karen Handel are unacceptable.

When will the voters of Georgia begin to believe in the crucial importance of our elections and go vote?
I believe it is when we begin to require of our own party candidates to RUN WITH A VISION; NOT WITH A VENGEANCE!
This is A RACE - NOT WAR! The electorate is sick and tired of the attacks that are unwarranted. This is not the high road of life!
Who do you want as your next Governor? A person who has slandered her opponent or a man who has respectfully kept his eye on the finish line!

When this run off election is over, I hope that every Republican County Chairman will take the time at their next meeting to address this issue of slandering opponents. It takes the joy and the integrity out of our electoral process.

OUR POLITICAL MONDAY MORNING will be next Wednesday, August 11th. We will  then need to start to heal the wounds and clean up the blood in the streets of slander before we can even begin to address our opponent for the November General Election! I am sad.

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From Rep. Charlice Byrd

Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal, the next Governor of the great state of Georgia.  Nathan is my choice for governor for many reasons, but primarily because of his unshakeable faith, his unwavering support for pro-life issues, his support for the disabled, the elderly, the traditional family, prayer in schools, the military and troops, the second amendment and the U.S. Constitution. He is a Christian husband, father, and grandfather.  And his stand on judicial appointments - we must start appointing conservative judges.  Appointment of liberal judges is destroying our state and country.


Charlice Byrd

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From Bettye Chambers      xx
Endorsement removed after December 3, 2010 when the Governor-elect decided to try to take over our GA GOP by running his personal candidate for chair of the GA GOP and using the power of his office to sway many elected officials and gubernatorial appointees.  He refuses to recognize the fact that we grassroots Republicans in Georgia elect all officers of the GA GOP.  None of them are selected by the Governor.  Frankly, I am sorry that I have devoted so many hours as a volunteer in his campaign and convinced so many Handel Republicans to vote for him. I apologize to all of those people. I am VERY disappointed that he would do this even before he his sworn into office.

Forum Endorses Nathan Deal in Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Runoff
CONTACT: Colleen Holmes (202) 544-0353 or (202) 725-7122 

Anne Perry (770) 934-9332

Eagle Forum Endorses Nathan Deal in Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Runoff Washington, D.C. -

Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by Phyllis 
Schlafly,  is proud to endorse Nathan Deal in the Republican gubernatorial runoff.

"Nathan Deal has a solid Congressional voting record when it comes to defending life, families, and businesses, and taking a stand against illegal immigration," said Schlafly.  "We need more governors like him, who are not just Republicans, but are true conservatives."

Eagle Forum of Georgia Vice President Anne Perry agreed, "Nathan Deal should be our next governor, because he has the knowledge, experience and courage  to lead his  fellow  Georgians in this most difficult time for our Republic."

"Nathan has served his country well in the military, the Georgia State House and as a  U. S.  Congressman." Perry  continued. "As a grassroots organization that holds Members  of  Congress accountable for their votes, Eagle Forum of Georgia knows why Congressman Deal was named one of the 10 most conservative members of Congress by the non-partisan National Journal."

"Because of that stellar conservative record, we are urging all our members to vote for Nathan Deal both in the August 10ft runoff and in the general election on November 2nd.

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy 
of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.


Georgia Conservatives In Action

Endorses Nathan Deal in Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Runoff

Saturday - August 7, 2010                                             

Georgia Conservatives In Action is proud to announce the endorsement for the GOP Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal for our next Governor. Nathan has proven his devotion and his loyalty to the State of Georgia and our nation by not only serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army, but also being named one of the ten most conservative members of Congress.

Nathan Deal's accomplishments have earned him multiple endorsements including former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Eagle Forum Founder and President Phyllis Schlafly,
Georgia Right to Life, and the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Congressman Dealís strong stance against illegal immigration and his desire to protect the sovereignty of our nation has been in the forefront of his legislative priorities. As our next Governor, he will work to cut wasteful spending, cut taxes on small businesses so they can create more jobs, and defend state rights against the growing power of the federal government.

As Co Founders (Pat Tippett and Kay Godwin), of GCIA  an organization founded to educate, motivate, and activate grassroots conservatives to have an effective voice in government, we wholeheartedly endorse Nathan Deal for Governor and hope all Georgians will join us in doing the same on August 10th, 2010  Primary Runoff. 


