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  August - September 2013

by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle



  1. ▪ Orders to close World War II Memorial coming directly from White House
    White House specifically denied request to let vets enter the site.... Yesterday,
    groups of World War Two veterans did the unthinkable. Read more


▪ Priests threatened with arrest if they minister to military during shutdown
In a stunning development, some military priests are facing arrest if they celebrate mass or practice their faith on military bases during the federal government shutdown. Read more on



NBC: Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall
12:50 PM, Oct 5, 2013 • By JOHN MCCORMACK

Via William Jacobson, NBC's affiliate in Washington, D.C. reports that police ordered tourists and Vietnam war veterans who were visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to leave the memorial at one point on Friday. After one group of veterans went around the barricade, "the park ranger told them the wall was closed," NBC's Mark Seagraves reported. "Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That's when police came and moved everyone out."

 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a black granite outdoor wall on which the names of the 58,272 service members who died or were unaccounted for during the Vietnam war are inscribed. It takes more manpower and costs the government more money to close down an outdoor wall than to let people walk past it and pay their respects.

The Obama administration has been very selective in devoting resources to shutting down memorials.



Park Service Workers Erect WWII Barricade 
At least four National Park Service workers are erecting a barricade around the World War II memorial, John McCormack reports:. Some are being wired shut.  Read more



▪ T
he New Federal Wedding Tax: How Obamacare Would Dramatically Penalize Marriage  -- From Heritage

Under the Senate bill, married couples would be taxed to provide discriminatory benefits to couples who cohabit, divorce, or never marry.  Read more on Heritage

*This is not surprising. Kill religion, morals, patriotism, take over schools and the liberal socialists own our country.

      ▪ New Republican Women's Club formed in Hall County!
  September 26, 2013
irst General Meeting of Republican Women of Hall
Read press release -
Unterman Urges Republican Women to Run for Office
  View photos of this awesome event

The first general meeting of the Republican Women of Hall is off to a great start with 54 attending at Silver Bay Restaurant ,
2415 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA. 
Read E-newsletter and visit website at
All Republican women are invited to join this growing club and

    ▪ Georgia Republican women attend National Federation of Republican Women's 37th Biennial
     Convention in Louisville, KY -- September 19 - 22, 2013  - Celebrating 75 Years of Brilliance
Over 1,000 active and dedicated Republican
women from across the country enjoyed this energizing gathering of women, the meetings, speakers and educational seminars.

Convention and hotel site: The beautiful Galt House

Read more and view photos of this exciting event.
 View convention program.
     E-News: Sept. 16, 2013 
     ▪ Local News in Hall County

Carl Rogers Golf Tournament, Sept. 23, 2013

 Dear Friends,

Let me thank you, once again, for all your generous support during my previous campaigns. After a brief hiatus, I am resuming my fundraiser “The Carl Rogers Golf Classic Tournament” for 2013.

Scheduled for Monday, September 23, this tournament has the makings of an exciting and fun event.  First, there will be a $10,000 check awarded for a hole-in-one on hole #9, and then on every other par 3, there will be a $500 check awarded for a hole-in-one.

Click here to download and print out documents.  So please join me at Kingwood Resort for a fun time of golf and fellowship!

 See you then.


 Carl Rogers, Chairman Higher Education
Georgia House of Representatives - District 29
O:404.656.7855  F: 404.651.9730
854 Washington Street - P.O. Box 639 - Gainesville, GA 30503



Morning Bell: 5 Ways Obama Has Trampled the
Heritage Foundation - Elizabeth Slattery and Rich Tucker -- September 17, 2013 at 6:00 am

Today, the Constitution turns 226 years old. Let’s not forget it states that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. The Obama Administration has done the opposite, turning the law on its head and ignoring constitutional limitations on its power.

