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April 26, 2011  --  E-News

On the Roads Across Georgia with Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman 
and Candidate for Re-election


Some friends of Sue arrived in high style at the Cherokee RW sponsored debate.
However, Sue drove her same old Trailblazer.


Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman and Candidate for re-election has been on the road almost constantly visiting County Republican Parties, Republican Women groups and other events.  Her most recent visits have been to Jackson County Republican party debate, Cherokee County Republican women debate, Conservative Republican Women in Gwinnett County, 9th District Convention Banquet in Cumming, 6th District Convention, Rockdale Republican Party, Savannah Republican Women, Fayetteville GOP and State Committee Meeting.  There have been many other events, also, but no photos for those. Please visit Sue's NEWS Page for photos and information on these exciting events.


District Convention Straw Polls

View photos from 9th District Convention

In case you missed this exciting news. . .  These were the only districts which conducted straw polls.  However, we have heard from other districts which did not do the polls stating that Sue appeared to be very much in the lead

 4th CD

 41-Sue Everhart
 14-Shawn Hanley
 10-Tricia Pridemore
 7th CD

 86-Sue Everhart
 20-Tricia Pridemore
 18-Shawn Hanley
 1st CD

 63-Sue Everhart
 46-Tricia Pridemore
 30-Shawn Hanley
 9th CD
Governor Deal's District
 92-Sue Everhart
 40-Tricia Pridemore
 25-Shawn Hanley

At all of the debates both of Sue's opponents keep hammering the fact that they are both on the cutting edge of IT while Sue is not.  They believe that our next chairman must be an IT specialist.   Duh?  Please take a look at and also Sue's state of the art weekly newsletters to Georgia Republicans -- View here  This does not look like the work of an amateur.

I agree 100% with Steve Handel's remark.  "I want my GOP Chair to have integrity and to represent the grassroots.  I want a grassroots chairman -- not an IT director.  That's why for me:  Sue's the one! "

In addition, I also want a Chairman with Republican experience at all levels.  There is no substitute for Republican experience with the huge success record of Sue Everhart as our GOP Chairman!   VRG webmaster.

Upcoming Chairman Events -- click here

Cocktails with the Candidates
Sponsored by the DeKalb Republican Women
Thursday, April 28.  Click on graphic to enlarge

Brainwashing America's school children ?


Union teachers explaining how to push Marxism in the classroom

See video HERE.

Wearing a "Tax the Rich" T-shirt, Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles high school teacher . . .

Note: as a former teacher I can believe this!  - the VRG Webmaster

Many thanks to John Eidson of Cobb County for putting this one together and e-mailing.

Recent News from the GA Gold Dome

as Session Ends


Yarborough: A Few Awards to our Georgia Lawmakers
   by dick Yarborough - Gainesville Times - April 23, 2011  -
Voted Best of the Week by VRG!
Lobbyists Spend Big during Legislative Session - Gainesville Times by Carolyn Crist
▪ Gov. names partner's son to Board of Public Safety 
   Click here to view PDF file. On Monday this article could not be found in the Times on line including in
   their archives.
Gainesville Times - by Carolyn Crist - April 23, 2011
Deal to meet privately with Atlanta school board
   AJC April 25, 2011 -
By Kristina Torres
Proposal to let Deal remove Atlanta school board could face lawsuit
   AJC - By April Hunt and Christopher Quinn
Gov.  Deal Summons the APS to Capital - Deal says APS board willing to work
   Deal had summoned the board, city schools Superintendent Beverly Hall and Atlanta Mayor Kasim
   Reed on the heels of signing legislation giving him the power to remove board members if they do not
   make sufficient progress by midsummer.
Nathan Deal: Tax reform ‘probably’ back on the table in August
AJC - J. Galloway - April 22, 2011


Be sure to listen to this one if you have not already!