Subject: Endorsement of Nathan Deal - 115,000 distribution


For Undecided Voters Only:
My Soldier Instincts Say Deal Real

A Message From Grassroots Favorite, Gerry Purcell

At 8:05 PM Monday evening, I made a last minute decision to publically endorse a candidate for Governor. The timing has not permitted me to speak to either candidate about my endorsement.

I have spent well over a year on the campaign trail with Nathan Deal and Karen Handel.  I like them both.  I like their families and their exceptional campaign teams.  I like Nathanís mastery of the issues.  I like Karenís boldness.  I like Nathanís resilience and energy.  I like Karenís tenacity.  They are both excellent role models.

I relate to the many Georgians who are struggling with which candidate to vote for.  I understand why it is a difficult decision.  Every vote is so important tomorrow, and those of us who have struggled with the decision are now at decision time.

We are headed into a very challenging season.  The Obama crowd is not being truthful with us about exactly how big of a mess we are in.  It is much worse than the media or the White House projects.  Georgiaís next Governor will have difficult decisions to make, decisions of an historic nature. 

My decision came down to two leadership qualities:  command presence and temperance.   As a former military officer, I remember how important command presence and temperance were for leaders, especially in times of crisis.

Command presence is one of those qualities that is hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.  It is a quality of carrying yourself with leadership and moral authority in a manner that earns the trust and respect of your soldiers and followers.  Temperance is keeping a cool head in times of crisis; it is stability through the storm.

Over his career, former U.S. Army Captain, Nathan Deal, has often been tested and excels in those two crucial qualities.  Therefore, I choose Nathan Deal to lead us as Governor.  Join me in voting for Nathan to be our next Governor.  

Handel's hometown paper endorses Nathan Deal

"Deal is Real - And the Best Choice for North Fulton Voters."

Monday August 9, 2010

Yes, The Beacon, the voice of North Fulton County, is the fair and balanced "conservative" editorial alternative to the drive-by downtown media liberals.

Yes, The Beacon, a paid Sunday subscriber newspaper in North Fulton County, is Karen Handel's hometown newspaper.
Yes, The Beacon has a strict editorial policy against endorsing candidates in elections. We never have: until today.
The Beacon believes the stakes of tomorrow's Republican gubernatorial run-off election are just too high to remain silent.
Simply put, we know too much about Karen Handel. As her local media outlet, we cover her extensively.
That's precisely why we are compelled to break with tradition, and publicly endorse Nathan Deal for Governor in Tuesday's all too critical GOP run-off.
We know this woman. Her ambition appears, at times, blind. Her thirst for power often approaches the throws of narcissism. Apparently, she'll do anything to win, as evidenced by her nasty and appalling direct mail piece trashing Nathan Deal, a veteran who served his country admirably, putting his life on the line for freedom. For us, that mailer, beyond the pale of dignity, was the last straw. At the end of the day, respectable behavior matters. Is getting elected governor that important to her life? Does this woman who craves and covets the governor's mansion so blatantly have no sense of decency?
We are not alone. Virtually the entire North Fulton State House delegation, her hometown legislative team, has lined up behind Nathan Deal.  
Deal has enlisted the enthusiastic support of former House Speaker Mark Burkhalter (R-Johns Creek), House Speaker Pro-Tem Jan Jones (R-Milton), House Ways and Means Subcommittee Chairman Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta), House Energy and Utilities and Telecommunications Vice Chairman Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell) and House Ethics Committee Chairman Joe Wilkinson (R-Sandy Springs).
Like us, these five very powerful North Fulton legislators know Handel better than anyone. They've worked closely with her for over a decade, starting when she was CEO of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, then Chair of the Fulton County Commission, and finally as Secretary of State. Most importantly, on paper, one would think that these five local officials would be her key Gold Dome supporters if she made it to the governor's mansion. Yet they not only oppose her election, all five are working diligently to elect Deal, her rival. Jones is in the midst of a marathon two-week fly around the state, Martin is knocking on doors in his district, Geisinger is putting up yard signs, and Wilkinson is working the phones -- all for Nathan Deal.
While national figures like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney may be lending Handel their name, quite frankly, neither of these politicians knows the woman from Adam's cat.
Here's what House Speaker Pro-Tem Jones had to say about it: "Personally, what makes a difference with me is the support of those that really know Georgia, the candidates and our issues.  Newt Gingrich endorsed Nathan because of their long relationship. Newt trusts him after serving together as congressmen fighting the Washington elite for conservative principles. Mike Huckabee supports Nathan because they fought federal mandates on states together when Mike was governor of Arkansas. The 100 Republican members of the Georgia General Assembly that support Nathan have their ears to the ground all over the state. They feel passionately that Nathan can partner with them to keep making progress on water, transportation, education and lower taxes," she reasoned.