>>> Read the Constitution now
Here are five of the Administration’s largest violations:
1. Changing Obamacare on the fly without congressional action
2. Implementing the DREAM Act by executive fiat
3. Making “recess appointments” while the Senate was in session
4. Waiving welfare work requirements
5. Encouraging federal contractors to violate the law
ead details of the above five on Heritage website


▪ Hall GOP Forum - Saturday, September 14, 2013
Web page and photos by Republican Women of Hall

September 14, 2013 -- Hall GOP Conservative Forum
Representatives from the new Republican Women of Hall club enjoyed the very informative round table discussion at the Hall GOP Forum this morning in Gainesville.
A panel discussed the topic: "What is Conservatism?"  Topics focused on what our core message is and how we can best promote that message.  Basic principles were addressed rather than policy for this event.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the round table forum with the audience also participating.  Hope Hall GOP will have more of these in the future.

Panel members below right to left
Ken Cochran, Hall GOP Vice Chairman -
Josh Morris - local conservative activist, Hall GOP Vice Chair for Communication, former Hall YR Chairman -  Meredith Hardin - founder of Brenau University College Republicans, recent Master of Public Administration conferee from Kennesaw State University - Chris Perlera - Georgia YR Communications Director, member of GA GOP Multicultural Committee - Melvin Everson - former State Representative from Snellville, Associate Pastor at Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Lilburn.

Click here to view more photos on the Republican Women of Hall website.

▪ Rep. Tom Graves Spending Bill Defunds Obamacare And Irks Democrats
ABC News – September 12, 2013

Way to go Congressman Graves! -- We are behind you . So glad I worked in your first campaign for Congress - bc

H.J.Res. 62: Stability, Security, and Fairness Resolution of 2013

Hoping to avert a possible government shutdown at the end of the month, Rep. Tom Graves introduced a bill Thursday that he and dozens of his conservative colleagues believe could solve a looming fiscal fight facing Congress.

But his proposal, which defunds the president’s health care law, is likely to draw intense opposition from Democrats should it come up for consideration.

With current government funding set to run out Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year, Graves’ legislation would fund the government just below post-sequester levels for the next 12 months while delaying and defunding the Affordable Care Act,  also known as Obamacare, completely until 2015

“After weeks of working with and listening to members on how to approach the government funding deadline, it’s clear that House Republicans are united around two goals: keeping the government open and protecting our constituents from the harmful effects of Obamacare,” Graves, R-Ga., wrote in a statement. “Today, my 42 cosponsors and I are putting forward a plan that achieves both goals.”
Read more

  Sept. 16, 2013

Learn How To Derail Obamacare With Sen. Mike Lee
   Liberty - Articles, Email,


In 2009 Obamanistas could not be stopped or even slowed down, with 60% of both House and Senate, and of course the LeftMedia. They promptly passed Porkulus and Obamacare, then set the bureaucracy to Full Freedom Burn. America rose up and did the impossible, sending 63 (net) new members to the House and 6 to the Senate with a new agenda to secure America’s freedoms anew.

Boehner, McConnell, and the Republican Establishment promptly stomped down any Tea Party agenda. Business as usual. End of story. Right? Wrong. Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marc Rubio came for war. In 2012, Texas sent Ted Cruz to join them. Together they are going about the People’s Business. They’ve constantly defied the Establishment of both parties, and they’ve never forgotten what they were sent to do. McConnell undermines them behind the scenes. Harry Reid ridicules them. McCain calls them the Wacko Birds. They’ve made an impression, yes?

ObamaCare can’t be stopped. The Republicans won’t even put up a fight. The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Benedict Roberts, gave it a free pass. Billions have been spent. Regulations are already being implemented. Insurance rates have gone through the roof. The LeftMedia will report nothing about Obamacare’s costs or troubles. They’ve painted a picture of inevitability that has much of America with a sick feeling in its stomach.  It can’t be stopped. Or can it?  Continue Reading at


▪ Morning Bell: Will Unions Want to Repeal Obamacare?
Chris JacobsHeritage Foundation - September 16, 2013 at 6:00 am

In a typical Friday afternoon “news dump,” the Treasury Department announced it could not grant unions’ request for another special Obamacare break.

This time, unions had lobbied the Administration to let union-run, multi-employer plans receive taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies on the new exchanges. These subsidies would be in addition to the tax break that multi-employer plans, like health plans offered by all employers, already receive.