April 13 - 14, 2011 -- E-News

Final Day - April 14, 2011
Georgia lawmakers pass illegal immigration crackdown!
By Jeremy Redmon - AJC  -
10:57 p.m. Thursday, April 14, 2011

Complaining the federal government has failed to secure the nation’s borders, Georgia’s Legislature followed Arizona’s lead Thursday and approved an aggressive crackdown on illegal immigration. The nation is watching Georgia, which is making the leap into a legal thicket Arizona jumped into last year. Read more

A very late jolt: Tommie Williams on the Senate leadership fight
10:19 pm April 14, 2011, by jgalloway - AJC

What passed, what died as lawmakers finish 40-day session  -
Thursday evening.  April 14, 2011

April 13, 2011

A Republican photo finish on illegal immigration

. . . But word late Wednesday was that HB 87 supporters were short of the votes necessary for majority passage. As many as a dozen of 36 Republicans are balking.

Fate of immigration bill left to session's last day BBy Jeremy Redmon  - AJC


Ga. has 1 more day to tackle immigration bill

- Associated Press

Deal: Georgia must fight childhood obesity - sooner or later they always get around to this safe topic upon which everyone agrees.  At least Deal and Michelle Obama have something in common. Perhaps they could work together on this one ;- )

Biden Falls Asleep During Obama Budget Speech
Left: Vice President Joe Biden appears asleep for a full 30 seconds during President Obama’s speech on the debt and deficit earlier today, April 13, 2011.

KARL ROVE: Obama's Debt Speech -- Will Our President Finally Get Serious About Leadership. Read more on Fox News

Tax Deadline  2011


Visit for latest news from
Sue Everhart, GA GOP Chairman and candidate for re-election, as she travels the roads across Georgia

April 12, 2011

GA Gold Dome News of the Day

More news from the GA Senate



Senate Majority Whip Cecil Staton of Macon  steps down from leadership post after being linked to possibly nonexistent female activist with hilarious name 
Posted by
Thomas Wheatley on Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 3:23 PM

Remember this from March 31?  Read below. . .

 Erick Erickson had a GREAT deal to say about this Senate problem on his WSB radio show on Thursday evening, March 31. He said Republicans had joined Democrats to try to take back power for Lt. Governor and to vote in favor of taxes on groceries (?) services, etc.  Does Erickson really know what he is talking about? He even named some of the Republicans who voted with the Democrats: Senators Bill Hamrick, Jim Butterworth, Frank Ginn, Steve Gooch, Butch Miller, Jeff Mullis, Jack Murphy and Renee Unterman. 
Read article by Erickson:

14 Georgia Republicans Join The Democrats In A Coup

So glad that Erickson was proven wrong today - April 12, 2011.  Perhaps WSB radio should be reminded of this rant by Erickson who replaced our all time favorite Herman Cain on the 7 p.m. time slot. Don't think that Herman would ever have done this.  It does seem a coincidence that Erickson and Senator Cecil Staton are both from Macon. . .  ?    VRG editor

Read more about this crazy story on Bill Simon's recent PV

MEMORANDUM TO: State Senator Cecil Staton

CC: "Beth Merkleson"
From: Bill Simon, Political Vine
RE:  Nice, sleazy hit on Casey...

Dear Senator Staton,

Wanted to let you know that the moment I received this e-mail from a Republican operative on Friday, April 1 at 11:30 AM, and the operative had your name on it as someone I should go to to "check" a story for accuracy, I knew the story was false on its face:

"Cagle promised the dems 2 key things if they went along with this counter coup:

1.  He pledged to give dems 2 more committee chairmanships 

2.  Worse, he promised to redraw the maps to give them 2-4 more seats:  grant, cowsert, bulloch, and millar's seats. Not hard to redraw them to make them lean dem. 

Its one thing to have a battle over power internally. Its something entirely different to sell out your own party to gain power. 

Didn't hear this from me, but check in with cecil. He can confirm this."

Yeahhh, here's the thing, Cecil: I know from a long history of knowing who you are that you are one of the sleaziest state senators this state has. I think it dates back to the time you ran against Phil Gingrey for Congress and all the made-up, sleazy garbage your campaign tried to sling at Gingrey.

Then, of course, there's the inherent connection you have with (yet) another sleazy Republican by the name of Erick Erickson.  Erickson and you are butt-boys from way back when he was your personal attorney, as well as a campaign consultant on some of your races.