What we evaluate is the views from those that know her best: these are very people who would work with her directly should she be elected governor.

This is Handel's Achilles heel. This is the fundamental question that all the negative mailers in the world can't hide: why are those that know her best working 24-7 for her defeat, and for Deal's election?

The answer is as simple as it is compelling: they know both candidates all too well.
Our endorsement of former Congressman Nathan Deal comes down to three fundamental things: experience, temperament and vision.  

"I'm supporting Nathan Deal because he is the real conservative and the best qualified candidate in this race," Martin said. "I'd like to support my neighbor, but our challenges in this state are too great and the stakes are too high to take that level of risk. In this primary run-off, I can't in good conscious roll the dice on Georgia's future," the Alpharetta legislator added.
"Nathan Deal has the experience we need," said Martin. "Nathan worked with former Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich in balancing the budget; Deal supports the exemption of the first $7,000 of individual income from state income tax. As Governor, Nathan will cut personal income taxes and small business income taxes. He has specific plans to get people back to work in Georgia; he will put money and power back in the hands of regular Georgians."
Martin added that although he's known Handel since her first position at the Chamber of Commerce, he maintained that she has never detailed her resume to the voters. ĎKarenís website states, she was an executive with KPMG and CIBA Visioní, but she gives no specifics," Martin continues. "Running for governor is a job interview, and she has never released her detailed resume, like Nathan Deal, and the other candidates did. A picture with White House officials is not a substitute for verifiable experience and credentials", he stated. ďDealís experience stands Ďhead and shoulders aboveí his opponent.Ē

Jones, who some hail as the most commanding woman in the state, claims Deal is by far the better candidate. "At this particular and trying time for our state, I believe Nathan is the most qualified person to lead Georgia as governor. The economic and many complex challenges we face are a monumental concern to me during the greatest global recession since the Great Depression. Nathan is up to the challenge. Without a doubt," she concluded.

The daughter of a career soldier, Jones says his U.S. military service -- Deal was a Captain in the U.S. Army -- taught him why ideas matter. "Heís uniquely qualified and committed to stand up to the Obama administrationís determined efforts to take over healthcare, education, and private industry," Jones reiterated.  
Veteran Roswell legislator Geisinger, a former official in the Reagan administration and a Republican candidate for Georgia governor himself in 1974 says he is thoroughly disappointed in Handel. "Karen has not finished one job she has started, nor completed one term in any office she has held," the sage House member said. "She should have at least finished out her Secretary of State role, and completed her task at hand, before pursuing another, higher elected office."
Geisinger says Handel has put her self-interest first. "Karen has placed her winning this election ahead of the issues at hand. As a result, she is willing to destroy any opponent at any cost, regardless of the consequences to the greater good. This is not what I believe the voters of Georgia want, or what the state legislators want to hear. They crave solutions and hope. Handel offers up negative ads and slick sound bites in its place."