Union leaders wrote to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in July asking for the Obamacare “fix,” stating that their progressive “vision has come back to haunt us”:  Read more


▪ Unions Turn Against ObamaCare: “We Were Duped!
IJ Review


click on video to view
  Sept. 8, 2013
  ▪Super College Football Day - September 7, 2013
Too good not to share. . . Saturday was a perfect college football day at our house with all of our
personal favorites winning!!  -- B. Chambe
  1. Miami Hurricanes defeat the mighty Florida Gators.  Miami players stomp gator balloon
    following the game . 

    Good for them!  Ordinarily, I do not pull for Miami, but when they play the Gators I am their biggest cheerleader. bc

2. Marshall leads Auburn past Arkansas State, 38-9

So glad since my grandson Joey is an engineering major there and a member of the Auburn Marching Band. GREAT kid! See photo below.

By JOHN ZENOR  Sept. 7, 2013
AP Sports Write...r - - AJC

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) Cameron Artis-Payne rushed for 102 yards, Tre Mason gained 99 and Nick Marshall passed for two touchdowns to lead Auburn to a 38-9 victory over Arkansas State Saturday night. Marshall passed for 147 yards and ran for 53 for the Tigers (2-0), who halted Arkansas State's nine-game winning streak. That streak started began during Auburn coach Gus Malzahn's one-year reign over the Red Wolves (1-1) that resulted in a second straight Sun Belt Conference championship. Malzahn's new team racked up 301 rushing yards and produced a big pass play, too. Marshall hit Sammie Coates in stride for a 68-yard touchdown after some misfires on deep balls. Arkansas State's Adam Kennedy completed 29 of 41 passes for 272 yards and ran for 74.


       3. Murray, Bulldogs escape grasp of Gamecocks, 41-30

      (My daughter and son-in-law both graduated from UGA)
By Chip Towers
       The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Athens —

Quarterback Aaron Murray said he hoped to use his legs more this season. Georgia’s senior quarterback did that to great effect Saturday, utilizing his mobility to escape pressure from Jadeveon Cloney and company and throw two late touchdown passes as the No. 11 Bulldogs held on to beat No. 6 South Carolina 41-30 at Sanford Stadium.  Read more in AJC

View more photos

4.     15 ways Football is better than Politics -- click here

  Sept 6, 2013

Karen Handel first on the air in
Senate race

Karen Handel yesterday released a radio ad that appears to be the first to air in the 2014 Senate race. Included in the release were a transcript of the ad and the audio. Here's part of the radio ad. 


 "Only in Washington can Congressmen campaign against Obamacare - while receiving special treatment and thousands in taxpayer subsidies that the rest of us don't get.

 This is Karen Handel - and I'm running for United States Senate.


Under Obamacare, Members of Congress and their staffs are required to buy health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges or plans created under Obamacare - just like you and me.


But unlike you and me, Congress gets to keep up to $11,000 a year in taxpayer subsidies - all thanks to a special deal worked out with President Obama.


So Congress gets special treatment.


And what do Georgians get? More government in our health care. Higher health care costs. And higher premiums - up to 198% higher."  

Click here to hear the ad.   Read more about Karen at


Happy Labor Day 2013



Learn more about the origin
   of Labor Day

Cartoons by our favorite Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle 

Sept. 1, 2013

  Ga. Democrats elect DuBose Porter as state party chair

By The Associated Press –

NAN, Ga. (AP) -- Georgia Democrats have chosen former House Minority Leader DuBose Porter as their next state chairman during a special election, as the state party looks to rebuild itself after recent fundraising challenges and ahead of major elections next year. Porter defeated former state Sen. Doug Stoner of Cobb County and Rockdale County Tax Commissioner R.J. Hadley on a second ballot Saturday in a special election. About 250 members of the party's state committee voted after hearing similar messages from the three candidates . . . 

Financial reports showed the Democratic Party of Georgia had just $30,734 in cash on hand at the end of April, compared to $631,960 for the Georgia Republican Party. Read more

Aug. 30, 2013

▪ Ga. schools superintendent John Barge plans run for governor
By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY  - The Associated Press  - August 30, 2013 - AJC


State schools Superintendent John Barge said Friday that he will run for governor next year, setting up what will likely be a heated Republican primary against Gov. Nathan Deal in which education and school funding will be major issues.