Based on Jim Galloway's AJC piece issued this afternoon, it is all coming together nicely that you "wagged" this entire story, beginning with the e-mail first sent to me, then when I refused to go with it, the story was submitted to Blake Aued on, whereupon he published a post at 8:43 PM on April 1...9 hours after the "story" first came to my in-box.

You are busted, Senator Staton.  Your entire hit piece against Casey is now exposed for the world to see.  "Beth" does not exist.  The bullshit Erick Erickson blogged about where he accused other Republican state senators of being "traitors" is now fully exposed to be part of an elaborate scheme to hit Casey and screw your personal enemies in the Republican state senate caucus.

Seriously, what gave it away was the claim by "Beth" that Cagle made deals with Dems to get Dem-leaning seats drawn for them via redistricting.  Anyone with a freaking clue KNOWS that one person CANNOT draw any kind of legislative map and have it pass the entire Senate, the House, or the Governor's desk with an approval if it is deliberately drawn in such a way.

"Beth's" other comments about the "traitors" being "promised powerful positions of leadership on committees" also was a dead giveaway as some of the major ones you cited already HAVE "powerful positions" on committees.  You're an idiot.

While you are the main one who was easily exposed here, I suspect Tommie Williams (and, perhaps even the Majority Leader) also had a hand in creating elements of this story.  That "tip" given by Williams to Pat Tippett last week is a dead giveaway that Tommie was intricately involved in this story's fabrication.

You're a damn fool.  Do the right thing.  Resign from the state senate.  You're a disgrace.

(note:  He did step down on Tuesday, April 12)


House gives final passage to Sunday alcohol sales bill
Bill paves way for local referendums on Sunday liquor sales
House passes zero-based bugeting -- again

Performance trumps seniority for teachers in House vote

By April Hunt and Nancy Badertscher  April 11, 2011
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Could this possibly be true -- at long last?  Just wait until the teacher's unions find out about this

Seniority would no longer shield teachers from layoffs under legislation approved by the Georgia House on Monday, April 11
Senate Bill 184 passed 141-29, and once the Senate signs off on minor changes, it will head to Gov. Nathan Deal to sign. The measure would require local school systems to use teacher performance as the primary factor when deciding layoffs. Length of service can be considered only after performance, as defined by each school district.

House agrees to give Deal power to remove APS board members

This one sort of scares me since already we are seeing signs of our new governor over using his power -- as seen in his trying to take over the GA GOP.  -- VRG Editor

That's right, that's right...We baaaaad, uh-huh..."

Rumors have it that Speaker Ralston abruptly adjourned the Georgia State House this afternoon, thus killing all chances of passing HB 388 this session. - April 11, 2011

You can read the story here on Tom Crawford's Georgia Report.   (this one is no longer free ;- ( )

Political Insider - AJC

Poll: Herman Cain eats into Newt Gingrich’s Georgia support

Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 - coming to theaters on April 15


click above to enlarge

How long do we have?  (author unknown)

History has shown that democracies do not survive as a permanent form of government. Rather, they flourish until enough voters learn that unearned benefits can be had from the public treasury. From then on, the majority will vote for politicians who promise the most free benefits. When that happens, the entire system is destined to collapse under the weight of unsustainable fiscal policy. Democracies evolve through the following sequences on the way to eventual demise:

From bondage to spiritual faith  - From spiritual faith to great courage - From great courage to liberty  - From liberty to abundance - From abundance to complacency -From complacency to apathy - From apathy to dependence - From dependence to bondage

With a significant percentage of America’s population having already reached the dependency stage, the American experiment is perilously close to the final stage of democratic evolution.

above piece by John Eidson of Cobb County

Congratulations to Karen Handel -- Now Senior VP For Public Policy With Susan G Komen For The Cure ( Peach Pundit)
Read more
April 12, 2011

by Charlie on Peach Pundit

Congratulations are in order for former Secretary of State Karen Handel

Georgia GOP Belongs To the Grassroots -- not to our
ssmen, our Governor or any elected official.