House Ethics Chairman Wilkinson, a retired Navy Captain who has represented part of Sandy Springs for 10 years, says he has been a friend of Handel's since 2000. "I have vigorously supported Karen for a very long time," Wilkinson said, "but I can no longer be associated with her gubernatorial primary run, and I have withdrawn my support from Handel. I am now actively working for the election of Nathan Deal," the veteran Naval officer said.
Wilkinson says his decision to abandon Handel "has been a very sad and disappointing time both for myself and my family. I served with Karen on the North Fulton Chamber, and I helped with her campaigns in 2002, 2003 and 2006." Wilkinson explained that he was not happy with the way Handel has conducted herself in her gubernatorial campaign. "Karen turned on the Republican House Caucus. She used a broad brush and criticized too many good and decent public servants for what I consider political purposes," the Sandy Springs lawmaker said. "I found this to be unacceptable."
The House Ethics Chairman said he is aghast at the underlying false nature of her campaign. "When Republicans took over the House in 2005, Georgia was ranked 33rd by independent watchdog agencies as having one of the weakest ethics laws on the books in the country. But after just 28 legislative days, in about two months time, we guided a sweeping ethics reform bill through both chambers, and our rating went from 33rd to the sixth toughest ethics state," he pointed out. "As Republicans in the 2004 general election, we made ethics reform a centerpiece of our pledge to the voters, and we carried through on our promise immediately." Wilkinson adds that by 2011 Georgia could be ranked in the top three of having the toughest ethics laws in the nation.
"So for Karen Handel to say that we failed to pass tough ethics laws is a false and disingenuous statement,Ē Wilkinson said.
Wilkinson surmised that Handel attempted to capitalize politically on the sudden demise of former House Speaker Glenn Richardson, who resigned in disgrace last December. "Some of Karen's senior staff said that I should have publicly called for Richardson's resignation when rumors of impropriety first hit. But I had to wait until our investigation was complete, and I had the all facts. Once we had the evidence, we were able to proceed. We followed the rule of law and the rules of the House and were not swayed by political expediency. Glenn resigned his speaker position four days later."
"In marketing, we call her approach: 'ready-fire-aim.'
"I had to withdraw my support then," Wilkinson explained.
Martin says that as much as he has probed, Handel has "no specific plan" for the state. He called Handel's candidacy. "A paper campaign" that is a "house of cards, with no substance." He says her policy positions are "vague" while representing "sound bites" rather than "real specific plans" to move Georgia forward. "Her candidacy is based on clichť's and one liners with no meat on the bone," concluded Martin.

"Iím supporting Nathan Deal in the run-off election because I trust him to keep Georgia moving forward," stated Jones. "His broad experiences and rich perspective serving Georgians have prepared him to help solve the tremendous challenges we face."
The House Speaker Pro-Tem was adamant in her assessment that Deal has created jobs as a small businessman, whereas his opponent has not. "Nathan knows that the best stimulus plan is not a government check, but a job. Through a flatter, fairer tax system and jobs-friendly efforts, heíll get Georgia back to work," Jones promised.
Geisinger maintains that the Handel candidacy lacks any signs of a coherent vision. "Handel has no plan that I can see to see solve the state's woes, whether it be overcrowded schools, water, transportation and most critically, jobs for our citizens. These are the same concerns as our residents of Georgia."
"The big unanswered question for Handel is how does she plan to lead us through these troubled times? Until she answers that, I can't support her in this primary campaign. Frankly, I donít believe that Karen Handel has the background, the experience or the temperament to be the chief executive of this state."
Geisinger then contrasted Handel to Deal, who he supports. "I've known Nathan Deal for some 40 years. He has the demonstrated qualifications, the big vision and the specific solutions to our challenges to lead Georgia effectively. Most important, Nathan Deal has the temperament to work with the legislator, the various departments of government and our citizens to move the state forward."

From Joe Dendy
Former State Campaign Director
Georgians for Huckabee

For all of you who know me personally, you know that I pick my candidates very carefully after fully vetting them.  You also know that I do not openly endorse a candidate unless I am convinced that the candidate has the same fiscal and social conservative values and Christian principles as me.  I must know that the person I endorse will stand the test of time as a conservative public servant in the office being sought and not turn out to be a RINO.  Too often, we have been burned by flashy candidates who say all the right things that their high paid advisors tell them to say during the campaign, only to have them do a 180 degree turn when elected.