Barge, in a telephone interview, said he was proud of accomplishments made within the Department of Education since he took office in January 2011 despite challenges brought upon by Deal.

"There is more to be done, and I just don't feel like I can get it done from where I am," said Barge, a former Bartow County school administrator. "There needs to be some direction and some better vision from the other side."Although Deal can still be considered a favorite, Barge's entrance into the race will force the governor to spend more of his campaign cash during the primary to defend his record. The relationship between Deal and Barge has been noticeably chilly since the two were on opposite sides of the debate over a state charter schools amendment. The measure, opposed by Barge as unnecessary, ultimately passed and was popular among Republican voters. . . .
Dalton Mayor David Pennington earlier announced he would be challenging Deal for the Republican nomination by making the case that the governor has not done enough to rebuild Georgia's economy since the recession. With Barge's entrance in the race, education will join the economy as the two biggest issues in the race, and the superintendent is clearly hoping that teachers — who have gone without pay raises and seen the number of classroom days dwindle — will be motivated to weigh in on the Republican primary.    Read entire article


Engineering that endured --
Click here to read the story





Aug. 30, 2013

▪ Boycott 'The Butler' & Hanoi Jane -- Nancy Reagan & Vietnam Vets Deserve Better

  by Dee Dee Benkie –

The movie, The Butler, came in #1 at the box office this weekend. Certainly, much of the reason for the film being numero uno is because when Oprah speaks, people listen. Just ask the poor shop girl in Zurich who was accused of racial profiling Oprah. It was amazing how that story surfaced right before Oprah’s film about racism was set to debut.

In the film, Jane Fonda plays Nancy Reagan—truly sad and disrespectful. There are so many actresses in Hollywood who would be wonderful, but no, they had to go with the liberal loud mouth lefty who is best known for calling Vietnam vets murderers while hanging out with the enemy and posing for anti-American propaganda pictures atop artillery tanks. Hanoi Jane, as she came to be known, committed these vile actions against members of our military who fought in some of the worst conditions of any war in our history. Fonda’s actions were truly disgusting, but not entirely surprising. There are sadly too many Hollywood elitists who don’t have a clue about serving their country in any way but who feel free to attack our country and members of the military who fight to preserve their right to speak freely. Read more


Michael Reagan: 'The Butler' Disparages Memory of Ronald Reagan

Former President Reagan's administration is currently on display in the new movie "Lee Daniels' The Butler," where the 40th president is portrayed as a racist because he was in favor of lifting economic sanctions against South Africa.

 "My father was not a racist, but the whole story ... is really a bogus story," says his son and Newsmax contributor Michael Reagan in an exclusive Newsmax interview.

Reagan said the movie, which supposedly is based on the life of Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House for 34 years, is filled with inaccuracies for the purpose of disparaging his father's name. Read more and video video.


Aug. 30, 2013

Five Star resort weekend for federal judges
by Jamie Dupree

With officials from the Judicial Branch demanding that Congress end across the board budget cuts from the sequester, federal judges from the Tenth Circuit start to gather today for a judicial conference at a "five star" Colorado resort that features three golf courses and a "scenic mountain backdrop."

 The Tenth Circuit gathering at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs was postponed from a year ago because of budget concerns, but court officials argue canceling the gathering entirely would have actually cost taxpayers money.

 "We again considered canceling the conference when the sequester occurred, but the hotel cancellation fees made it more cost-effective to proceed," said Tenth Circuit Executive David Tighe in an email. Asked about costs, Tighe provided a basic rundown, saying that 99 federal judges attended the last Tenth Circuit gathering, which was also at the Broadmoor.  R
Read more


Aug. 29, 2013

ObamaCare --
Take Ten Pills and You're Fine


Click on video at left . . .  
be sure to listen to the end.
Speakers on for music.

 Written and performed by
 the Capital Steps


Aug. 28, 2013

▪ 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech:  "I Have a Dream"

   For Your Viewing Pleasure: MLK's Entire "I Have a Dream" Speech on video, on Its 50th

   By Josh Voorhees| Posted Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013, at 10:33 AM


Today marks the 50th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream" speech, which punctuated the
1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Take a few moments to watch it in full.