Vote Right GA proudly endorses Sue Everhart for
GA GOP Chairman for one more term!
Visit Sue's campaign website to learn more and to
sign up as a Sue Supporter

View photo pages of Sue on the Road in Savannah
and Fayette county - and many more places.

Lean more about Sue's plans and background at

View many photos from the Fayette Co. GOP meeting and the
State Committee meeting on April 2, 2011
Sue received standing ovation from the State Committee.
She has received MANY statements of endorsement from across the state.
Click here

April 10, 2011

GA Gold dome
GOP lawmakers back revised tax reform plan

Aaron Gould Sheinin - AJC

Top Republican lawmakers on Friday announced their support of a revised tax plan that would lower the individual income tax rate by nearly a quarter.

Washington, D.C.

Local House members oppose appropriation bill
Four of Georgia's 13 congressmen joined the decidedly hushed chorus of "
nays" opposing the last-minute House resolution that staved off a government shutdown just hours before the Friday night deadline


April 7, 2011 - E-News


Proposal to let Deal School remove Atlanta school board could face lawsuit
By April Hunt and Christopher Quinn - AJC

Letter from a long time and loyal GA Republican
The following is a letter written by Ritch McCutchen of Crisp County, Georgia to the Political Vine in response to the 04-02-2011 edition...and, it simply speaks for itself.  If the profanity disturbs you, then you should really not be in politics as a LOT other things are way more disturbing than the language Ritch used to communicate his thoughts herein.


Dear PV,

Lets get real with the Republican faithful. Last Saturday I attended the State Committee meeting in Fayetteville. I have been on the State Committee for 19 years but my Republican efforts go much back longer than that.

I was privileged to work on the Nixon vs. Kennedy election in 1960. The workings of that election are well known and we did not have a chance because then, as now, the RNC was a worthless bunch and with Reince Preibus as Chair of the RNC we do not have a chance of beating Obama because he has gotten approval to have the Republican primary extended to not before April 1, 2012. Any state's Republican Party that decides to go against this will lose half their delegates at the national convention.

Sue Everhart led the challenge to this and when she went into the RNC meeting, she had the votes to beat it, confirmed by Linda Herren last Saturday.  Four of the votes defected to Preibus so we have to live with it or lose half of our delegates. Obama is going to beat the shit out of us because our Preibus on a grade of 1 to 10 is about a minus 6.

In the 52 years that I have been electing Republicans, Sue Everhart is the only chairman that has ever returned my phone call and I go back to Fred Cooper's chairmanship and I would bet you that there are not 20 people on the state committee that remember Fred.

Tricia Pridemore has never served in any position that I can remember as a Georgia Republican and I asked everybody at the meeting last Saturday if they knew her and knew of her work. No one did.   It really upsets me that Nathan Deal wants to force her on our Party. No-Nuts Nathan did not show up at the State Committee meeting on Saturday either.

I have lost Sue's address so forward this to her today and let her know that all of the Crisp County delegates to the State Convention will vote for her.

- Ritch McCutchen
Crisp County, 2nd District, Home of the great Gator Mathis


Georgia GOP Belongs To the Grassroots -- not to our
ssmen, our Governor or any elected official.

Vote Right GA proudly endorses Sue Everhart for
GA GOP Chairman for one more term!
Visit Sue's campaign website to learn more and to
sign up as a Sue Supporter

View photo pages of Sue on the Road

Lean more about Sue's plans and background at

View many photos from the Fayette Co. GOP meeting and the
State Committee meeting on April 2, 2011
Sue received standing ovation from the State Committee.
Click here

   January 1, 2011

GOP sweep named top Ga. story of 2010

Base bails on Democrats in droves
By Chris Joyner - AJC
Georgia Democrats enter the upcoming 2011 session of the General Assembly reeling from a series of defections and facing an uphill climb toward relevance. The once-dominant party holds 85 of 236 seats in the House and Senate, Democrats’ lowest ebb since Reconstruction. And the number has been slipping. Read entire article

▪ Mark you Calendar for Upcoming GA GOP Conventions in 2011

Current GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart has announced that she will be running at the State GOP Convention in May to serve the next two years which will be her final term of office. 
View some of Sue's many E-newsletters to GA Republicans. 



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