Not only have I vetted both gubernatorial candidates' qualifications, but I have also researched in great depth the charges and counter-charges that each candidate has made against the other.  After doing this, I am totally convinced that NATHAN DEAL is the candidate who best represents my values and principles.  This fellow combat veteran and tireless public servant has my full support.
These are a few of the issues that I consider to be most important:
  • Pro-Life: Nathan Deal is the ONLY gubernatorial candidate in the runoff who has been endorsed by Georgia Right To Life.  After vetting his opponent, both the Georgia Right To Life AND the Susan B. Anthony Group turned her requests for endorsements down.  The Susan B. Anthony Group endorses female candidates nationwide who meet their pro-life criteria, and their criteria is much more liberal in definition than that of Georgia Right To Life.  Nathan believes that sanctity of life begins at conception and continues to natural death and that there is only ONE reason to end that life prior to birth . . . if the life of the mother is endangered.
  • Illegal Immigration: Nathan led the fight in the US Congress against illegal immigration.  Numbers USA is a well respected group that represents the rights of US citizens, including legal immigrants, around the country and rates candidates for office based on their records.  This link to their site tells the full story of why Nathan Deal stands head and shoulders against his opponent on this issue. 
  • Jobs: Nathan Deal is the only candidate to put forward a detailed plan to help businesses kick-start our economy, putting Georgians back to work. 
  • Consistently Conservative: I recommend that anyone who wants to see a truly conservative voting record to go to and check out the voting record of Congressman Nathan Deal.  It will show you that this is one person who does not change his principles with the wind.  His conservative votes date back to his first years in Congress.  Recently, he voted against the Bank Bailout and the "Stimulus", wrote the law preventing illegals from accessing taxpayer-funded healthcare, and voted to prohibit ANY taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood.  His opponent's record does not support a consistent conservative stance.
  • Has the best chance of beating Roy Barnes: Nathan Deal is the ONLY republican candidate who consistently has beaten Roy Barnes in the polls (Rassmussen Polls: 7/22/10, 6/10/10, 3/19/10)
To find out more about Nathan Deal, I encourage you to go to
PLEASE, I ask each and everyone of you to help make a difference in the direction that these elections take our state.  Pick up the phone or e-mail all of your family and friends and encourage them to VOTE TOMORROW, TUESDAY, AUGUST 10.  This runoff will be determined by a very small percentage of registered voters, so that is why it is so important to get to the polls!
I ask you to join me in helping NATHAN DEAL become the Republican candidate for governor!
With warm regards,
Joe Dendy
Former State Campaign Director
Georgians for Huckabee

From Jerry Shearin - Former Paulding County Board of Commissioners Chairman

Hello all,
Jerry Shearin here,


Many of you haven't heard from me in quite a while and some I speak to almost daily. As you all know I have kept my head out of politics the last 2 years as I transition my life back to the sanity of the private sector. That being said, I still read the newspapers and have my  opinion on who could and should be our next leaders in Georgia. When this Gubernatorial campaign started 2 years ago, I was firmly in the Karen Handle camp. I had known Karen for almost 8 years and thought she would do a good job as Governor.


But as soon as the campaign started I noticed a terrible change in her. This is not the Karen Handle that my wife and I had dinner with many years ago. This is not the Karen Handle that I had spoken to many times, while we were both running our respective counties. This person has done nothing but throw mud since the beginning of this campaign and her message (if she has one) has been totally lost in her attempt to dis-credit her opponents. How is it possible that every other candidate in the Republican Primary process is either a crook, a racist or (I won't even mention what she called one of the others)? 


Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet Congressman Nathan Deal last winter (while I was still in the Handle camp). I knew him only from his reputation and always respected his conservative values. I knew he was under attack from a couple of left-wing groups so that made me kinda gravitate toward him. Then the former Ms Handle started all her muck-raking and I jumped into the Deal camp. 


Most of you know that I was the victim of this same kind of campaign when I was in office. I swore then, I would never support anyone that ran a campaign this way and if I ever ran for office again I would stay away from it myself.  Make no mistake about it these kind of campaigns do work. People are just cynical enough about politics to believe this stuff and I think many of them actually like the salaciousness of a dirty campaign. Well, I for one, am sick of it. Sometime (and I hope itís soon) the American people will say enough is enough.