Aug. 26, 2013

▪ Inside American Education

A MUST read!.  As a retired high school teacher in Georgia, I find this information troubling but not surprising. It is vital that concerned conservatives who care about our public schools read this carefully. Long before I retired I saw what was happening in so many of our schools where liberalism was taking over and our students were being "dumbed down".   Please read this carefully if you have not already done so.  Dr. Thomas Sowell warned us in his book written back in 1992 -- Inside American Education.  --  VRG editor/webmaster

Aug. 25, 2013

Refugee Problems in Georgia

Everyone needs to know what is happening.  It certainly appears to be a concentrated effort to dilute and destroy U.S. culture, values, morality and Christianity through multiculturalism. If you were at the state GOP Convention in Athens last May, you will remember that the Governor reported on this  growing  problem in Georgia.

▪ Refugee Law Needed in Georgia

Radio Commentary, WMVV 90.7, WMVW 91.7 New Life FM, August 23, 2013
By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Good morning, Jim. For two weeks I’ve talked about refugee resettlement in Georgia and the governor’s request for a reduction in the number of refugees sent here. This became a big issue after the tiny town of Clarkston was systematically repopulated before residents knew what was happening. Clarkston’s 1980 population was 90 percent white, but in 20 years it was down to 14 percent. The other 86 percent were refugees from 40 countries sent to Clarkston by the UN and the federal government. It put such strain on the city’s resources, housing and jobs that Clarkston’s mayor asked resettlement officials to reduce the number, but they keep sending 2,500 more year after year.

In 2008 Tennessee stopped administering refugee services through state agencies and appointed Catholic Charities as trustee of the refugee program. Three years later in 2011, The Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act brought local governments into the resettlement decision-making process. That’s a step in the right direction, but over-saturation has already occurred in areas such as Clarkston and won’t be stopped until the federal government and the UN, actually, honor state sovereignty and follow state recommendations.

Georgia law should base refugee resettlement on this state’s specifications. For example, Tennessee law authorizes that state’s community social service and healthcare agencies to condition resettlement on (a) whether more refugees would adversely affect current residents, (b) whether low-cost housing is available, (c) whether schools can accommodate foreign students, and (d) whether the local economy can absorb new workers without stripping residents of jobs or unsatisfactorily affecting wages.

The Tennessee Refugee Coordinator and local officials must find and coordinate appropriate resettlement locations BEFORE refugees arrive and the office for refugees must accept moratorium requests from communities that want resettlement stopped until further notice.

After weeks of researching public documents and interviewing state and federal officials, the AJC published, on Valentine’s Day this year, a refugee resettlement report for Georgia. The report said the Atlanta area is ideal for refugees because of its abundant affordable housing, public transportation, jobs and the many refugee relatives already resettled there. However, over-saturation destroys ideal conditions and, inevitably, damages the population, culture, economy and infrastructure, as happened in Clarkston!

According to AJC, Georgia’s Human Services commissioner said, "We asked the State Department to slow down the influx of refugees to Georgia so we could more productively assimilate the ones already here, look at their housing needs, the language needs in schools, etcetera." Too bad he didn’t make that request before DeKalb County became 16 percent foreign-born.

For Georgia Insight
I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol Correspondent.

Click here to read more background information on this growing problem in Georgia

Aug. 24, 2013

                                                                             by Rick McKee of Augusta Chronicle

Aug. 21, 2013

Defund Obamacare Tour Draws Thousands — and Gets a Rise from Liberals

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at Heritage Action for America’s Defund Obamacare rally in Dallas Tuesday.

More than 2,000 people rallied Tuesday in Dallas for the defunding of Obamacare at an event featuring Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

This was the second stop on a nine-city tour organized by our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, to educate citizens about the need to defund the unfair, unaffordable, and unworkable health care takeover. At the first tour event Monday in Fayetteville, Arkansas, DeMint urged lawmakers to stand on principle. The Associated Press reports:

DeMint said the concern that the effort would hurt the party comes from “the same guys who handled the 2012 election for Republicans.”  Read more


Aug. 21, 2013

Deal orders review of Common Core
     By Greg Bluestein and Wayne Washington
     The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gov. Na
than Deal has ordered a sweeping review of the Common Core national guidelines and asked the State Board of Education to “formally un-adopt” a part of the program that includes sample English test selections that infuriated some parents. Deal also asked the board to develop a new social studies curriculum that emphasizes, among other aspects, civic and fiscal responsibility; and urged members to come up with a model reading list for school boards across the state.

The governor’s order signals his flagging support for Common Core amid criticism that the guidelines are a federal takeover of education policy. A target of tea-party infused opposition, the voluntary set of reading and math standards has become one of the most divisive issues in state politics. “There’s a lively debate going on in many states about whether Common Core raises or lowers the standards,” said Deal spokesman Brian Robinson. “This letter merely asks for the school board to review the Common Core standards and rate how they measure up to state standards used in the past.”

It also distances the governor from Superintendent John Barge, a potential rival in Deal’s bid for re-election next year. Barge and Deal are the two highest-profile Georgia Republicans supporting the program, though both also agreed to scrap a Common Core test deemed too costly. Barge said Deal’s letter is an about-face.

“Just within the past few months, we had a meeting in his office to ensure that we were on the same page on the Common Core,” Barge said, adding that he believes the letter was at least in part a political move by the governor to separate himself from a potential rival.  Read more in AJC


Aug. 21, 2013

Letter from Governor Deal to the members of the State Board of Education Regarding GA
   Education and Common Core

This letter was read to the Hall County Republican Party Conservative Forum on August 17
in Gainesville by Rep. Carl Rogers. It is very interesting!  Many thanks to Carl for sharing this with us. Click here to read.



Click above to enlarge

Also speaking at this Forum was Rep. Lee Hawkins who gave interesting updates from the
GA House. Rep. Hawkins and Rep. Carl Rogers of Hall County were winners of the “ACU Conservative” award – given to those members who scored 80 percent or higher – in the House of Representatives. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH!
Read more on the American Conservative Union website.


 ▪ Republican Women of Hall  --

On July 31, 2013, a group of Republican Women in Hall County met and took the steps necessary to begin the process of forming their federated club to be called - Republican Women
of Hall.
 A number of women in Hall County had wanted to get their club going for many years.  At last it has come to pass! 

At this July 31 meeting By-laws were discussed and passed,
and the first group of officers were also elected. The necessary paper work was completed to submit to the Georgia Federation
of Republican Women thus initiating the steps to secure our federated charter very soon.  This new Republican Women of Hall club will be affiliated with the Georgia Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women.


Republican women in the Hall area are cordially invited to join the new Republican Women of Hall. Regular meetings will be held once a month.  The first membership meeting will take place on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. at Silver Bay Restaurant - 2415 Browns Bridge Road Gainesville, GA 30504.
Visit our website for more information at  

Visit this photo page to see what these ladies are doing.


  ▪ President: Martha Zoller
  ▪ Vice President: Lauren Bell
  ▪ Recording Secretary: Tressa Rawlinson
  ▪ Communications Sec./ Webmaster: Bettye Chambers
  ▪ Treasurer: Rebecca Yarbrough
  ▪ Membership Chair: Theresa Webb

Click here to bring up and print out a membership application and view contact information.

▪ 2016 is on Washington, D.C.'s mind

  The Evans Report  by  Randy Evans

With President Barack Obama and his family headed to Martha's Vineyard for a vacation [Obama has returned from vacation], Congress in the midst of its month long August recess and most Americans enjoying the last of summer, Washington, D.C., is left with little to do other than ponder the 2016 presidential race. And so, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus did exactly that - focus the town squarely on the 2016 presidential election.

Indeed, on the eve of the Republican National Committee ("RNC") meetings this week in Boston, Chairman Priebus warned that the RNC might actually boycott debates sponsored by networks (specifically referencing CNN and NBC) that air pro-Hillary Clinton programming. Not surprisingly, his statement set off a mini-firestorm because of its many implications for potential candidates and political parties, as well as the television networks. The reaction is a clear signal of the fierce battles yet to come in the 2016 presidential nomination season.