I have never sent out a mass-email in my life. I may never do it again. But for now I hope you all will take a hard look at Nathan and the former Ms Handle, and decide the character of the person you want representing you. And if I haven't said enough to convince you please click on this link ( ) from Karen Handle's former Bibb County, Georgia Campaign Chair. It is startling to hear it from an insider in her campaign.


Yours Truly


Jerry Shearin
Former Paulding County Board of Commissioners Chairman


PS-feel free to forward this email to any of your friends. Maybe someone will forward it to the former Ms Handle and she will come to her senses


My Closing Argument - The Governor's Primary Run-Off Today
by Tricia Pridemore of Marietta
For All My Friends Still Undecided:

Vote Deal.

If you choose to read beyond that sentence, grab another cup of coffee, this might take awhile. I support Nathan Deal, and have since January of this year. 
Please know that I make a positive endorsement of Deal and not a negative of Handel. As a politically-active, under-40 female in Cobb County, I was originally interested in Handel. I thought she seemed fresh and was interested in helping Georgia become more business-friendly. I was also interested in her because people that I thought shared my views, supported her. 
In December of 2009, Handel held a "Women for Handel" event and described the Georgia Legislature and its members as nothing but "sex, lies, and lobbyists." This was on the heels of Speaker Glenn Richardson's torrid story becoming news. I have friends that work at the Capitol and many people that I believe to be fine public servants. My concern was that Handel blamed the "good ole' boys" for the ills in the Georgia Legislature. She's wrong. For every man that works down there and has an inappropriate relation with a female, a female is to blame too. 
Late that month, Handel and I were at a charity event in Cobb for the YWCA. Not knowing her well, I asked for a moment of her time to ask her a question. She obliged. I asked her if she thought the women engaging in acts with the men were just as wrong as the men. She didn't agree. She has a husband and a father and men in her life like I do. Painting "men" as the problem is not productive to solving anything. I thanked her for her time and we parted ways. Later, I learned that she confirmed my name with a lady that was there to make sure she had it right. But I knew at that moment, at the moment when Karen Handel would not defend the honor of good people - regardless of gender - she was not my candidate. 
Vietnam Veteran and Cobb County Attorney John Sours introduced me to Nathan Deal. Nathan was a humble man interested in my questions and looked me in the eye when I asked him about his record. Afterward, I spent days pouring through ethics documents, voting records, press reports and financial disclosures (save your Nerd jokes for another time). I recognize that I'm not the average voter interested in candidate marketing. When I lend my name to someone or something it is because I believe with all that I am - it is the right choice. 
Since agreeing to be a part of the Nathan Deal for Governor team in January, I have become more impressed with him daily. I am impressed every time he thanks a volunteer for helping. I am impressed with every debate where he speaks about the issues critical to our state. I am impressed every time he's baited to say something unbecoming his opponent, but turns it into something positive - and often delightfully humorous. And I am impressed every time his young staff stays to clean up after a GOP event when everyone else is long gone. No one ever asks for an accolade. And no one ever forgets they're part of a team. 
Since volunteering for this campaign, I've met the best people. Those that thank me for my conviction, and those who disagree. I appreciate every email, phone call, and letter. I know that at the very least you care about your selection and take it seriously. Because you know me, you also know that I am very pro-small business. Everything I have in this world came from the grace of God and hard, blistering hard work. I want someone who will generate real growth in Georgia, but not at the expense of teachers. As for teachers, I want someone who will take on the "educracy" of this state and work with capable local school officials to see that we produce intelligent and gifted leaders. I want a Governor who will stand with anti-abortion advocates and further the cause (sad to even admit it's a cause) of life for the unborn. And I want a Governor who will beat the "big boy pants" off of Roy Barnes in November. I was an aid at the Capitol during the first year of his term, and I never want to see that again. Massive spending, new agencies, little oversight, and no answers anywhere to be found. 
I support Nathan Deal to be Georgia's next governor because I know he has the trust, temperament, and rightful motives to lead our state. You may not agree with my vote, but long after August 10th I will be completely and utterly confident that I made the right choice.
Call me with questions,

Tricia Pridemore
Marietta, GA
Website by B.Chambers
Buford, GA - Hall County
Not affiliated with any candidate website

  Vote - Right - Georgia 2010