Predictably, based on Chairman Priebus' comments, the mainstream media immediately focused on the implications of a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential candidacy. Most pundits already consider her to be the de facto 2016 Democratic presidential nominee if not the de facto president-elect in 2016. [Interestingly, the same was true in 2008 before President Obama defeated her to win the Democratic presidential nomination (and subsequently the general election).
Click here to read entire article.

Aug. 21, 2013

Back to the courts on Voter ID laws
   By Jamie Dupree – AJC
The recent move by North Carolina Republicans to approve a "Voter ID" law has spurred demands by opponents of the law for it to be challenged in court; but as you read stories about such legal battles, remember that there is a fairly recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which found Voter ID laws to be constitutional.

 It's only been five years since the Court upheld a Voter ID law in Indiana, with former Justice John Paul Stevens - the leader of the Court's liberal wing at the time - writing the majority opinion in favor of Indiana's Voter ID statute. Read more

More winners from our favorite cartoonist, Rick McKee

Aug. 20, 2013


Your daily jolt: Heritage Foundation takes aim at three Ga. Congressmen
   By Jim Galloway and Daniel Malloy

You know that Jim DeMint’s road show is hitting states in the South and Midwest this week, promoting its defund-Obamacare-or-bust strategy that could produce a shutdown of the federal government. (The closest the Heritage Action for America tour will come to Atlanta is DeMint’s Friday visit to Birmingham, Ala.)

But you might not know that the Heritage Foundation's advocacy arm has also launched a $550,000 Internet-based campaign targeting 100 House Republicans it apparently considers less than sold on the tactic. On Heritage’s list are Georgia GOP’ers Austin Scott, Rob Woodall and Lynn Westmoreland. Read more


▪ UGA Navigator $: Rep. Jason Spencer says give them back

Gov. Nathan Deal was asked on Friday to order the University of Georgia to give back $1.7 million it received from the federal government to help Georgians select a health insurance plan.

From Online Athens:
Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, sent Deal a letter calling for an executive order instructing the school to refuse the grant awarded the day before. Read more on


▪ DAY 20: Handel “Only in Washington”

ROSWELL, GA – The 42 Days of “Only in Washington” today got down in the mud — or in this case, manure – to point out that taxpayers are picking up a pig poop payday for research on manure in China.  That’s right, a $141,450 Environmental Protection Agency grant to study pig manure in China.  We couldn’t possibly make this up.

“Let me get this straight: we borrow billions from China every year and then send them money to study pig poo?” Karen said. “And
they are still sayin there is no waste to cut?” Read more


On Vacation August 10 - 20, 2013

Aug. 9, 2013  -- Atlanta Braves are on a Roll

The Braves beat the Marlins at Turner Field for their 14th straight win. Justin Upton, Chris Johnson and Brian McCann all homered in the first three innings

Left: Aug 9, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves third baseman Chris Johnson (23) celebrates a three run home run with center fielder B.J. Upton (2) in the first inning against the Miami Marlins at Turner Field.
 Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports.

If Braves win on Saturday, I believe they will have tied their all time team record for consecutive wins.

Aug. 9, 2013

Cartoonist Rick Mckee really nails Obama's knowledge with this one ;- )

Aug. 7, 2013

Obama Flubs Gulf Coast Geography on Leno

From by Tony Lee

On an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, President Barack Obama confused the Atlantic coast with the Gulf coast, telling Leno that ports in Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville were "along the Gulf."

As Twitchy reported, Obama made the error while speaking of a "financing mechanism" that needed to be found to "fix our bridges, fix our roads, sewer systems, our ports."

"If we don't deepen our ports all along the Gulf--places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida--if we don't do that, those ships are going to go someplace else. And we’ll lose jobs," Obama said. "Businesses won’t locate here."

Of course, states along the Gulf coast include Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. Charleston (South Carolina), Savannah (Georgia), and Jacksonville (Florida) are all along the Atlantic coast. Read more

▪ NSA - Drone Camera Argus --  What A Drone Can See At 17,500 Feet
  Watch video

"Big Brother" really is watching your every move.  As you watch this video, catch the term "armed" when describing the drone.....chilling, isn't it?  Apparently, it can zero in on a 6 inch object and apparently obliterate it, or us. How did this happen?  Our Constitutional right to privacy has been completely invaded by the regime controlling and destroying America. You cannot hide from them!  Why do you think they have let us see this info? To frighten us, perhaps?  I can only imagine what this technology can do that they are not showing us.

 If, as he says, the cameras can "see" a 6 inch piece of paper on the ground, you know the video is not showing the objects as close-up and with as great a detail as they are capable of showing. Friends, the KGB has gone hi-tech!!!!  We MUST replace the idiots running this country.  For them to take a military weapon and turn it on America is unconscionable!

What a drone can see at 17,500 ft.


The Great Obama Depression
     by Judson Phillips – Washington Times

WASHINGTON, August 3, 2013 — A White House spokesman called July’s 7.4 percent unemployment rate proof that “the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.” He said it with a straight face. The data tell another story: America remains mired in the Great Obama Depression.

The unemployment rate that the administration trumpets is a liar’s number. The formula for the unemployment figure that is released every month is rigged to look favorable to the administration in power. This is nothing new. President Bill Clinton had the formula reworked in his first term so he could point to declining unemployment when he ran for reelection.

The true numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a far different picture. They show an America that is in economic collapse. Read more

▪ Urgent message about Amnesty and saving America

   by Dottie McIntosh of North Georgia  - August 4, 2013


Conservatives have got to get out of denial. It is YOUR incumbent in Congress as well as mine who are destroying this country.  If Obama's amnesty goes through, within 5 years, America is finished.  That is not hyperbole. It's not an exaggeration. Amnesty for liars, cheats and thieves is Obama's game and the stupid Republican "leadership" are going to flush our country down the toilet if We the People do not stop it.

 How do conservatives think anything will change by reelecting the same incumbents over and over and over who don't get the job done for the decades they squat in Washington? Yes, it is YOUR incumbent and mine, not the "other" party. The only thing conservatives are conserving is the rot and corruption in DC. That's the difference between conservatives and constitutionalists: Constitutionalists refuse to vote the same thieves back into office.

The number ONE issue those traitors are going to vote on after they get back is rewarding liars, cheats and thieves: amnesty for illegal aliens. There's no intention of locking down the border:McCain: "We can get rid of those extra border agents in conference committee"

 You people stole **$1.3 BILLION BORROWED dollars last week from we the people to give to Egypt, but won't spend the money to stop the illegals' invasion. Step up deporting illegals, adults and minors. Forget damn politics and votes. Go rent a bucket of guts and put Americans first instead of liars, cheats and thieves.

**(Washington Times) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has quietly sent $1.3 billion of military assistance to Egypt — controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood — in defiance of congressional restrictions on dollars going to countries that haven’t yet complied with standards of democracy, a memo revealed.

Progressive Activists to Disrupt GOP Town Halls in August: "A progressive (Communist) group will coordinate with liberal activists to disrupt Republican town halls during the August recess, when lawmakers will face questions about Obamacare and comprehensive immigration reform."  You should be there to counteract them, and to demand to know why Rep. Doug Collins, et al, are supporting illegal immigration.

Please, if you do nothing else to help save America, do vote in the PRIMARY to get rid of these incumbents.  AFTER ALL, YOU ARE "WE THE PEOPLE!" Please forward my email...a compilation of info from several sources and from my heart....I love America!


July 30, 2013

In case you missed Rush on Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday night - watch videos below

On the record’: Rush Limbaugh Hammers President Obama in
Interview With Greta Van Susteren

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In a special hour-long interview airing July 30 at 10p/1a ET, Greta Van Susteren sits down with Rush  Limbaugh.


click on videos below
Rush on solving poverty
and whether Obama likes
his job
Limbaugh: Republican
Party wants a new base
Rush explains his 'Limbaugh Theorem' on Obama

Read and view more on

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 January 1, 2011
GOP sweep named top Ga. story of 2010

Base bails on Democrats in droves
By Chris Joyner - AJC
Georgia Democrats enter the upcoming 2011 session of the General Assembly reeling from a series of defections and facing an uphill climb toward relevance. The once-dominant party holds 85 of 236 seats in the House and Senate, Democrats’ lowest ebb since Reconstruction. And the number has been slipping. Read entire article.

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